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I usually check on my backyard and the adjacent landscape because managing it after a long time is time-consuming and requires hard work. Well, I must say, technology has been a great savior when it comes to managing the landscape. Mainly, I am thankful to the developers of the garden and backyard tools like brush cutters. These tools are an integral part of the garden management strategy, mainly if winters are drawing near and you need to prepare before the growing season.

Best Brush Cutters

The beauty of your garden and backyard lies in your hands. To achieve the best aesthetic look, you need the best brush cutters to make your task easier and quicker. They will be trimming the trees and shrubs efficiently. However, the selection of the top-tier brush cutter is a challenging task. The complexity in selecting the best tool like brush cutters is the wide range of available items. However, there are no worries because we have chosen the seven great brush cutters for you in addition to a comprehensive guide regarding them. Therefore, please keep reading to understand that why these seven choices are preferable over others.

7 Best Brush Cutters



Husqvarna 336FR 966604702 Bike Handle Pro Brush Cutter

Husqvarna 336FR 966604702 Bike Handle Pro Brush Cutter

  • 18.5 Inches Cutting Width
  • 34.6Cc
  • 11.2 Pounds Weight


Proyama Gas Brush Cutter and Dual Line Trimmer

Proyama Gas Brush Cutter and Dual Line Trimmer

  • 16.8 Inches Cutting Width
  • 9.5 Pounds
  • 42.7cc


Craftsman Straight Shaft Gas Brush Cutter

Craftsman Straight Shaft Gas Brush Cutter

  • 17 Inches Cutting Width
  • 13 Pounds Weight
  • 27cc Engine


Best Handle for Attachment Capable String

Best Handle for Attachment Capable String

  • 1.6 Inches Cutting Width
  • 6.4 Pounds
  • Shoulder strap and J Bar included


Makita 4 Stroke Brush Cutter

Makita 4 Stroke Brush Cutter

  • 12.1 Pounds
  • Easy start
  • Steel drive shaft for less vibration


Husqvarna 128LD 17″ Cutting Path Detachable Gas String Trimmer

Husqvarna 128LD 17″ Cutting Path Detachable Gas String Trimmer

  • Smart Start
  • 11 Pounds
  • 28-cc engine


Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer

Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer

  • Brushless Motor
  • 32cc Gas Engine
  • 13.6 Pounds Weight

1. Husqvarna 336FR 966604702 Bike Handle Pro Brush Cutter – Best Grass Cutter

Husqvarna 336FR 966604702


  • Power output: 1.9 hp
  • Cylinder movement: 34.6 см³
  • Weight of the item: 11.2 pounds
  • Weight of the item: 15.4 lbs

Husqvarna 336FR 966604702 Bike Handle Pro Brush Cutter is one of the best brush cutters because of its multi-functionality and flexibility that it offers for excellent trimming of your garden. During our use with the Husqvarna 336FR, we loved it for the efficient and powerful 34.6 cc engine. Also, the brush and 966604702 saw blade coming with this brush cutter are impressive.

Husqvarna 336FR comes with a compelling package containing a trimmer head, saw blade, and grass blade. Therefore, you will get several benefits from this one product. The engine of this brush cutter is referred to as the X-Torq engine, and it is known for giving raw power and excellent fuel economy as you use it. The manufacturers will be delivering it with the balance 35 harness type.

This harness has been made with an ergonomic design that will make you work efficiently because it will do the optimal load distribution between your back, shoulder, and chest. In addition to these features, you will be getting higher torque while cutting because it has efficient bevel gears besides the cutting equipment. Also, the handlebar of this brush cutter comes with an ergonomic design to impart high-level comfort.


  • Ergonomic handle and harness
  • X-torque powerful engine
  • Swift start action


  • Significant vibrations at full throttle

If you want to attain the best look for your backyard, you need to purchase an efficient tool like Husqvarna 336FR. This will not only provide you comfort while you are doing your trimming tasks, but also you will be able to have an immense increment in fuel, reaching up to 20%. Also, this environmentally friendly design will be causing a reduction of exhaust emissions by 60%. Therefore, purchasing this brush cutter will be the best decision that you can make.

2. Proyama Gas Brush Cutter and Dual Line Trimmer – Electric Brush Cutter With Metal Blade

Proyama Gas Brush Cutter


  • Dimensions of the package: 41.5 x 11.5 x 11.25 inches
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.2L
  • Weight of the item: 20.9 pounds
  • Power: 1.2KW / 2.0HP

Proyama Gas Brush Cutter and Dual Line Trimmer amaze you with their straight shaft design that is marked with increased comfort and vibration-free work. The lightweight and user-friendly design make it the best brush cutter to grab in 2023. Another good thing about the Proyama cutter is that it comes with an excellent engine type to impart more power.

The manufacturers have equipped the Proyama cutter with the string trimmer, and the good news is that this setup has a 42.7 cc engine. This unique and powerful engine is capable of completing 2 HP 2 cycles. So, if you are faced with the tedious task of cutting through the thicker shrubby parts and vegetation, you will be able to do it without any worries.

Proyama cutter is one of the significantly lightweight gardening cutters, and you will be able to make a multitude of attachments with it. We preferred buying this cutter because it comes with the safety certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ensuring that it will be discharging lesser fuel gas as you use it. Also, it will not be causing any pollution.


  • Numerous protective gears
  • Easier transportation
  • Vibration-free performance


  • Heavier & noisy

If you are looking for a user-friendly, lightweight, and vibration-free performing brush cutter, you must not look beyond an exclusive choice like a Proyama cutter. Thanks to the manufacturers of this brush cutter for providing you with the accessories like a shoulder harness, face shield, ear defenders, and gloves. Considering our personal experience with this cutter, we strongly recommend you to go for it.

3. Craftsman Straight Shaft Gas Brush Cutter – Heavy Brush Cutter

Craftsman Straight Shaft Gas Brush


  • Source of power: Gas-powered
  • Dimensions of the product: 39 x 12 x 11 inches
  • Width of cutting: 17.0 inches
  • Weight of the item: 13 pounds

Craftsman Straight Shaft Gas Brush Cutter has excelled all the market competitors due to its user-friendly design, more robust metallic blade, and attachment-ready design. This best brush cutter has an ergonomic J-handle and a strap for the shoulder. You can adjust both of these and enjoy trimming and cutting for hours without getting tired. Also, the manufacturer will be giving you a warranty for 2-years.

If you are facing trouble with trimming the under bushes, then Craftsman Straight will be helping you in doing so because of its straight shaft and unique design. Also, you will be cutting places that are otherwise hard to reach. The efficient design allows you the quicker head conversion between bump head to blade within few seconds. You will love this time-saving feature of the Craftsman Straight.

Craftsman Straight Shaft Gas Brush Cutter

The engines type coming with this cutter is 27 cc and has two cycles. This engine type is potent and ensures minimum vibrations. That is the reason you will be enjoying an increased control and stability while working with this cutter. The bump feed trimmer of this product has the capacity of feeding 0.095″ round line, and thus, you can understand how much time-saving this cutter is.


  • Heavy-duty metallic blade
  • Easy start technology
  • Excellent control and stability


  • Product manual needs improvement

Craftsman Straight is a true example of durability and outstanding cutting performance. The metallic blade of this cutter is a heavy-duty one and comes with a cutting width of 18”. This blade will be cutting the denser vegetation and grassy patches in a quicker time. Another feature to prefer is the accessible start technology that will be starting your tool in just three simple steps. If you invest your money in this fantastic product, it will not be disappointing you in the long term.

4. Best Handle for Attachment Capable String

Best Handle for Attachment Capable String


  • Dimensions of the product: 8.61 x 5.91 x 32.28 inches
  • Weight of the item: 6.4 pounds
  • Blade type: 4-tip steel blade
  • Source of power: Powerhead

Another best brush cutter is TrimmerPlus BC720 Brushcutter with J-Handle offering features like a unique reversible blade, attachment compatibility, and increased control. We have been using TrimmerPlus BC720 for the last few years, and we are delighted with its straight shaft design because it is suitable for easier trimming. Mainly, if under shrubs are out of your reach, this brush cutter will ease you in getting your job done.

Another exceptional feature of TrimmerPlus BC720 is its steel blade coming with four tips. This is a reversible blade, and the manufacturers have equipped it with the cutoff guard. This four-tip blade will be helping you in cutting the heavier and denser bushes. Therefore, lawn and landscape management is no more hectic with this brush cutter.

Best Handle for Attachment Capable String

We must not forget to tell you about the comfortable shoulder strap with the ergonomic design in addition to the J-bar. You can adjust them and enjoy excellent control and stability during your trimming job. The durability of this brush cutter is unquestionable. The manufacturer is offering you two years limited warranty. Therefore, you must grab this incredible product.


  • Fast speed
  • Portable & durable
  • Four tips steel blade


  • Comparatively expensive

TrimmerPlus BC720 is an excellent tier gardening product coming with the J-handle. It will be doing the maximum facilitation in your trimming job because of its unique blade. Whether you are a commercial or a residential user, you will love it for its excellent features. Based on our personal experience with this brush cutter, we strongly suggest you purchase this fantastic product.

5. Makita 4 Stroke Brush Cutter

Makita 4 Stroke Brush Cutter


  • Source of power: Gas-powered
  • Weight of the item: ‎12.1 pounds
  • Dimensions of the product: ‎72 x 10.25 x 11.25 inches
  • Engine type: 25.4 cc

Makita 4 Stroke Brush Cutter is an idle brush cutter because it is equally beneficial for medium or large-sized lawns or landscapes. Despite such multi-functionality, Makita 4 is the best brush cutter available in 2023 that comes with a compact design having only 12.1 lbs weight. Therefore, you must grab this excellent brush cutter to easily manage your backyard and landscapes.

The unique feature that we loved during our testing was its continuous operations. Well, we are grateful to the manufacturers for this incredible product for introducing an intelligent lubrication system. Makita 4 comes with lubrication systems at multiple positions. Through this technology-inspired design, you can use any angle for inclination and benefit from its uninterrupted operation.

You won’t be facing any issues in starting Makita 4 because it comes with an engine decompression system that is mechanically automated. The starting will be quicker and more accessible with this system, even if you don’t possess any prior expertise. The blade used in this brush cutter is a sharper and stronger one, and thus, to manage your backyard and landscapes easily, you may use it for cutting heavier woody parts and smaller trees.


  • Lightweight & compact
  • Four-stroke powerful engine
  • Excellent lubrication system


  • Slightly expensive

If you prefer technologically advanced brush cutters, then Makita 4 possesses all the features to amaze you. It comes with an air filter having dual-stage and commercial designer. It has a larger seating area, and you can easily replace it. Also, we strongly recommend you to purchase this incredible product because it ensures lesser vibration, which we attribute to the presence of the steel drive shaft. Makita 4 is a must-consider option.

6. Husqvarna 128LD 17″ Cutting Path Detachable Gas String Trimmer

Husqvarna 128LD 17


  • Dimensions of the item: 12.2 x 10.25 x 40 inches
  • Weight of the brush cutter: 11 pounds
  • Source of power: Gas-powered
  • Width of cutting: 1700 inches

Husqvarna 128LD 17″ Cutting Path Detachable Gas String Trimmer has made a significant place in the gardening tools market because of its swift action, easier activation, and powerful engine having two cycles potential in it. This best brush cutter comes with the 28 cc engine and a sharper trimmer head having its cutting width spanning around 17 inches.

The engine of this trimmers is designed for running of the unique combination. This mixture is inclusive of the gas, which must be unleaded, and two-cycle oil. Thanks to the manufacturers for providing 2.6 oz of this two-cycle oil. All you have to do is mix it according to the manual instruction and enjoy limitless cutting with your Husqvarna 128LD 17″. Also, you may use this brush cutter by attaching various other accessories.

Another best feature of the Husqvarna 128LD 17″ is its fuel tank. This fuel tank is translucent in appearance, and thus you can quickly check if the fuel is running out and fill it. This will allow you to work uninterruptedly. The design of this brush cutter is intelligent because it will enable the easier removal of the undesirable air present in the carburetor or the fuel system.


  • Varied attachment options
  • Excellent cutting head
  • Powerful and efficient engine


  • Problematic throttle opening

If powerful gardening tools have remained your favorite, you must not forget to possess Husqvarna 128LD 17″. This brush cutter is highly appreciated for its efficient engine and translucent fuel tank. In addition to this, it comes with sharp blades to ensure excellent cutting. This brush cutter has the option of attaching different accessories. Purchasing this brush cutter will be worth it!

7. Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer

Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V


  • Dimensions of the product: 69 x 6.5 x 12.5 inches
  • Voltage: 80 volts
  • Weight of the item: 14.12 pounds
  • Source of Power: Battery powered

Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer is an exceptional gardening tool offering unique features like a brush cutter with cutting width of the PRO 16 inches, electrical operation, and compatibility with the myriad of attachments. Therefore, it will not be wrong to call Greenworks PRO 16 as one of the best brush cutters available in the market.

You can use Greenworks PRO 16 with the lithium-ion battery having 80 V specifications. The good news is that this brush cutter has profound compatibility with other professional tools. Another excellent feature that will make you prefer it over others is the brushless motor. The performance of this brushless motor is so powerful and wonderful that it competes with the 32 cc engine running on gas.

Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer

The powerhead shaft of this great brush cutter is capable of attaching other accessories. Also, it is capable of accepting a wide range of gas attachments. The brush cutter blades are very efficient, and they can help you in your lawn and landscape management in a short duration of time. If you are tired of the brush cutters’ messy cords, you can go for this fantastic option because it can work in a cordless manner once the batteries required for it are fully charged.


  • Excellent handle design
  • Compatible with numerous attachments
  • Powerful electric motor


  • Expensive

Having the battery-powered brush cutter equals freedom in using it for managing your lawn. If you are looking for such edges, then Greenworks PRO 16 is the only choice to go for. This brush cutter’s efficient and sharp blades will be cutting the grass, shrubs, and smaller trees in a cordless way. Since we have also used this fantastic brush cutter and we highly appreciate it for exceptional performance. Therefore, we suggest you also grab it and derive benefit from its features.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

If you have tried several gardening tools for maintaining your garden and failed, then it is time to switch to some efficient tools. You must try your best brush cutters to get done with your garden management jobs. Brush cutters are the best choice because they offer features like toughness, strength, and the power to cut anything. However, with the wide range of such tools available in the market, you will find it challenging to choose the final product.

In this regard, you need a comprehensive guide providing you tips and tricks that can help you finalize the best outcome. Therefore, we have compiled this review guide to understand why some features are essential to check in a brush cutter before making the final purchase. Therefore, please scroll down and keep these factors in mind while purchasing your brushcutter!

Best Brush Cutters
Infographic: Best Brush Cutters

Durable Options

The first and most important consideration that you must not forget before making the final purchase is to check the durability of the brush cutter. Durability is essential because you will not always be cutting grass with your brush cutter. There will be times when you will have to manage a larger landscape. Such more significant landscapes can be containing woody shrubs and complex parts to clear.

If you opt for the more robust and more durable options, you will be getting done with your job without causing any harm to the brush cutter. However, if you have purchased the standard trimmer, it can break down with such cutting jobs. Therefore, finalize the models that offer you durability. One trick to follow in this regard is to purchase gas-powered models for more complicated gardening tasks.

The good news is that you can grab heavy-duty brush cutters from the 27 to 34 cc gas engines. These products will be accompanying you for a longer duration of time. At the same time, purchase an electric-powered brush cutter for clearing softer weeds and grasses. Therefore, you need to make a wise decision in this regard.

Anti-Vibration Feature

If you have used some gardening tools, you must know that some of the best gardening tools create inconvenience by vibrating. Vibration can be bothersome while trimming jobs. That is the reason you must go for products that come with unique decompression systems to reduce vibration. Generally, vibration issues are more frequent with the gas-powered models in comparison to electrical ones. Therefore, check the specifications of the product before making the final purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the two types of brush cutters in terms of power?

Brush cutters are either electric or gas-powered. The electric models can be electric, or they can be cordless. In this regard, the electric ones will be operating through a plug-in extension type cord. At the same time, the cordless ones need a battery to perform. At the same time, brush cutters powered by gas do not need any wires or other sort of power sources. They only need the specific gas type to work.

Which are the best brush cutters to prefer purchasing in 2023?

Different brush cutters are coming with excellent features. However, you must always go for the products recommended by other users. For example, you can opt for Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer, Husqvarna 128LD 17″ Cutting Path Detachable Gas String Trimmer, TrimmerPlus BC720 Brushcutter with J-Handle, Husqvarna 336FR 966604702 Bike Handle Pro Brush Cutter, and Craftsman Straight Shaft Gas Brush Cutter.

Is there any brush cutter available with the harness?

Yes, several manufacturers are offering you brush cutters along with the harness. The good news is that these harnesses are made with an ergonomic design to help you complete your cutting jobs with ease. Some models with excellent harnesses are Husqvarna 336FR 966604702 Bike Handle Pro Brush Cutter and Proyama Gas Brush Cutter and Dual Line Trimmer.


This section will wrap up the review and buyer’s guide on the best brush cutters available in markets in 2023. We hope the products that we reviewed for you will be helpful for you in making the final decision. Also, the pre-purchase considerations will be facilitating you in finalizing the best product over the pool of other mediocre products. We have specified our personally tested top four items, which we recommend you strongly purchase. They are:

We will love to see your comments in the feedback section, which will tell us about your thoughts and experiences regarding the brush cutters. Therefore, don’t forget to share them with us. Thank you!

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