How to Unlock a DeWalt Table Saw for Various Reasons

Before you begin using any heavy duty machinery, or even a basic table saw, you must know what kind of maneuvers are going to lock and unlock it. Additionally there will be other things that you will need to know about the table saw. If you are working with this popular woodwork tool, it is essential to start the introduction with knowing how to unlock a DeWalt table saw. 

How to unlock a DeWalt table saw

A DeWalt table saw is a fixed saw that works with a motor to rotate the blade so that you can cut wood and various other materials with precision and ease. The accurate cutting results are a bonus when you know how to operate the saw. Many woodwork enthusiasts say that it is a simple tool to learn, and we agree! Once you know all about the working mechanism, you can create masterpieces.

How to unlock the table saw?

In order to proceed with any kind of work, the first step is to know your machine. There can be numerous reasons for a wood workers to unlock the DeWalt saw, and we are here to explain how to do it. Whatever the purpose may be for you to unlock the saw, the process is simple. 

To remove the blade

When you are working on the saw and you feel that the blade needs to be replaced, you will have to unlock it. The first step to unlocking or locking the table saw is to ensure that the power supply is cut off. Get the table insert out, and turn the blade elevation hand wheel. Turning the wheel clockwise is going to loosen the saw and bring the blade to its maximum height. The next step is to lift the blade guard and bring it to the back of the table. 

To remove the blade

The next step is to lift the blade to a position at right angles to the table. At this point, the unlocking mechanism will be required to change the blades. There is a tilting lock knob on the blade and this little guy is responsible for the locking of the DeWalt saw. By turning the bevel tilting hand wheel in a clockwise motion, you can lock the blade in the right position. 

While you keep moving the blade, work on the motor locking lever, which will come forward as you lift the blade. As you turn this lever, the blade will stop moving and get locked in position. The next step is to place a wrench for the blade in arbor nut, which you can loosen and remove the blade along with the flange. You can use the wrench to move these parts to the front of the machine. Now that you will be able to remove the blade, ensure that the inner blade flange is intact. 

The blade guard splitter alignment

The blade guard splitter alignment

You may need to use the unlocking technique to align the blade guard splitter to ensure smooth and accurate cutting of wood.  If the splitter is not aligned in the proper manner, the wood cutting effort will be futile. Make sure you cover the blade teeth as you install, by using a folded cardboard to complete the task. 

The initial step to align the blade guard will be similar to how you removed the blade. By shutting off the power, and removing the insert to raise the blade to its maximum height. As you raise and move the blade perpendicular to the table, check if the alignment between the blade and guard are perfect. 

What is alignment? Alignment would mean that the saw blade cuts the wood pieces uniformly as the splitter moves along with the blade. If you turn the blade and the splitter is in alignment, all is well. However, if this is not so, you will have to make the movements coherent by hand. Users will need to get the wing bolt out. As the bolt is removed, the guard becomes mobile and you can make the adjustments accordingly. 

Adjusting the rip fence

If you have to unlock the DeWalt saw to adjust the rip fence, the steps are easier. Once users have learn how to remove the blade, they have learnt most of the unlocking process. However, if you need to adjust the fence, the unlocking will be similar to the blade removal up till the perpendicular setting of the blade. The fence should be parallel to the miter gauge and once that is ensured, you will have to lower the front end and bring it over the front rail. 

Change the fence position by unlocking it, and that is done by raising the handle to it. The next step is to slide the fence in the suitable position and turn down the handle to lock this tool in place. 

DeWalt table saw for all kinds of woodwork

When you have to cut wood for basic DIY or professional projects, the table saw is an excellent tool. However, the most important part of any machine is the maintenance and alignment to ensure that every part of the tool works coherently and efficiently. Unlocking the table saw might sound overwhelming, but in reality it only needs you to move a few levers and handles in the right direction. 

Some related questions:

Will a DeWalt table saw require unlocking for maintenance work?

By maintenance work you mean cleaning and oiling. Yes, for both these tasks you will need to unlock the DeWalt saw and ensure that as you arrange it back in place, each part is working efficiently. 

Do I need to call a mechanic to unlock the table saw?

No, if you follow the steps shared above you will be able to unlock the table saw and lock it back again.  


Whatever you need to use the table saw for, you must know how to unlock a DeWalt table saw for various reasons. Whether you have to change the blade, or align the rip fence or even if you have to align the blade guard splitter, unlocking the saw is easy and does not require a lot of complicated steps. 

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