10 Best Miter Saw Reviews

Every woodworker on the planet will agree with me when I say that making precise and even cuts on wood has to be the most challenging part of the job. Making sure that you end up with the same size of cuts is a job that will have you pulling your hair out of frustration. However, with the help of a good quality miter saw, this frustrating job can become a piece of cake.

From my experience, my work quality and efficiency transformed when I added a miter saw to my garage. The precision and smoothness this single machine brings to the table is unparalleled. I am sharing all the best models of miter saws that will bring a notable amount of ease to your work life.

10 Best Miter Saw

1. DEWALT Sliding DWS7799.5
2. Metabo C10FCGS9.2
3. Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD9.6
4. DEWALT 12-Inch9.3
5. Evolution R255SMS 9.2
6. Milwaukee 69559.4
7. Metabo 12-Inch8.8
8. Kobalt 78.6
9. Skil 3821-019.4
10. Hitachi C10FCG9.2

1. DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw DWS779 – 10-inch Sliding Miter Saw

Every person who loves making DIY projects is familiar with the name of DEWALT. Their products are a staple for a reason. The same is the case with the DEWALT DWS779 sliding compound miter saw. From its looks to its performance, this model is unparalleled. First of all, this model comes with a 12 inches wide blade that has 10 positive stops.

Secondly, the miter detent plate has been manufactured with stainless steel. Therefore, it will be durable, strong, and corrosion-resistant. Moreover, DEWALT has added a 15 amp motor to this model that gives it the power to cut through a 6.75 inches thick piece of wood. The powerful motor also makes this model capable of delivering 3800 RPM, which can only mean one thing; more precise and accurate jobs.

That is not all; the dust collection system of this model will make sure that you do not end up wheezing every time you use this machine. In addition to that, at 45 degrees, this model is capable of cutting 2 inches x 10 inches of dimensional lumber, while at 90 degrees, it goes upto 2 inches x 14 inches.

Moreover, the manufacturers have added a vertical clamp to this model so that you can tightly secure your piece of wood before you start cutting it. Thanks to the large bevel scale, you can make even angled cuts without any hassle. In addition to that, this miter saw can bevel from 0 degrees to 45 degrees at not just one side but both left and right sides. Furthermore, this model bears dual horizontal steel rails so that you can make more precise and accurate cuts.

  • Bevels at both sides
  • 15 amp motor
  • 3800 RPM
  • Stainless steel detent plate
  • Heavy price tag
This DEWALT miter saw is the perfect model for those folks who are looking for high power. This model comes with a powerful motor that delivers 3800 RPM. Moreover, every feature of this miter saw will ensure that you make precise and accurate cuts; it does have a heavy price, but its features make it worth the money.

2. Metabo C10FCGS Compound Miter Saw – Sliding Miter Saw 10 Inch

What is better than owning a good quality miter saw? Owning a good quality miter saw that comes at an affordable price and this is what the Metabo C10FCGS Compound Miter Saw is all about. This is a compound miter saw, meaning this one model will take care of all kinds of cuts. First of all, this model has been manufactured with a horizontal handle and a comparatively lightweight body. So, moving the machine and operating it will not cause a nuisance.

Furthermore, the blade of this miter saw is 10 inches long, which is the ideal length for a miter saw. In addition to that, the blade has 60 teeth, which means any piece of lumber this blade will come in contact with will be snapped smoothly. The miter range of this model is 0 to 52 degrees to the left and right. However, the bevel angle range of this model is 0 to 45 degrees to the left only.

A feature that plays a significant role in making sure that the cutting process is smooth and precise is the 15 amp motor of this model. With the help of this motor that delivers a whopping 5000 RPM, your miter saw will be up and running in a second, and it will easily make sharp cuts. Another good feature that I liked about this model is that it is a battery-powered machine, so you do not have to drag piles of wire out of your garage.

  • Affordable
  • 15 amp motor
  • 5000 RPM
  • Battery-powered
  • Bevels cuts to the left only
Any woodworker that is looking for an affordable yet powerful miter saw needs to get their hands on the Metabo C10FCGS Compound Miter Saw. This model comes with a comfortable grip and a lightweight design. Despite being lightweight, there is enough power packed in the body to snap any piece of lumber in half.

3. Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD – 10 In. Sliding Compound Miter Saw

One look at the Bosch GCM12SD, and you will be convinced to purchase it. The exterior of this model is the perfect combination of appealing and robust. The first feature of the Bosch GCM12SD that you need to know is that this model is constructed with high-grade material so that you can keep it in your workspace for years.

Moving towards the nifty features of this miter saw, it has an axial glide system, meaning you will be able to make more precise cuts without the machine occupying all the space in your garage. Furthermore, this miter saw comes with a 12 inches wide blade with 60 teeth.

So, you can be sure that this model will cut through any piece of wood. The cutting capacity of this miter saw is 14 inches horizontally, 6 ½ inches vertically, and 6 ½ inches crown capacity. This model’s cutting capacity is why it paved its way into the list of the best miter saws.

In addition to that, this model is operated by a 15 amp powerful motor which is the soul of the machine. This motor delivers 3800 RPM and is the major reason behind the miter saw making consistent and precise cuts. To make sure that you can keep the lumber in place, Bosch has added two square lock quick release fences to this model. Therefore, once tightened in its place, the wood will not move, and you can make precise cuts.

  • Axial glide system
  • 12 inches wide blade
  • 60 teeth
  • 3800 RPM
  • Very expensive
The Bosch GCM12SD is the ideal model for you if you are working with lumber day and night. This machine is ideal for heavy usage as it comes with a powerful motor. Moreover, from the size of the blade, its teeth to its cutting capacity, everything about this model makes it perfect for heavy use.

4. DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw DWS715

If there is one thing DEWALT knows, it is how to incorporate maximum power in a compact body. The same is what they have done with this model of the miter saw. The DEWALT DWS715 comes with a body that has been manufactured with high-grade materials. The blade alone of this miter saw has been manufactured from stainless steel that makes it durable, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant.

In addition to that, the length of the blade is 12 inches, which is good enough to cut through heavy pieces of wood. Moreover, the steel blade has 14 positive stops. The total height of this model is 15 inches which means you can keep it on your work table without it occupying a large space.

Moreover, the motor of this miter saw is 15 amp, and it delivers approximately 4000 RPM, giving it enough power to cut through thick pieces precisely. Furthermore, this model comes with tall sliding fences to keep the wood firmly in its place. The fences support 5 ½ inches of base vertically.

Moving towards the performance of this model, at 90 degrees, this miter saw has a cutting capacity of 2 inches x 8 inches. Meanwhile, at 45 degrees, the cutting capacity of this model goes to 2 inches x 6 inches. A really good feature of this miter saw is that it is capable of making bevel cuts to both left and right. To the left, it can bevel from 0 to 48 degrees, while to the right, it can bevel from 0 to 3 degrees.

  • 4000 RPM
  • Stainless steel detent plate
  • 12 inches long blade
  • Bevels to the left and right
  • Comparatively costly
The DEWALT DWS715 Miter Saw is what every woodworker needs on their work table. This model comes with solid construction that will keep it around for a longer period of time. Moreover, thanks to the motor added to it, the performance of this miter saw is exceptional.

5. Evolution R255SMS Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Along with high power, a sturdy exterior is one thing that every user needs in their miter saw. The Evolution R255SMS checks all of the above-mentioned boxes. This model comes with a rugged exterior that is enough to make any woodworker drool.

This is a sliding compound miter saw, which means it bears the benefits of both, a sliding miter saw, and a compound miter saw. A really good feature of this miter saw is that it comes with a dust bag and an extended power cable. It’s the details that landed it a spot among the 10 best miter saws.

In addition to having an appealing and sturdy exterior, this model comes with a sharp blade that is 10 inches long. The blade has 60 teeth that make this miter saw capable of making smooth and precise cuts. The best feature of this miter saw is that it is not only ideal for wood but this model can be used for cutting many other materials. No matter what you put under the blade, it will cut through it like butter. What further eases the cutting process is the quick release clamp that holds the lumber tight in place.

Along with the blade, the powerful 15 amp motor of this miter saw also plays a huge role in making it capable of delivering sharp cuts. The addition of laser precision guidance will help you cut accurately. If we talk about the cutting capacity of this miter saw, it can make miter cuts upto 50 degrees. Moreover, as this is a sliding compound miter saw, it can also make bevel cuts upto 45 degrees to the left.

  • Laser guidance
  • 10 inches blade
  • Perfect for various materials
  • 3 years warranty
  • Bevels only to the left
Get your hands on this model of miter saw if you are looking for an all-in-one kind of sliding compound miter saw. Evolution has added many nifty perks and features to this model of theirs that will help you cut through different types of material effortlessly. The 3 years of warranty is an extra cherry on top.

6. Milwaukee 6955-20 12″ Sliding Miter Saw

Milwaukee is a name that you will hear quite often if you are into heavy tools and machinery. The reason is that their products arrive with every feature that can ease the job of the user. The same is the case with the Milwaukee 6955-20 sliding miter saw. This model is a sliding compound miter saw, and it is capable of handling both miter cuts and bevel cuts.

It has been manufactured with alloy steel which possesses high tensile strength and is highly durable. The weight of this model is a little high, which is why it is best if you find a good spot for it and latch it there. Moving towards the specifications of this model, it comes with a 12 inches long blade. A really good feature about this model that makes it the best miter saw is that the blade is capable of moving front and back. This perk will come in handy when you need to cut a larger piece of wood.

Furthermore, it can make bevel cuts upto 48 degrees in both left and right directions. What gives this miter saw the power to cut through materials is the 15 amp motor that delivers 3250 RPM. In addition to that, my favorite feature of this model is that it comes with an integral dust channel that collects a large amount of dust.

  • Bevels at both sides
  • 12 inches blade
  • Alloy steel construction
  • 3250 RPM
  • Cost a large sum
This model is the perfect fit for every professional woodworker out there. It comes with a blade that is 12 inches in diameter and is sharp enough to cut through a piece of wood like butter. Moreover, the powerful motor and the dual bevel perk of this miter saw are all the more reasons to purchase it.

7. Metabo 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw C12FDHS

The Metabo C12FDHS is a compound miter saw which means you can easily make angle cuts. This is not all; you will be able to make precise and accurate cuts every single time. Metabo has made sure to add every perk in this model that you will need while working in your garage. The best part is that this model comes with many handy perks yet costs a lot less than other models out there.

The first nifty feature of this miter saw is that it bears a blade that is 12 inches in diameter. What makes this blade sharp enough to cut through wood effortlessly is the presence of 60 teeth on it. The high number of teeth will make sure you make swift and smooth cuts.

Moreover, this model can make miter cuts so easily and in both directions. The range of the miter scale is 0 to 52 degrees on both left and right sides. Thanks to the positive stops, you can easily adjust the angle. Moreover, this miter saw can also make bevel cuts to the left with a range of 0 to 48 degrees. Moreover, this miter saw also features a laser marker system which aids in making more accurate cuts.

In addition to that, the fence of this miter saw has been manufactured with aluminum which makes it highly durable and strong. The fence is 5 ⅛ inches long, and thanks to the height of the fence, crown moldings can be cut vertically using this miter saw. On top of all these features, the presence of a powerful 15 amp motor is the main reason behind this miter saw’s amazing performance. The motor has a high speed that goes upto 4300 RPM, hence making it capable of cutting through wood easily.

  • Reasonable price
  • 60 teeth on the blade
  • 43 RPM
  • Laser marker system
  • Bevels at left side only
Every feature present in this miter saw screams high quality. From the construction of the miter saw to its miter range, it is a perfect model to have in your woodshop. Moreover, the miter range and the bevel range combined with the accurate laser marker system will make sure you make accurate and clean cuts every time.

8. Kobalt 7-1/4-in Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The Kobalt miter saw is what you need in your garage if you are working with wood day and night. It comes with features that make it capable of handling such heavy work. This model is a sliding compound miter saw; hence it brings you the best of both worlds, miter and bevel cuts. It is constructed in die-cast aluminum that makes it strong and durable. Moreover, this model is comparatively light in weight which makes portability a piece of cake.

In addition to that, this model comes bearing a 7 ¼ inches wide cutting blade. This blade is comparatively smaller in size, however with the help of sliding rails, you can easily make longer cuts. The cutting blade has a total of 60 teeth that give it the strength to cut through wood effortlessly. It comes with miter and bevel stops, so adjusting the angle was a piece of cake for me. Whether you want to make bevel cuts or miter cuts, this miter saw will do both easily.

As this is a cordless machine, you will not need to drag piles of wires to operate it. Simply pop in a single lithium-ion battery, and the machine will come alive. Furthermore, the addition of a vertically mounted laser guide is a thoughtful inclusion as it makes it possible to cut more precisely and accurately.

  • Affordable price
  • 60 teeth on the blade
  • Both bevel and miter cuts
  • Cordless design
  • Useless dust catcher
Looking for a good quality miter saw that will not punch a hole through your wallet? Well, you can end your search as I have found the perfect model for you; the Kobalt 7-¼ inch sliding compound miter saw. The presence of 60 teeth makes the blade sharp enough to cut through materials easily. Moreover, the cordless design combined with the miter and bevel stops will make your job very easy.

9. Skil 3821-01 Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw

The Skil 3821-01 compound miter saw is what I call the ultimate miter saw. This model has proven time and again with its amazing performance that it deserves to be on the list of the best miter saw. Skil has manufactured this model with the best materials so that you can enjoy the perks for a long time. Moreover, the size of this model also makes it a perfect fit for any workshop, as it is neither too heavy nor too flimsy. The quick-mount system makes it easier to set up this miter saw in your workstation.

In addition to that, the manufacturers have incorporated a 12 inches wide sharp blade into this miter that makes it what it is. This blade is sharp enough to cut through layers of wood quickly. It is capable enough to cut through 2 inches x 6 inches lumber. This model is a compound miter saw, which means it can make various types of angle cuts with ease.

A factor that plays a significant role in making the cutting process simpler is the laser cutline guide. The best feature of this model that is also my personal favorite is that it comes with an extension table. This really comes in handy when you need to work on larger pieces of wood.

Furthermore, this model comes with a 15 amp powerful and rugged motor that is the main essence of the miter saw. This strong motor delivers up to 4500 RPM, so if you need a swift operation, this model is the answer to your problems. With the help of the 9 positive stop signs added to the scale, you can easily adjust the angle of miter cuts and just chop the wood.

  • Laser guide
  • 4500 RPM
  • 9 positive stops
  • 12 inches wide blade
  • Costs more than other models
If you are searching for one of the best miter saws that come with high power, then you need to purchase the Skil 3821-01 compound miter saw. From the sharp blade of this model, the 9 positive stops, to the laser guiding system, every feature will make cutting wood easy for you.

10. Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw

Hitachi C10FCG is a model of miter saw that is a necessity for you if you are into woodworking. The reason why I have called this model a necessity is that it comes with nifty features packed into a robust body and comes at a low price. This is a compound miter saw that can also tackle single-direction bevel cuts. The horizontal handle on the top makes it easier to hold the miter saw and keep the blade in control.

The design of the miter saw is very compact; hence it will not occupy a large space. Moreover, it also has a very lightweight design. In addition to that, it has a 10 inches wide blade that will cut through lumber like a stick of butter on that compact body. Furthermore, the addition of a 15 amp motor that delivers a whopping 5000 RPM is what sets this model apart from the others.

You can use this model to make not only straight cuts but thanks to the 0 to 52 degrees miter angle range; you can move the blade left and right and cut in various angles. Moreover, it also offers bevel cuts from 0 to 45 degrees on the left side. Basically, this one machine will help you make many types of cuts at different angles. Another good feature of this model is that it comes with a dust collector, so your workstation will not be covered in dust.

  • Affordable cost
  • 10 inches blade
  • 5000 RPM
  • Wide miter angle range
  • Only bevels to the left
Get your hands on this miter saw if you are looking for a machine that can deliver high speed and excellent cutting power. The Hitachi C10FCG compound miter saw is a one in all kind of deal. This model not only has a wide miter angle range, but it also bears a single bevel angle range. Hence, this model makes it possible to make cuts at a variety of angles effortlessly.

Buying Guide – How to Choose Best Miter Saw

Having a miter saw in your garage means that you can easily cut any piece of wood and metal with ease. No more long hours spent on making sure every piece is of the same size. Simply set a positive stop and easily make miter and bevel cuts at various angles.

However, every woodworker knows the importance of owning the right set of tools. No matter how advanced and high-quality your tools and equipment are, if they are not perfect for your requirements, they are not for you. I am sharing a few important features that will help you in identifying the perfect and the best miter saw for you.

Construction Of The Miter Saw

Whether you are going to be using the miter saw once a month or every day, you need a model that will stick around for a longer period of time. The main feature that makes sure that a miter saw stays around for long is the construction of that model. If a model comes with a low-quality construction, it will only give you a couple of uses and a whole lot of frustration.

On the other hand, if a model of miter saw comes with a solid construction, you can rest assured that it will stay in your garage for many years. The first thing that you should check in a miter saw before you spend your money on it is that it should have a solid, stainless steel construction.

Type Of The Miter Saw

There are many types of miter saw in the market, each serving a different purpose. The qualities and the performance of every type of miter saw is different from the rest. Therefore, before you start surveying the market, you should know what qualities do you require and which type of miter saw befits those needs.

A sliding miter saw provides more depth, while a compound miter saw comes with both bevel and miter. Lastly, a sliding compound miter saw comes with the perks of both. Understand the tasks each type of miter saw brings to the table, and then go for a model that suits your needs.

Size Of The Blade

No matter what the type of miter saw is, each model comes with a blade of a different size. The most common sizes of blades are 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. The larger the blade, the larger cuts it will make. Therefore, blade size is an essential factor that you need to check in a model of miter saw before you purchase it.

Suitable Material

Most of the models of miter saws are ideal for cutting through wood. They can easily make miter cuts and bevel cuts through lumber, but they are not suitable for any other material. However, there are some models that are all-rounders. They can cut through metal just as easily as wood. Before you go out and buy yourself a miter saw, you need to know the type of material that you will be using it on and then purchase a model that is suitable for that material.

Number Of Teeth

This factor gets neglected very often as people mostly do not know its significance. However, this is an important feature that affects the performance of a miter saw. A model of miter saw that comes with a higher number of teeth will cut through different materials, especially wood, more easily as compared to a model that has a low number of teeth. It is best if you purchase a model of miter saw that comes with a higher tooth count. The ideal number of teeth for a miter saw is between 60 to 80.

Cutting Capacity And Angle Range

Each model of miter saw comes with a different cutting capacity and angle range. There are many models available in the market that can cut through 2 inches x 6 inches of lumber. Meanwhile, some are strong enough to chop 2 inches x 8 inches of lumber. The cutting capacity of a miter saw should be checked before you purchase it.

In addition to that, another factor that is considered crucial is the angle range of the miter saw. Every model of miter saw offers a different angle range. Some can go from 0 degrees to 40 degrees, while some can go from 0 degrees to 55 degrees. The angle range allows users to move the blade and make angled cuts. Therefore it is vital to check the angle range.

Moreover, another thing that should be checked is whether the miter angle range goes in both left and right directions or not. Miter saws that allow the blades to be moved to the left, right, and forward are considered the best miter saws as they bring more ease to the whole job.

Motor And RPM

The motor of a miter saw is what brings it to life. If you go for a model of miter saw that comes with a low power motor, then the speed of the blade, also known as the RPM of the miter saw, will be low, which will affect its overall performance. The ideal motor for a miter saw is a 15 amp motor. It is strong enough to power the machine and deliver high RPM.

The higher the RPM of a miter saw, the more precise work you will be able to do with it. The ideal RPM range of miter saws is 3000 to 4500. Anything below 3000 is not strong enough, and if a model exceeds 4500, then its performance will be exceptional. Always make sure to check the motor power and the RPM of a miter saw, whether the machine is being bought for a beginner or a professional.

Grip Of The Miter Saw

The grip of the miter saw is the handle that you will use to move the blade. It is essential that you go for a model of miter saw that comes with a horizontal grip as it is easier to maneuver. It also makes the whole operation easier. Purchasing a miter saw that comes with an uncomfortable grip will leave you frustrated as you will not be able to use the machine comfortably.

Weight Of The MiterSaw

As a mitersaw is a heavy-duty machine, it is bound to be a little on the heavy side. However, it should not be so heavy that moving it around becomes a headache. The models of mitersaw that weigh 20 – 30 pounds are considered the best as they are light enough to be moved around easily. If you are going to be moving the mitersaw around quite frequently, then this factor is crucial for you. Make sure to get yourself a model that does not weigh a ton.


Miter saws are a heavy investment, as they do not come cheap. Therefore, the wise thing to do is get a model of mitersaw that comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. This way, if any part gets damaged or broken, you can replace it without paying hundreds of bucks.

Basic Information About Miter Saws

Before you go out to purchase yourself a mitersaw, there are a few things that you should familiarize yourself with. Knowing different types of miter saws, understanding how each works, and having some other basic information about mitersaw will help you in picking the best model and keeping it around for a long time.


There are three major types of miter saws; a sliding mitersaw, a compound miter saw, a sliding compound mitersaw. Each type comes with unique features that make it worth the money. A simple sliding mitersaw is the basic mitersaw which can make cuts at different angles, from 45 degrees to 90 degrees. The size of the cut depends on the size of the blade of the sliding mitersaw.

Moreover, a compound miter saw is a bit fancier than a sliding mitersaw. It can make miter cuts as well as bevel cuts. The reason behind this is that this type of mitersaw can have its head rotated to a variety of different angles, which then enable the users to make slanted cuts. Some compound miter saws can make bevel cuts in both left and right directions, while some can only make cuts in one direction.

Lastly, the sliding compound mitersaw comes with the perks of both sliding mitersaw and compound mitersaw. As this model bears the features of two types of miter saws, it is considered the best for heavy work. The head of this mitersaw can move left and right and forward and backward, which then increases the cutting capacity of the machine. This type of mitersaw can cut through larger and wider wood pieces.


Miter saw is a very powerful tool that you need to be careful with. There are multiple uses of a mitersaw; the most basic is making straight cuts through materials. As a mitersaw is a stationary tool, you do not have to carry it to operate it; it is considered ideal for cutting heavy lumber and metal.

Simply place the machine on a table, latch the material in place, turn the mitersaw on, and voila. All you need to do is turn the handle up and down, and the blade will cut through the piece of material that is latched underneath it.

Another use of a mitersaw is to make angled cuts which in the terms of woodworkers is known as miter cuts. Instead of making a 90 degrees cut, the saw head can be rotated to the left or right and make angled cuts. The range of rotation depends on the model.

There are some models that can rotate up to 50 degrees, while some can even go to 45 degrees. Whether you are making a photo frame or a piece of furniture, you will eventually need to make an angled cut. Moving the piece of wood and adjusting it to an angled position is a tedious task. This is where a mitersaw comes to the rescue.

Another use of a miter saw is making bevel cuts. With the help of a good quality sturdy mitersaw, you can easily make bevel cuts. The last use of a mitersaw that is also a really handy one is that you can use it to make repeatable cuts of the same size. If you wish to cut different pieces of wood to the same size, you can use one of the positive stops present at the miter saw and cut different pieces to the same length.

How To Clean

Buying a miter saw is a great addition to your garage, especially if you find yourself surrounded by woodwork quite often. As a mitersaw can cut through wood and other material very quickly, and it does not need to be moved around, it is a nifty piece of machinery. However, if not taken care of properly, this nifty piece of machinery can become a headache real quick. If you want to keep your mitersaw around for a more extended period of time, then it is essential that you clean it and take care of it properly.

The first most important thing that you need to do to prolong the life of your mitersaw is to clean it after every use. Every time the machine is used, it will be covered in dust; hence it is essential that you properly get all of that dirt out of it. Move the head of the miter saw to the left and right, and then clean the dirt areas properly.

Make sure that you add a dust collector to your miter saw if it does not come with one. Another important point to keep in mind is to cover the miter saw after cleaning it. This way, no dirt or debris will make itself at home in your machine. You can use plastic or any other dust and water repellent material to cover your miter saw.

Some Precautions

Now that you know all the types of miter saw, their uses, and how to maintain a mitersaw, there are few precautions that you need to be aware of before you can use the machine. The first most important precaution is to always make sure that you are wearing eye and ear protective gear.

The reason you should always use protective glasses and earplugs is that when a mitersaw is operated, it blows dust and some pieces of wood. If any gets in your eye, it can cause serious damage. Similarly, as handy as a mitersaw is, it makes a loud noise which is why wearing earplugs is necessary.

In addition to that, before you turn the machine on and start using it, turn the head up and down a couple of times to make sure that the bottom guards are functioning properly. Moreover, you should also check the strength of the clasp by adding the material to the mitersaw and clasping it in place tightly. Another important precaution to keep in mind is that before you change the direction of the angle of a mitersaw, make sure that you plug the machine off.


Who makes the most accurate mitersaw?
DEWALT makes the most accurate and the best miter saws in the whole market. Their models come with sturdy and robust construction that gives long life to the machine. Moreover, the miter angle range and the cutting accuracy of their miter saws are unparalleled.

What is the best compound Mitre saw to buy?
The best compound mitersaw that you can currently find is the Metabo C10FCGS Compound MiterSaw. This model is powered by a 15 amp motor that delivers upto 5000 RPM. It offers 0 degrees to 52 degrees miter range in both left and right directions. Moreover, the 10 inches long blade of this model is sharp enough to easily cut through lumber.


The ease and precise cuts that a mitersaw brings to the table are unmatchable. You can not get that kind of result from a jigsaw, handsaw, or any other kind of tool. Now that you have detailed reviews of all of the 10 best miter saws, along with other basic information, it is time to take out your wallet and buy a model. I am sharing some of my top recommendations so you can easily make a decision.

  1. DEWALT DWS779 Sliding Compound MiterSaw has a 15 amp motor, 3800 RPM, and can make bevel cuts at both left and right sides.
  2. Metabo C10FCGS Compound MiterSaw comes with a 10 inches wide blade and a 15 amp motor that delivers 5000 RPM.
  3. Milwaukee 6955-20 Sliding MiterSaw has alloy steel construction, 12 inches long blade, and 3250 RPM.

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