How to use a Table Saw [Step-by-Step] Guide

Table saw is a woodworking machine with versatile uses. It’s necessary to know the accurate techniques to obtain the maximum benefits. The sharp-edged blades allow you to make precise cuts and speed up the process. Table saw provides smoother cuts than handheld saw.

How to use a Table Saw

This versatile machine proves to be useless if you aren’t aware of its uses (have a look at table saw uses). One table saw serves multiple cuts that might be needed for various projects. Our article will guide you towards various uses and cuts that can be achieved by the table saw and will sharpen your skills and save time.

Let’s Take a Look at Different Parts of a Table Saw

  • Tabletop: is a flat sheet usually made up of Aluminium or steel that rests on the base.
  • Fence: they are used to guide or secure the wood in place while cutting.
  • Blade height crank: A wheel that is used to adjust the blade higher or lower as per your preference.
  • Blade insert: a narrow gap where the blade is inserted.
  • Push stick: to move forward material and ensure that your hands don’t come closer to sharp teeth of blades.
Let’s take a look at different parts of a table saw

Multiple cuts can be achieved using a single table saw. Only a few cuts such as dado require specific blades.

  • Rip cut
  • Crosscut
  • Dado

These are few blades that facilitate basic cuts.

  • Rip blade
  • Crosscut blade
  • Dado blade
  • Finishing blade
  • Metal cutting blade

Directions for Cutting Wood in the Desired Style

Rip cut

This one is the most common cut that can be easily achieved using a table saw.

Rip cut
  1. Insert the rip blade in the blade insert. Adjust the height of the blade a bit higher than the thickness of the wood. To do this, loosen the Arbour nut which holds the blades in place.
  2. Make sure that the teeth of the blade face in front as their sharpest side should touch wood.
  3. Using a measuring tape, measure the width between the fence and blades, adjust the material to be cut aligned to rip the fence.
  4. Switch the power button on and don’t let the workpiece touch the blade until it runs at its full speed.
  5. Slowly push the wood through your saw and when the end comes closer use a push stick to move forward the wood.


Is cutting board against the grain or width. Rip fence proves inadequate while crosscutting wood so you’ll need a Miter gauge to support your wood.

  1. Raise the blade high so that it reaches slightly above the thickness of wood to be cut.
  2. Locate the miter gauge on the left side of your saw blade.
  3. Place the wood horizontally such that its length should be opposite to the fence.
  4. Use a protractor guide to position the wood at the desired angle.
  5. As explained in the rip cutting procedure, firmly push the wood forward, keeping one hand on the miter gauge and the other on the wood.

Dado cut

Dado cut means cutting a narrow channel in the wood with squared borders. They are mostly used in the making of cabinets and door panels. Please also have a look at the alternatives of table saw.

  1. Insert the Dado blade on your saw.
  2. Use a table insert that supports the dado blade.
  3. Set the rip fence so that it touched wood at the right distance from the blade.
  4. As done in the previous cutting techniques, use push sticks to pass your wood through the blades.
  5. Move the rip fence forward, pass the wood for a second time, and until you get the desired width of the channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you use a table saw for beginners?

If you are a beginner, you must follow proper steps that are mentioned above, without skipping any of them. Always mark the measures on the wood to avoid confusion. Use guiding tools such as Rip fence for rip cutting and milter gauge for crosscutting.

2. How do you push wood through table saw?

Material can be pushed with the help of push stick which is a safety tool. It doesn’t let your fingers come near the blades. Never use your hands for pushing the wood as it may lead to great injuries.

3. What is the common use of table saw?

Table saw is widely use to crack through wood, but it can also cut sheet plastic and sheet brass. While making a furniture, table saw will serve as a assistant to speed up the process.

4. What can you not do with a table saw?

Never ever freely cut the wood without any supporting tool. In any case, use either a rip fence or miter gauge to support your material. Also, use eye protection and ear protection for your safety. Most importantly, never place your hand near a running blade as it may lead to harsh injuries.


This was basic information with 3  basic cuts that are usually necessary for a carpenter every now and then. If you know the right technique, you’ll attain a strong grip upon your saw. Knowing the accurate trick will help you work with accuracy and save time. Hope you have an enjoyable cutting experience.

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