How Many Watts Does A Table Saw Use?

If you are a woodwork enthusiast, and you often indulge in projects that are beautiful and require a high level of skill. When you begin using tools to further explore your creativity, you might wonder how many watts a table saw use and what kind of external sources you can use to improve the quality of your projects!

How Many Watts Does A Table Saw Use

Table saw is an integral part of any woodworking project. When you are about to start a new project, consider the type of resources you might have to use for making your creative ideas a reality. Use of electricity is essential in woodwork, and knowing more about it can be helpful for you!

The Basics of Watts, Amps and Volts

Watt is to understand the measure of power, and the rate of work done is measured in amps, and has the potential difference of one volt. Volt is the measure of potential difference, which means the energy to move and voltage is similar to the pressure of water running through a pipeline. In other words, volts are the measure of electrons flowing through from one point to another, and that is an essential measure as it can determine how much power can the table saw consume.

The Watts Used by a Table Saw

The answer to the question of how many watts does a table saw use is that it consumes more power to start up than it does to run! Therefore, it can be tricky to measure the watts while running the machine. However, the watts consumed by the table saw depend on the horsepower of the machine. If it has a low horsepower, it can consume low wattage. 

The watts used by a table saw

If you have a small table saw, it can consume as much power as your daily use machineries such as washing machine or a vacuum cleaner. However, if you have a high-power table saw it might require almost 1800 watts to run and a whopping 4500 watts to start only!

Factors to Consider When Getting a Table Saw

When you are out to buy a table saw for the first time, ensure that you know what the project requirements are. If you need to cut or carve big pieces of wood, with thickness of more than two inches, a stronger table saw will be required. 

If you are a beginner and your projects revolve around small furniture making or carving, you can make do with a basic table saw that might consume 800 watts when running and will require almost 2000 watts to start. 

A typical table saw is of two horsepower, which is a minimal wattage with 1725 watts running power. This saw works perfectly, and of course, your skill and efficient use will also play an integral part in how long you have to keep it on. If you are good at managing wood panels, you might require the table saw to be on for a shorter period. 

Factors to consider when getting a table saw

The electrical demands of the table saw must not exceed the power supply of your home, workshop or wherever you are going to use it. If a 15 ampere circuit is installed, keep in mind that you cannot use a 15 ampere table saw because the electric consumption and voltage will heat up the circuit and there can be some serious damaging effects! Try to avoid any kind of overuse as electric circuits can be tricky and we consider them to be pretty volatile! If you are prudent enough to have circuit breakers, then it will trip every time you run the table saw! Take this tripping as a sign of rebellion by your electric supply and do not use the heavy machinery!

Many woodwork enthusiasts might debate that the table saw cable and the extension cable can take the heavy voltage and amperes consumption, but the circuit wires and the cables from the main power supply to the switch may not be able to withstand the heavy consumption!

If there is no other way to use the table saw, make sure that everything else is turned off. You can only use a heavy piece of machinery when there is nothing else drawing power from the same supply. Electric work is much more technical and the aim here is to educate readers about table saw and not the electricity or wiring! 

The Kinds of Table Saw Available

There are many sizes and types of table saw available according to wattage, and while we already discussed which one users must get, try to know what your options are. There are small table saws that are portable and do not consume too much electricity. However, these saws are only suitable for thin wood panels. A half-inch or an inch thick wood panel can be cut easily on a smaller table saw.

Woodwork that requires thick wood panels, or angling, or even carving will require heavier table saws and these will not only require a stronger power supply but you will also have to stay prepared for a whopping electricity bill, which can be an alarming situation! 

Some related questions

How many watts does a 15-ampere table saw use?

A 15-ampere table saw will need 1700 watts of power to run. This automatically means that starting this saw will require a high amount of power. Be sure to know your power source limit before you invest in a heavy-duty table saw. 

Should I run a table saw on generator?

A generator is an excellent option for table saw power because it will not burden the main supply and you will know how much power consumption occurs. Many woodwork enthusiasts use generators to work on table saws. 


Woodwork enthusiasts have to know the technical side of working with hard materials like wood. You will require a table saw for essential cutting and you might wonder how many watts does a table saw use. If so, you must know the kinds of table saws available, and how much electricity they consume. Moreover, woodworkers must consider the saw that suits their level of skills and expertise. 

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