10 Best Cordless Jigsaws Review

Best Cordless Jigsaws

Thinking about the perks of a cordless jigsaw probably had you eager and desirous to get one. Though, coming across the myriad options available might have you bewildered, with every single one of them claiming to be the Best Cordless Jigsaws. The eagerness is well justified, I mean, not bothering about the cord tugging behind as you move the jigsaw at different angles. Not constantly worrying about being close to the power source or the cord being too short is relieving, to say the least. Not to mention the incredible versatility the tool brings you.

To make a choice easier for you, the 10 best cordless jigsaws are enlisted below for you, with detailed reviews. Along with that, a buying guide for you to know the important factors that you should not overlook while buying a cordless jigsaw. Keep reading and here’s to hoping that you will end up making the right and satisfying choice for yourself by the end of this piece.

10 Best Cordless Jigsaws

1. Dewalt DCS331B9.5
2. Makita XVJ03Z9.6
3. RYOBI One+ P52319.3
5. Ridgid R8832B8.8
6. BOSCH  Cordless Jigsaw8.6
7. DEWALT DCS331M19.4
8. Makita VJ04R18.6
9. MILWAUKEE'S 2445-208.6
10. MILWAUKEE M18 9.4

1. Dewalt DCS331B Cordless Jigsaw – Best Rated Jigsaw

Dewalt DCS331B Cordless Jigsaw - Best Rated Jigsaw


  • 20V max battery
  • 4 orbital action settings
  • Variable speed range of 0 3000
  • Adjustable dust blower

This Jigsaw model of DEWALT, 20V MAX DCS331B, is an absolutely powerful and durable cordless jigsaw, making it rank as the topmost recommendation in this list. It comes with a 20-volt max lithium-ion battery which accounts for great cutting power. The feature that I found the most remarkable in this jigsaw is the ease of doing bevel cuts using the tool.

DEWALT DCS331B comes with 4 detents located at different angles, 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees, making it so convenient to make bevel cuts. You don’t need to guess the position or angle; it’s already been done for you. This is something that you will not find in most of the jigsaws. This cordless jigsaw comes with 4 different orbital settings, so you can opt for faster and more aggressive cuts if you like.

The variable speed of the jigsaw ranges from 0 to 3000 SPM, which is incredible since you can choose the sawing speed for different materials and can adjust it at different points. The tool has a comfortable and grippy handle for total control. Also, the weight of the tool is evenly balanced, so you will not feel one side weighing it down while you hold and carry it from the middle. This DEWALT cordless jigsaw is also incredibly durable, able to withstand tough treatment with unwavering performance.

  • Easy bevel cut
  • adjustable speed
  • Durable
  • Powerful battery
  • No tool required for blade change
  • It doesn’t come with a battery
  • Dust blower is not so effective
The fact that the unit doesn’t come with a battery or a charger can be a disappointment. The dust blower also should be more effective; seeing the cut line gets a bit difficult. Otherwise, the product has amazing specs and aces in the durability department as well. Totally one of the best cordless jigsaws you can possibly get.

2. Makita XVJ03Z Cordless Jigsaw – Best Woodworking Jigsaw

Makita XVJ03Z Cordless Jigsaw - Best Woodworking Jigsaw


  • 18V battery
  • Brushless motor
  • Variable speed-0 to 2600SPM
  • 4 orbital settings

This 18V Makita XVJ03Z Cordless Jigsaw comes with some great features, but the quality that is specifically appealing in this model is the comfort it provides while you are working with it. Comfort and convenience have especially been taken care of while designing this unit. It has an ergonomic grip allowing you to use it for quite a while without tiring your hand.

Another specifically designed feature that adds up to the comfort is considerably reduced vibrations than other jigsaws. The two-finger variable speed trigger is large, hence easily triggered while wearing gloves. There is an LED light which makes it easier for you to see clearly what you are doing. Enough of the convenience; let’s come to the performance of this cordless jigsaw.

It is equipped with a brushless motor, which, when compared to a brushed motor, is more powerful, reliable, low maintenance, and produces less mechanical noise. The motor also has fewer chances of overheating and lasts considerably longer. The Makita XVJ03Z is also excellent in the precision of its work. The blade roller guide is placed close to the workpiece so to control the blade positioning to give you the most precise cut.

With the four orbital settings, you can choose and customize the intensity and finish of the cut. The variable speed ranges from 0 to 2600 SPM. The tool-less blade change is an extremely convenient feature of the equipment that adds to the overall ease of use. You don’t need an Allen key to lift the tool holder; rather, just lifting a lever will release the tool holder making change of blade extremely easy and convenient.

  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Comfortable to use
  • Extremely easy to operate
  • LED light feature
  • Precise cutting
  • Low battery life
  • The blade can loosen due to the plastic blade removal guard
This compact Makita cordless jigsaw is engineered to provide ease and convenience during use. For a brushless motor, it is also relatively reasonable. With the powerful and wear-resistant motor, it is also durable and provides incredible performance.

3. RYOBI One+ P5231 Cordless Jigsaw – Best Value Jigsaw

RYOBI One+ P5231 Cordless Jigsaw - Best Value Jigsaw


  • 18V battery
  • 4 orbital settings-one flush cut
  • 3000 SPM
  • Brushed motor
  • LED light

If you are rather new at woodcutting or carpentry and the bulky tools kind of intimidate you, you should especially consider getting this RYOBI One+ P5231 Cordless Jigsaw. This recommendation also applies if you are skeptical about investing too much money in the tool and would rather go for a budget-friendly one. Budget-friendly, yes, but quality and performance are not compromised at all in this model.

Enough with the hype now, coming to the functionality and features, the 18V battery is powerful, rendering the tool capable to efficiently tackle challenging cutting tasks and materials. The variable speed goes up to 3000 SPM, adjustable according to the type of materials. There are 4 orbital cut settings that include one flush-cut setting, making the tool versatile, able to do a number of customized cutting tasks.

It comes with an LED light to make working in dim lights easier, increasing visibility. The dust blower effectively blows away the dust, further enhancing visibility. The tool-less blade change in the Jigsaw offers convenience. The most distinct feature of this Ryobi Cordless Jigsaw is its blade-saving base, which offers increased longevity and decreased wear of the blade.

Unlike most jigsaws, this particular model allows you to adjust the base or the shoe of the jigsaw to access other teeth of the blade, too, rather than keep using just one. You can change and use the unused teeth of the blade after one loses its sharpness, getting the most out of it and increasing its life. I found this feature really thoughtful on Ryobi’s part; it rids you of frequently purchasing new blades because of the old one wearing out.

  • LED light
  • Blade saving base for blade longevity
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Battery not included
  • Battery drains out quickly
  • Loud noise
This budget-friendly cordless jigsaw option is the best one for you if you are a beginner but want all the nice and convenient features to be there in your affordable jigsaw. The Ryobi One+ P5231 has all those high-quality features, not so different from the other top-notch jigsaw models on this list. Doubtlessly one of the best cordless jigsaws you can get.

4. BLACK+DECKER BDCJS20C 20V MAX Cordless JigSaw



  • 20V lithium battery
  • Up to 2500 SPM variable speed
  • Utilizes both U and T shank blades
  • LED light

Black+Decker BDCJS20C Cordless Jigsaw is another budget-friendly option that is particularly preferable for those who don’t need the tool for strictly professional use. You will not find this cordless jigsaw falling short of any necessary requirement. Starting off with the 20V battery that makes the jigsaw capable of cutting through a large number of materials.

There is a variable speed of up to 2500 SPM. The visibility is enhanced with the built-in dust blower that keeps the dust off the cutting line and the LED light, which comes in handy, particularly in dim environments. The jigsaw offers the convenience of the toolless blade change. A bevel cut is made particularly easy with this Black+Decker Cordless Jigsaw.

The bevel shoe is adjustable for up to 45 degrees making angled cuts on both sides easier. You will need an Allen key for the shoe bevel that is not tool-free, a small price to pay for a jigsaw that otherwise gives good value for money. This unit is a great option for those who are getting their first jigsaw for the not-so-demanding cutting tasks at home. It does come with a battery, but it is weak, ran out quickly for me, but some buyers even complain about it burning out after little use. So, keep that in mind and keep another lithium battery handy, and you are good to go.

  • Up to 45 degrees adjustable bevel
  • Tool-free blade change
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Affordable
  • Weak battery
  • It can be pretty loud
  • Bevel shoe is not tool-free
This Black+Decker Cordless Jigsaw is not a high-quality tool with exceptional features. Though, it does have a great cutting power for its price and comes with a number of other necessary features. Those that you will find doing the job effectively if you are not using it for demanding professional tasks.

5. Ridgid R8832B OCTANE Cordless Jigsaw

Ridgid R8832B OCTANE Cordless Jigsaw


  • Brushless motor
  • 18V lithium battery=also compatible with Octane battery
  • 3500 SPM variable speed
  • 4 orbital settings

If you are looking for an exceptionally powerful cordless jigsaw, this Ridgid R8832B OCTANE Cordless Jigsaw is the best recommendation you can get. This model has some pretty innovative features delivering next-level performance. The Jigsaw utilizes an 18V lithium battery, but when used with an Octane battery, this is when the power gets boosted. With the Octane battery, the tool works 45% faster than the prior models by Ridgid.

This makes this Ridgid Jigsaw capable of going through pretty challenging and demanding cutting tasks. Provided that you do use it with an Octane battery, which you will need to purchase separately. It comes with a strong brushless motor that adds to the powerful performance of this jigsaw. Eliminating the issue of the brushes wearing out that come with a brushed motor, this jigsaw runs longer and more efficiently.

With the variable speed of 3500 SPM, you have wide customizing options with speed to choose from according to a large number of cutting tasks. Four orbital settings allow you to choose the intensity you want the tool to work with. The ergonomic handle makes controlling and working the tool easy. LED light increases visibility, and the tool-free blade change increases convenience.

  • Strong and durable brushless motor
  • Compatible to powerful Octane battery
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Easy blade change
  • LED light feature
  • Feels relatively heavier
  • Dust blower doesn’t perform effectively
  • Battery not included in the package
The one feature that makes this Ridgid OCTANE Cordless Jigsaw stand out among its other counterparts would be its power. It is a really strong jigsaw; if you use it to its full potential, which is where the downside appears, no battery is included in the package; you will need to buy it separately.

6. BOSCH  Cordless Jigsaw

BOSCH  Cordless Jigsaw


  • 18V lithium battery
  • 2700 SPM variable speed
  • Up to 45 degrees adjustable footplate
  • 10% lightweight than other models

What can be greater than a cordless jigsaw? A cordless jigsaw that is lightweight, isn’t that the convenience multiplied? Not just you get the hassle of the cord eliminated, but along with that, the ease of carrying around and using a compact and lightweight tool that will not tire your hands. Bosch JSH180B Cordless Jigsaw provides just that, along with a host of other convenient and well-performing features.

The Jigsaw is claimed to be 10% lighter than the other counterparts, and I realized it isn’t a hollow claim; the tool does feel considerably lighter. It is compact and non-bulky so, easy to carry around. Another quality that I felt adding to the convenience factor is the significant lack of vibrations, which prevents your hands from getting fatigued. When the tool is on it, it’s only the blade that moves up and down, not the entire Jigsaw; it also makes much less noise.

An 18V lithium battery powers the equipment. To enhance the performance and durability of both the battery and the motor, Bosch has used its Electronic Cell and Motor Protection. This basically prevents the battery and motor from overload and overheating by turning the tool off when crucial and from deep discharge, prolonging the battery’s life. This technology extends the lifespan of the Jigsaw, keeps it performing smoothly.

The unit has 4 orbital actions, cutting effectively through a number of materials and tasks. The variable speed ranges from 0 to 2700 SPM. Getting an angled cut is much easier with the adjustable footplate. Adjustable up to 45 degrees, the tool makes bevel cutting easier on a large number of materials.

  • Lightweight
  • It doesn’t make much noise
  • Compact, easy to carry
  • Battery and motor saving technology
  • Significantly reduced vibrations
  • Battery drains out quickly
  • Adjusting footplate requires Allen wrench
  • Battery not included
This Bosch Cordless Jigsaw might just be the best cordless jigsaw for you. With all the incredible features and convenient and comfortable use, it is well worth the price and one of the best cordless jigsaws out there.

7. DEWALT DCS331M1 Cordless Jigsaw

DEWALT DCS331M1 Cordless Jigsaw


  • 20V Max battery
  • Variable speed of 3000 SPM
  • 4 orbital positions
  • Adjustable dust blower

Dewalt is a well-known and reputed brand, and this 20V Max DCS331M1 Cordless Jigsaw does total justice to the brand’s reputation. This Jigsaw is highly powerful and provides top-notch performance for DIY projects as well as professional tasks. Starting off with its powerful 20V lithium-ion battery, which makes the Jigsaw powerful enough to do challenging cutting tasks seamlessly and with precision.

The variable speed of up to 3000 SPM allows you to customize the speed according to the task requirements. With the 4 orbital positions, you can adjust the settings according to the cutting task and different materials, like wood, metal, plywood, or plastic, to get the most precise cut. As for the convenience, you get a tool-free blade change, an anti-slip grip, and a built-in dust blower to keep the debris off the cut line for clear sight.

What I really liked is that the dust blower is adjustable, something you don’t find in most jigsaws. This is particularly helpful when you are working at different angles and not straight; you can adjust the blower accordingly where you need it. I also found the vibration in the Jigsaw to be significantly lesser, almost like it’s barely there. Meaning your hands will still have the life force left in them after long cutting sessions.

  • Powerful 20V battery
  • Battery lasts for plenty of time
  • Significantly reduced vibrations
  • Adjustable dust blower
  • Tool-free blade change
  • It feels heavier than others
  • Expensive
  • It doesn’t come with a battery
The model is pricey, yes, especially considering that you have to purchase the battery separately. Yet, it is worth the price after all the incredible features and top-notch performance. This Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw has to be included in this list of best cordless jigsaws. If you don’t have any problems with the cost, there are little to no chances that you will regret buying it.

8. Makita VJ04R1 Cordless JigSaw

Makita VJ04R1 Cordless JigSaw


  • 12V lithium battery
  • 3 orbital positions plus one straight cut
  • 2900 SPM variable speed
  • Integrated dust port

Another Makita cordless jigsaw and the brand doesn’t disappoint with it at all. Even though the Makita VJ04R1 utilizes a 12 V lithium-ion battery that is not as powerful as an 18V or 20V but still, it gives a nice cutting power. Though, it’s not for extremely challenging tasks like cutting through thick materials. The unit is really lightweight, weighing only 4.4 pounds, which accounts for the comfortable and easy use.

It comes with a reliable brushless motor meaning reduced chances of wear and overheating. The variable speed goes up to 2900 SPM. You get the versatility of 3 orbital settings plus one straight cut setting to choose from for varying tasks. It comes with an integrated dust port that can be connected to a vacuum to keep the dust produced in check.

This Makita Cordless Jigsaw is basically for smaller tasks. I couldn’t find any reason why it is not a great option for you if you want the tool for DIY or other home tasks. It has all the necessary features for that, plus, also has a reasonable price tag. With the compact, super lightweight construction and ergonomic handling, it is comfortable to carry around and control, yet sturdy and durable at the same time.

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handling
  • It comes with a dust port
  • 12V battery not as powerful
  • Battery drains faster
This Makita jigsaw model is not suitable and competent for challenging and professional use, rather for smaller tasks. So, if you are looking for a convenient and easy-to-use cordless jigsaw to use for some home tasks, this might as well be the one for you. Also, if you do want it for such purposes, you would most probably prefer a not so costly, affordable option, and here you got one.

9. MILWAUKEE’S 2445-20 M12 Jigsaw

MILWAUKEE'S 2445-20 M12 Jigsaw


  • M12 RedLithium battery
  • 45 degrees bevel capacity
  • 2800 SPM variable speed
  • LED light

This Milwaukee Cordless Jigsaw is the most lightweight jigsaw on this list. You can comprehend that just by looking at it, the ease and comfortable use it offers with the ultra-compact and the L-shaped design. While it falls behind the best performing and powerful jigsaws on the market, it does have its perks. Because of the non-bulky, compact shape and design, it can easily be used in tight spots where other bigger jigsaws are difficult to use.

So, the lack of too much space will hardly be an issue here. The MILWAUKEE 2445-20 is powered by an M12 RedLithium battery, which the company claims to have 3X more runtime and 20% more power than regular lithium-ion batteries. The battery did last for plenty of time, and the Jigsaw can work on a number of materials like wood, plastic, or metal smoothly and precisely.

You get the convenience of a tool-free blade change just by sliding a lever. The vibrations are minimized, enhancing the ease of use. It comes with a bevel capacity of 45 degrees, and adjusting the bevel is also tool-free. The ‘hybrid grip’ of the tool, as the company calls it, makes handling the tool extremely comfortable and controlling. The anti-slip handle is close to the work material providing maximum cut control.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Adjustable bevel
  • Battery lasts plenty of time
  • No dust blower or port
  • Not as powerful or versatile
This Milwaukee Cordless Jigsaw is suitable for small cutting tasks; it can offer a lot but within that limit. It is not designed for hard-core professional use as you would have gotten by now. You can easily use it within limited spaces and for longer sessions because of the comfortable grip and lightweight build.

10. MILWAUKEE M18 Cordless Jigsaw

MILWAUKEE M18 Cordless Jigsaw


  • M18 RedLithium battery
  • 3500 SPM variable speed
  • Brushless motor
  • 4 orbital actions
  • RedLink Plus Intellignce tech

This is another noteworthy cordless jigsaw on the market by Milwaukee. One that delivers top-of-the-line performance and quality. The M18 RedLithium battery offers incredible cutting power, cutting through a number of materials effortlessly like butter. It is equipped with a brushless motor which is powerful, durable, and efficient.

The Jigsaw comes with a dust port; connect the port with a vacuum, saving yourself from managing all the mess created by the dust. The Jigsaw offers versatility with the three orbital settings, producing diverse outcomes. A front lever lock releases the blade without the need to fidget with some tool. The LED light enhances the sight of the cut line.

Moreover, the company makes use of its RedLink Plus Intelligence technology, which is an enhanced connection between the tool and the battery that boosts the overall performance of the Jigsaw. Plus, protection from overheating and overloading to keep the battery and the unit running for a long time. You will also find a lack of noise in this Jigsaw.

  • Strong cutting power
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Less noise
  • RedLink Plus Intelligent tech
  • A bit heavier with the battery
  • No lock-on button
This Milwaukee Cordless Jigsaw is easily one of the best cordless jigsaws out there. A powerful and durable brushless motor and a strong battery provide incredible cutting power. The RedLink Plus tech ensures further protection and quality performance. Then there is the ergonomic grip, LED light visibility, and tool-free blade change.

Buying Guide

Buying an electrically-powered tool is never an easy choice and decision, whatever the tool may be. While a cordless jigsaw can instantly impress any user with its convenience, and the burden of a cord eliminated. This isn’t the one and only factor that should be enough to convince you to go for the purchase.

There are a number of other factors as well in a cordless jigsaw that can make one model outperform the other. These can also render one unit more preferable, for your specific use, than the other. Here go the most crucial factors that you need to check before buying a cordless jigsaw to make sure you get the right one from the myriad options available on the market.

Power or Battery Volt

The power of a jigsaw determines its cutting ability and speed; the more the cutting power, the more will be the jigsaw’s ability to cut through tough and thicker materials quickly. You can find out the cordless jigsaw’s power by its battery volts, more the volts, more the cutting power. So, you see why it’s the most important factor, especially if you need to deal with strong materials with the tool.

How much power or volt is required for you relies on the application your jigsaw will have to go through. An 18V to 20V battery has enough cutting power to tackle pretty challenging cutting applications. A jigsaw this powerful can cut through a large variety of materials, rigid and thicker ones like metal. High cutting power is suitable for professionals since they have to deal with all types of materials and their requirements in their work.

If you are one such woodworker or carpenter, or you think you might need to use your jigsaw on strong and thicker materials, you should go for a powerful cordless jigsaw. However, if you want the tool for lighter tasks at home or DIY projects, a 12V cordless jigsaw would be enough for you—no need to spend overly on something you don’t need.


Corded jigsaws come with fixed as well as variable speed, while fixed speed is acceptable if you only need the jigsaw occasionally and deal with a single material type. Variable speed is far more convenient and suitable, giving you a choice to set the speed as per the different requirements.

There are a number of reasons for which you would need to increase or decrease the speed accordingly. Like, the material on which you are using the jig or the type of cut you intend to make. Variable speed is also good for safety purposes, or if you might decrease it in the middle of work.

Now, coming to how much maximum speed you need in a jigsaw, that again depends on the applications your jigsaw normally undertakes. Speed is the RPM (rotations per minute) or SPM (strokes per minute) of the jigsaw. Modern jigsaws can have up to 3800 SPM variable speeds. Speed is important to consider for cutting deeper and thicker materials; higher speed is important for deep and thick cuts.

While higher SPM will give you the choices to use the jigsaw for diverse purposes, it’s not always the required option; sometimes, you need low or medium speed. Higher SPM, over 2000 or maximum, is suitable for soft materials like wood and gives fine straight cuts. For tougher materials like metal, glass, or ceramic, you need low SPM, between 500 to 1000. That’s because they consume much more power and high-speed risk of overheating the jig. For other non-ferrous materials like plastic or aluminum, a medium-range speed is appropriate, between 1500 to 2000.

Orbital Cut Action

Also known as Pendulum Action, orbital cut action makes a jigsaw more versatile. With the orbital setting on, the jigsaw blade will move forward and backward as well, along with moving and down. This action makes the jigsaw faster and more aggressive while it cuts. This makes the tool able to cut through harder and thicker materials easily; otherwise, it will struggle. Without this feature, you will find yourself applying your force on the jigsaw, pushing it; that way, the material can burn with the blade overheating.

There are up to 3 or 4 orbital cut settings available on most jigsaws; more the settings, more adjusting options you will have. The orbital action set at a higher level will cut faster; it’s appropriate for straight cutting mostly. If set at a lower level, the blade will give accurate cuts, which is more appropriate for curved cuts.


Is a cordless jigsaw worth it?
There is no denying the advantages and ease of using a cordless jigsaw. For most regular users, it will be like some dream come true, having no cord trailing behind the tool to mess with other things and the danger of accidentally cutting it. They are portable; you can easily carry them around, move them to any angle you need, getting the job done faster and easier. So, yes, cordless jigsaws are definitely worth the investment.

Why is my jigsaw not cutting straight?
This is the common question asked by those who have been using hand saws and are habitual to those. If your jigsaw is not cutting straight, you might be applying your force over the jigsaw against the blade. Jigsaws are not designed like that; the blade cuts itself without needing any external pressure. So make sure you don’t make this mistake.

Can I use a jigsaw instead of a circular saw?
That depends on what types of cutting tasks you use your jigsaw for. While a jigsaw doesn’t have the power and accuracy of a circular saw, it is more versatile and offers a more diverse variety of cuts. They can be used for tasks that don’t necessarily require accuracy, like home or DIY tasks. They are mostly preferred for curved cuts, can make straight as well, on a large variety of materials.

Summing Up
So, that’s a pretty long and extensive list of the best cordless jigsaws, right? Well, the more, the better, isn’t it? Actually, I won’t say that these are more, rather, wide but enough options for you to choose from easily. All that is best at what they do but have varying features to suit the users’ varying requirements. The top three picks are:

There is a detailed buying guide added as well to make the buying process easy for you, helping you make an informed and well-thought-out decision. Hoping that you will find the right product for yourself from this compilation or will make the right decision while choosing and buying one yourself.

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