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A good brand for hand tools, power tools is hard to find, but it isn’t impossible. Tools are meant to carry out the hardest and the simplest of tasks and aid humans in woodwork, plumbing work, construction, gardening, and much more.

Best Tool Brands

There are several tools used for different purposes, to begin with. Some are used to cut wood, some drive screws, some help in plumbing, others help in cutting woods and the list goes on. If you have a hard time finding the best tool brands to buy tools and heavy machines from for your workshop or home use, this article shall help you.

Best Tool Brands

1. Milwaukee

The brand is about 100 years old, founded in 1924. Since then, it has been acquired by different companies, but the quality standard has been maintained. The latest acquisition came in 2005 when Techtonic took it over, which already has brands like Ryobi and Hoover in its kitty. Their story of excellence started on the launch of an easy handle, and one hand operated drill, which is our absolute favorite, the hole shooter, and they have further built on their reputation from there.


The company has grown consistently and now offers many products ranging from tools for the construction industry, outdoor machinery, and much more. They also added more cordless tools to their portfolio, making them a pioneer in the lead-up to the wireless revolution. The brand has a long range of products from construction tools, wireless tools, drilling equipment, and much more; this tool brand specializes in all.

2. Makita

If you are looking for cordless tools, power tools, and petrol equipment, then Makita is the best brand to manufacture them. Makita is a Japanese brand founded in 1915, but it rose to popularity in 1958. Makita tools are now manufactured all across the world, and their quality is outstanding. Their planer and drills were the first tools that widely spread worldwide for use and brought success to this brand.


Makita power tools are seen on major construction sites, and workers loved them for their cordless features, ease of use, and high performance. Their table saws, chain saws, pole saws, and grass mowers are very popular. Makita uses heavy-duty material to make their tools and machines that make your tasks easier. From their tool range, their impact and impact drivers are our top favorites.

3. DeWalt

DeWalt is the name of reliability, performance, and durability. It originated in 1923 when Raymond E. DeWalt invented his first radial arm saw. The company has been known as DeWalt ever since and rose to popularity because of its state-of-the-art tools and machines. DeWalt was later acquired by Black & Decker, and people love their products immensely.


DeWalt is celebrated for manufacturing top-quality power tools, hand tools, German woodworking tools that can be corded or cordless. Not only that, but DeWalt also makes other equipment such as carpentry and concrete tools that help you in your day-to-day routine. DeWalt also manufactures its own batteries for certain tools that are generally 12V to 18V. Moreover, they manufacture batteries that are 20V or 40V for more powerful tools such as table saws or chain saws.

4. Bosch

The oldest company you will ever know, known for its premium quality appliances and tools, Bosch is esteemed for the standard and good performance of its tools and appliances. This company was founded by Robert Bosch as early as 1886. It has been serving people ever since that time with its quality hand tools. Bosch also makes home and kitchen appliances that are widely consumed by people all across the world.


Talking of the tools manufactured by them, they make an incredible variety of cordless power tools such as screwdrivers, rotary hammers, and much more. Bosch makes their own batteries which are known to be the best on the market. Their batteries are durable and long-lasting; that’s why their battery-driven tools and appliances are long-lasting.

5. Ridgid

Ridgid is another incredible brand that makes quality tools, starting from hand tools to large plumbing tools. Their tool of success is the wrenches by Ridgid, which are widely sold all around the world.


The plumbing tools by Ridgid are the best of all, and there is no comparison to them. Professional plumbers and DIYers prefer Ridgid hand tools because they know their tools wouldn’t fail them ever. That isn’t all about it; Ridgid also makes pipe tools, pressing tools, drain tools, and many more powerful tools to bring utter convenience to your lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best tools brands in 2020?

According to an estimate, America’s top favorite brand for power tools, hand tools, and outdoor tools is DeWalt. It has gained five-star ratings, and people worldwide love DeWalt’s tools for their durability, optimum performance, and whatnot.

What is the highest quality tool brand?

If we talk about the quality, Makita stands atop. Matika is one of the popular brands that produce top-quality power tools such as table saws and chainsaws. Their cordless range of tools is the leading ones among many top-ranking brands. Other than Makita, Bosch and DeWalt make good quality tools.

Is Makita better than DeWalt?

Makita is better than DeWalt in terms of efficiency and operation. Makita’s power tools provide smoother operation as compared to DeWalt. Other than that, Makita has a wider range of cordless tools, and the blades are better than the rest of the brands.

Final Thoughts

Hand tools, power tools, and outdoor tools make your life much easier with their extreme performance and convenience. Tools save your time and get your work done with perfection. Be it cutting or shaping wood, doing pipework, doing work related to plumbing, or simply hammering a nail, a good quality tool will make your work a breeze. There are hundreds of brands that manufacture industry-leading tools and appliances. They will help you carry out hard tasks and the simplest DIY tasks with utter convenience. We have mentioned some of the top tool brands for your convenience.

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