Types Of Handsaws and their Uses

Hand saws are essential tools for the workplace, which allows you to work effortlessly. It gives you the freedom to perform a task manually according to your own choice. There was only one hand saw with a large blade with teeth and a wooden handle in the past. Over time, the manufacturers have come up with different types of hand saws.

Types of Hand Saws

Each type has a specialized function, and you can use it with ease. According to your requirement, finding a perfect hand saw is difficult, but you do not have to worry about it. I am writing this review on the type of handsaws to share my experience to help you get a perfect one for yourself.

Types of Hand Saws

There are 33 different types of hand saws. Each type is designed specifically for a particular task. This review will discuss seven multi-purpose classes of hand saws used widely by house owners to complete their tasks. These hand saws are the need of every house workshop. Without these types of hand saws, you may not be able to complete your work efficiently. You can also have a look at the types of SAW.

Hack Saw

Hack Saw

If you want to cut metal easily, this hand saw is your go-to option. A Hack saw is a tool constructed to cut metal with its thin blade and sharp teeth. You can also cut light pipes, plastics, and metal objects. I have found a hack saw multi-purpose hand saw that can be used to cut woods, heavy materials, and plastics effortlessly. It has 18 to 32 thin and sharp teeth that are arranged in a C-shaped frame. This kind of handsaw is an essential tool that you can use for large to small DIY activities.

Coping Saw

As the name suggests, this saw is used for curved cutting of woods. It is made with a thin blade that is secured at both ends so you can handle it quickly and securely. It keeps the user away from the risk of accidents because of its portability and secure structure. Furthermore, I have used this saw for coping joints and found it a fantastic tool. The coping saw is 6-inches long and has 15 to 17 sharp teeth and a long blade. This type of hand saw is lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another.

Crosscut Saw

Crosscut Saw

The third type of hand saw on the list is Crosscut saw. This saw is ideal for rough cutting of woods, shaping, and pruning tree branches perpendicularly. It is designed with large teeth, and a thick blade 24-inches long for efficient and effortless cutting. You can use a cross-cut saw by yourself or with the help of another person because of its large size. It is easy to hold from both sides as it has a lumberjack saw. I found it a portable tool, and I usually take it with myself on camping trips.

Fret Saw

For more detailed woodwork, Fret saw is an ideal option. Fret saw was primarily designed for a latticework; therefore, it is known as a Fret saw. A fret is a french word that comes from “freter,” meaning lattice. It is a handy tool that has a long sharp blade with 32 teeth. It is used for delicate and more precise woodwork. You can also use this hand saw for curved cutting of wood, just like a coping saw.

Keyhole Saw

Keyhole Saw

A keyhole saw is designed to make holes, cut irregular patterns, dig a dry wally, and saw through it. It comes with a single handle and has a sharp blade with thin teeth. When you look at the saw, you will notice its similarity with a dagger because it has a strong front point that can quickly jab through any material. A keyhole saw is divided into two types: one with a fixed blade and a retractable blade.

Japanese Saw

This kind of hand saw works on the pull motion principle. With its narrow and robust blades, you can cut any material precisely and sharply. This hand saw provides complete control to its users with its handle on one side. Users can hold this tool easily because of its lightweight. A Japanese saw is a portable tool that you can easily carry from one place to another. This hand saw is ideal for tougher and narrower cuts.

Pruning Saw

Pruning Saw

A pruning saw, as the name indicates is best for pruning and trimming stiff branches of trees. This hand saw is used for shaping ornamental plants and is ideal for garden-related tasks. It can easily reach the places where a chain saw can not reach. A pruning saw has a sharp curved blade that comes with more teeth than a small-sized saw. It has an attached ergonomic handle that makes it easy for the users to hold this tool and reduces accidents. This hand saw also works wonders on thorny shrubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of Hand saws are there?

There is a total of 33 types of hand saws. Each type of saw is designed for a specific task. The seven multi-purpose saws are discussed in this article that the users use often. These hand saws are must-have tools in the house workshops for efficient and effortless completion of activities.

Which hand saw is used for pruning?

A pruning saw is used for trimming and pruning tree branches and shrubs. This hand saw is made with a large curved blade and an ergonomic handle on one end. It allows the user to reach the places where a chainsaw is unable to get. It comes with many teeth that help in the efficient cutting of trees.

What is the use of a keyhole hand saw?

A keyhole hand saw is used to make holes in the drywall and cutting irregular patterns. It is made with a sharp blade and a pointed end, making it easy for the user to jab or dig a hole in the wall. It comes with sharp teeth and has two subtypes: a keyhole hand saw with a fixed blade and a retractable blade.


Hand saws are helpful tools that make your work quick and easy. These saws are manually operated by a person and need no battery or gas motor. Hand saws have several types designed for a particular job. A house owner can select between these types depending upon their requirement. It was a detailed review of types of hand saw that are versatile in their function and will help you find one that fits according to your requirement.

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