How Thick Is A Table Saw Blade? A Complete Guide

Table saw is an essential tool for wood cutters, and even home project makers, who rely on a good cutter for some basic woodwork jobs. However, this tool is not just a saw that comes on a fixed table, to has more power than most cutters. The rotary blade, called the fullkerf blade, makes all the difference as it can cut through thick woods and even metal! While your work will get easy with this blade. How thick is a table saw blade, and what all can it do? 

How Thick Is A Table Saw Blade

The more you know about your tools, the more efficiently you can work on them. Get to know all about table saws so that you know how you can use them for various kinds of woodwork projects and make the outcome as fancy as you want. This cutter can help create ornamental carvings, curved and beveled designs on edges, and a lot more.  If you’re thinking of buying one, have a look at the best table saw blades I have reviewed.

How thick is a table saw blade?

The fullkerf blade is almost 1/8th of an inch thick. If you want to cut a thin piece of wood, you will need to pass it through the saw numerous times. A small overlap between each cut will ensure uniform thickness and a neat cut. 

However, the blade thickness varies and there are numerous blades that you can use according to the type of wooden plank, or material that you are about to cut. The standard width of the blade is 1/8th of an inch, which can cut most types of woods. Beechwood and numerous lightweight woods are easier to cut therefore you will not need a specific type of blade and the standard blade will be suitable.

How thick is a table saw blade

However, oak, and other kinds of heavy woods might be hard to cut with regular strength and motor settings. You might need a thicker, and more powerful blade for such materials. On the contrary, metals that are harder than any wood will require an increase in strength and speed but not the thickness of the blade. 

Thicker blades take up more power and your electricity consumption will be more. However, when you decide to use the table saw for cutting, you can try out a few tips and tricks to reduce power.

The thickness of the 10-inch table saw blade

The thickness of wood planks cut by the 10-inch table saw blade is around 1.25 inches. This blade cuts plywood and lumber, and it will make your task easy as well.

The thickness of the 10-inch table saw blade

On the contrary, a standard blade cuts thinner planks. You can cut as thin as 0.25-inch thick plank with a standard cutter blade. Also check out, what is a riving knife on a table saw.

The thickness of a thin saw blade

The distance between the carbide teeth of the blade is also called the ‘cut’ or the thickness of the planks that the blade will be able to slice. However, the ‘thickness’ of the blade is the width of the rotary blade’s edge. These terms may confuse newbies when they read them, but if you see a table saw blade in your hand, all these terms will make sense instantly. 

The thickness of a thin saw blade

What kind of a blade is better? Thick or thin?

As we discussed easier, the thicker blades use more power and can cut hard woods. However, if the power is high, you can use a thin blade to cut fine planks of wood. The selection of the blade is always according to the material you have to cut. If you ask which one is better, a thin blade or a thick blade, the answer is always going to be that this selection will depend upon the material that you work. If you are using a light material that requires lesser power, and a thinner blade, then why use a heavier blade to use more power?

Are multiple teeth better?

It is believed that a saw blade with lesser teeth is better as it cuts the wood faster. When you have decided the type of wood to cut, remember that you will be able to do a better job if you select the thickness according to the hardness of the wood. However, the teeth will determine that the speed, and finesse of the cutting will be better. 

What kind of wood thickness will be hard to cut with a standard table saw blade?

If there is a wooden plank with thickness greater than four inches, it will be hard to cut on a standard table saw blade. However, if you use a 12-inch blade with a greater thickness, the wood cutting process will be easier. 

Some Related Questions

If I am cutting plywood, should I use a 12-inch blade?

When you have to cut plywood, remember to use a blade with lesser teeth. However, it can be the standard blade. If the plywood plank is thicker than four inches, you might need a 12-inch blade. 

What is the best blade size to have for wood and metal?

You can use a standard 10-inch rotary blade with all kinds of wood and metal materials. If you have the standard blade, most kinds of DIY projects and basic woodwork and metal work can be possible. 


Table saw blade thickness is variable according to the type of wood you have to cut. Moreover, there are materials like metals that will determine the kind of blade you should use. The standard size of table saw blade is less 1/8th of an inch. Some blades are thinner and require less power while other blades with more thickness may need more power. 

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