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Are you tired of having to change your bandsaw blades every few days? Is the cost of buying new bandsaw blades becoming too much to bear for you? Are you looking for cheaper alternative ways to fix your dull bandsaw blades? I believe the answer to all three questions is yes, so here I have got a solution for you.

How To Sharpen Bandsaw Blades

Bandsaw blades are the most versatile tools. They do an excellent job at cutting and sawing even the thickest of the lumber. You can cut the most unique and uneven shapes with the help of the bandsaw blades. But they are also prone to wear and tear. After a few continual uses, the blades start losing their edge and become impossibly slow, and inaccurate at cutting. When this happens, you get two choices. You can either replace the old worn-out blade with a new one. Or you can save some much-needed cash by resharpening the old one. Here is how you can fold the bandsaw blade.

Now, there are a lot of ways you can sharpen your bandsaw blades but I have got you the simplest and cheapest ways to sharpen your blades in no time. Follow the steps carefully to ensure maximum satisfaction as well as your safety.

How To Sharpen Bandsaw Blades

Precautionary Measures

Before we dive into the methods to sharpen the bandsaw blades let me enlighten you with a few quick safety measures that you must adhere to, to ensure your safety.

  • Always wear thick protective hand gloves before handling the bandsaw blades
  • Make sure that you have some protective goggles on before starting
  • Wear a face mask to keep dust particles from entering your respiratory tract
  • Work in the broad daylight
  • Take care of your seating arrangement as you must be comfortable and focused while you work on your bandsaw blades

The fifth element may seem like the easiest precautionary measure but don’t take it for granted. You must remain comfortable and attentive throughout the process. Remember, if you don’t maintain your cool during the process you will get frustrated and hurt yourself terribly. Even a dull blade has enough capability to inflict some serious wounds to the soft and vulnerable human flesh.

Sharpening Your Bandsaw Blades Manually

The easiest and cheapest method of sharpening your bandsaw blades is by hand. Now, it may seem like a cumbersome idea to sharpen it manually considering the huge number of teeth, not to mention time-consuming but it is the cheapest alternative available. You will be required to muster up every ounce of patience that you have before getting started.

Sharpening Your Bandsaw Blades Manually
  • Step 1: Clean the surface of the bandsaw blades with some spirits with the help of a cotton pad before getting started.
  • Step 2: Unplug the bandsaw to eliminate the risk of it starting while you are working on it.
  • Step 3: Mark the teeth from where you are going to start sharpening so that you will know when you are done.
  • Step 4: Start filling the teeth with the help of a hand filer in the direction of the teeth to avoid any damage to the blades.
  • Step 5: Make sure that you file each tooth the same number of times to ensure consistency.
  • Step 6: Keep repeating the process until you reach your set marker.

Sharpening Your Bandsaw Blades Mechanically

Sharpening the bandsaw blades manually can be a hectic and time-consuming job, not to mention extremely tiring and frustrating, especially when you have dozens of bandsaw blades to sharpen. In that case, I would highly recommend that you purchase a mechanical bandsaw blade sharpener. Bandsaw blade sharpening machines are a little expensive in the short run but prove to be an extremely useful and efficient alternative in the long run.

Sharpening Your Bandsaw Blades Mechanically

Using mechanical bandsaw blade sharpening is relatively easier to use. Now, the methods to use a mechanical sharpener depend on the type of sharpener you are using. Therefore it is safer and better that you carefully read the instruction manual before using one.

If you are wondering what type of mechanical bandsaw blade sharpener you must purchase, it depends upon your budget and the frequency of your use if you can afford a good quality sharpener that is well and good. A low-quality and relatively cheaper sharpener would be most suitable for you if you are low on the budget and the frequency of your use is limited. Please read, how to coil a bandsaw blade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are saw blades worth sharpening?

The answer to this question depends upon the quality of bandsaw blades you are using. If you are using the cheaper ones then it is much better to replace your blade. But if you are using a high-quality one then it is worth sharpening.

Can you sharpen a bandsaw blade?

Yes, you can easily sharpen your bandsaw blades. There are two different ways of sharpening your blades. One way is to sharpen it by hand and the other way is to sharpen it with the help of a mechanical machine.

How much does it cost to sharpen bandsaw blades?

The cost to sharpen the blades depends upon the length of the blade you are looking to sharpen. The average price is eight dollars per 17 feet.

How many times can you sharpen a bandsaw blade?

You can sharpen a bandsaw blade three to four times before you need to replace your blade.

How do I know if my bandsaw blades need sharpening?

Identifying when your band saw blades need sharpening is pretty easy. You just have to look for signs of wear and tear. For example, your blade will start making squeaky noises, cracks will start to appear on its surface and the blades will lose their consistency to move while cutting.


Everything is bound to wear off over time and with continuous use, bandsaw blades are no exception to the rule. Their sharpness dulls out after the rigorous use they are intended for. So instead of throwing away our high-quality and probably expensive bandsaw blades at the first signs of wear, we should try to reuse them by sharpening their surface before disposing of them completely.

Sharpening the bandsaw blades is a lot cheaper than buying a brand new one from the market. Hence it helps save the time we spend buying a new one and the money we spend on the purchase.

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