How To Fold A Bandsaw Blade (the proper Way)

Bandsaw blades are a very popular and common piece of equipment that you normally see in workshops and places like that. The purpose they serve is well-known by all of us. However, most of us did not know that bandsaw blades come in a variety of different types. For instance, some bandsaw blades are known as ‘hook-tooth blades’, and ‘ regular-tooth blades’.

How to Fold a Bandsaw Blade

Whereas, the other most common type is known as ‘regular-tooth blade’. So, these are some of the major categorizations of bandsaw blades that are based upon the shape of the blades. Please have a look at how to sharpen bandsaw blades.

All of these bandsaw blades are extremely pointed but the difference is seen when it comes to the shape in their arcs and the purpose they serve. Not all kinds of bandsaw blades can cut all types of wood. Each blade is made for cutting specific material.

Moreover, these blades come in different breadths as well. In fact, the breadth of these blades determines their suitability for any material. However, that is not it, but many other factors also lead to the quality of a bandsaw blade’s performance. For example, the number of its teeth.

Steps to Fold a Bandsaw Blade

A bandsaw blade can occupy a lot of space if it is left unfolded because of its great length. It can make a room look messy and congested. Apart from that, if you do not fold them and treat them poorly then they will not survive for a long time. Rather, the blades will become blunt and then you cannot really get the required outcome. So, it is better and safe to keep them folded when not in use. Given below is a list of ways through which you can fold a bandsaw blade:

1. Put Gloves on your Hands

Bandsaw blades may seem dangerous and they are to some extent but they are not as scary as they may look. The process of bending or folding the blade is pretty simple and convenient. The first and foremost thing is to have gloves on your hands to avoid any cuts. Especially, if you are doing this for the very first time, you have to do it carefully. However, you will not even feel the need to wear gloves with time and practice because it will seem much easier.

Put Gloves on your Hands

2. Length of the Blade

One thing that you should keep in your mind is that the bending of the bandsaw blade depends upon its length and its ability to turn into the form of a loop. Plus, the length of the blade decides how many loops it can turn into. So, the most basic way to fold the bandsaw blade is to handle it in such a manner that you have full control over it while keeping yourself safe. Make sure that the teeth of the blade are in the opposite direction and not towards you. So that you do not get hurt.

3. Control the Blade with Feet

Afterward, you need to control the blade with the help of your feet. Now, the trick here is, you need to fold the blade with your hand while forming a loop.

Control the Blade with Feet

First, it will form the shape of the ‘infinity sign’ and then it will form the shape of a circle. At the same time, put your foot firmly at the center of the blade and keep it in touch with the ground or the floor. Also check out, how to coil bandsaw blades.

4. Tie it Down

Then you need to gradually keep on turning it until it forms the shape of a circle. In the final step, all you need is to tie it down with the help of some wire so that it remains folded or twisted. Seems easy, right?

Tie it Down

There is no rocket science behind the folding of a bandsaw blade. Rather, it is just an everyday thing that you should know and learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know when a bandsaw blade is dull?

There are so many signs that will help you know that now is the time to throw away the bandsaw blade and get it replaced with a new one. The first sign is that it will become blunt. This means that its blades are not sharp anymore and they do not cut smoothly. In fact, they are consuming too much of your effort. Apart from that, another symptom is that the bandsaw blade starts creating noise while you cut the wood or anything. So, this way you can know that the bandsaw blade is not usable anymore.

Are more teeth on a saw blade better?

Yes, for sure. If the bandsaw blade is composed of many teeth then it is going to produce results more accurately. The teeth determine whether the outcome is efficient and neat or not. The teeth also control the speed of the cutting process. So, we cannot really say which one is better, more teeth or less. However, all we can say is that it does affect the performance.

How do you store a band saw?

It is very simple and easy to store a bandsaw blade. All you need to do is to twist it. After twisting it, just fix the loop with a wire so that it does not open. Afterward, simply hang it just like you hang your clothes. You can make use of nails for this purpose. So, this is how you keep the blades secure.


So, these were some easy steps that will help you in twisting the bandsaw blade. Bandsaw blades are used in workshops by mechanics as well as woodcutters also use them more often. Plus, you must have seen the shops where people use it for making furniture too. So, it is a really important part of our day-to-day lives but you need to know how to use it properly.

So, keeping it folded when not in use is also crucial. Thereby, creating more space in your room or the place where you work. Following these easy steps will keep you protected from hurting yourself. Other than that, you will also come to know the proper method to keep the blades secure so that they do not untwist.

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