10 Best Miter Saw Blades Review

Best Miter Saw Blades

Who doesn’t want to invest in high-quality efficient blades after investing in an expensive miter saw? Of course! No one. You would definitely be the one who is in search of excellently functioning miter saw blades. If yes then here you are with all the necessary information regarding the best blades that would give you perfectly fine and accurately measured cuts on your wood piece.

Continuous reading if you feel like it’s all about you. You would have a sufficient description of every question you want to ask regarding the top 10 best miter saw blades after carefully reading and understanding this article. This article has been written after hours of research and analysis made based on positive reviews and responses of the users. Make sure to read until the end so you wouldn’t regret losing any important information. Here you go.

10 Best Miter Saw Blades

This article comprises all the important details regarding the 10 Best miter saw blades that are renowned for their precise cuttings.

1. Makita A-93681-Inch9.6
2. Freud D12100X1009.5
3. Forrest CM108061059.4
4. Amana Tool - MS128009.2
5. Freud LU85R0109.2
6. Hitachi 1154358.6
7. Bosch Edge DCB10728.8
8. Forrest WW104071009.2
9. DeWALT 10-Inch8.6
10. IRWIN Tools Classic Series 9.2

1. Makita A-9368110-Inch Miter Saw Blade – Best Miter Saw Blade For Hardwood

Makita A-9368110-Inch Miter Saw Blade - Best Miter Saw Blade For Hardwood


  • Affordable
  • Hook shaped Teeth
  • 10 inches size
  • Micro polishing with 600 grit material

This is a blade that is perfect for cutting thin pieces of wood. It is 10 inch which makes the depth of the cut less than what is normal with other blades. So it would be recommended for thin planks. This is a durable product and reliable product specially for those who want to use it through thin wood planks.

It consists of 80 teeth, made up of carbide material which is designed in a hooked shape each tooth is hooked at 5° each. This makes it perfect for fine and accurate cuttings. These hook teeth are also helpful in throwing the debris away from the blade. These teeth are highly Polished throughout the micro polishing technique with 600 grit material.

This polishing feature makes it perfect for smoother cuts. The kerf of the blade is thin in its manufacturing, which decreases the pressure on the motor which ultimately results in more durability and less wastage of wood and material. No kickback of the blade can occur because of the hook teeth that keep the sawdust, dirt, and debris away.

  • Carbide Material is used
  • Fine and accurate cut
  • Thin kerf
  • Noisy
These are reasonable and durable blades in a size of 10 inches which makes them perfect for thin wood planks. It has 80 hook-shaped teeth that make fine and accurate cuts with precise measurements. Thin kerf makes the sawdust and debris stay away, hence, improving the product’s efficiency and productivity.

2. Freud D12100X100 ToothUltra Fine Saw Blade – Best Miter Saw Blade For Trim

Freud D12100X100 ToothUltra Fine Saw Blade - Best Miter Saw Blade For Trim


  • Perma-Shield Non-Stick Coating
  • 12 inches of size
  • 100 carbide-tipped teeth
  • Laser-cut stabilizer for less vibration

This is a blade that comes with 12 inches size, it is suitable for making deeper and fine cuts. This is an efficient quality product that is responsible for giving you perfectly accurate cuts in the wood to make you meet all the necessities of your work. This product is associated with a laser-cut stabilizer which makes it more stable and provides you all the control over the blade.

In this way, you can avoid unnecessary vibration and side movements of the blade during the working that may lead you to wrongly directed cuts. This blade has a 100 carbide-tipped teeth structure which is responsible for giving you more efficient, highly smooth, and accurately and finely measured cuts. The edges of the cuts are finely made with these 100 numbers teeth.

Another attractive feature of the product is the shielding of the blade. Yes, the blades are covered with a Perma-Shield Non-Stick layer which makes the blade produce less friction and heat during the cutting procedures. This helps in giving minimum resistance to your miter saw. Which ultimately makes it durable and reliable in terms of giving fine cuts.

  • Thin kerf
  • Precise and accurate cuts
  • Durable
  • Expensive
This is a highly recommended product because of its excellency in functioning. It gives smooth and fine cuts with its carbide-tipped 100 teeth and ultra-fine thin kerf. This makes it perfect for getting smoother endings without any rough lines. It is a durable material that also uses Perma-Shield Non-Stick Coating for protection and less resistance.

3. Forrest CM10806105 Chopmaster 10-Inch 80 Tooth ATBR Miter Saw Blade

Forrest CM10806105 Chopmaster 10-Inch 80 Tooth ATBR Miter Saw Blade


  • Money-back guarantee
  • 10 inches size
  • 80 teeth
  • Steel material is used

This Forrest Company has given its miter saws name as the “Chop Master”. It comes in a size of 10 inches which is suitable only for thin planks of wood and not thick ones because the width of the blade would not go deeper. It has 80 teeth in total which is a good count to ensure you can trust the blade with efficient functioning and finer cuts.

This company gives surety about the Chop Master regarding its durability and product material strength. It is said by them that this chop master is 40% stronger than other blades and is 300% more durable than other miter saw blades. This makes it worth buying for those who are in the mood of investing once and receiving always.

This blade is renowned for its quietness, it is a highly quiet working blade that provides you with zero noise while cutting the wood. It is made up of steel material which makes it heavier to almost 1 kg and highly stable for its wood cutting functions. These ultimately provide you with the reliability you want with your blade.

  • Polished and smooth cuts
  • Versatile enough to cut all kinds of wood
  • Stable
  • Costly
This product is highly reliable in terms of its company which gives us the outstanding and attractive explanation of this product. They give us a money-back guarantee for the first forty days after owning the blade. They make sure the product is 300% more durable and 40% more strong and strengthening when compared to other miter saw blades.

4. Amana Tool – MS12800-5/8 Carbide Tipped Miter Saw Blade

Amana Tool - MS12800-5/8 Carbide Tipped Miter Saw Blade


  • 80 Teeth
  • Thin Kerf
  • Hook Angel 2
  • Can cut the versatile subject

This product consists of 80 teeth that also consist of carbide tipped edge. These carbide-tipped edges are responsible for the efficient cuttings and fine more accurate finishes of the final product. 80 Teeth are normally considered a good amount in any blade for effective sharp cutting procedures.

This blade can cut various subjects including hardwood and softwood. Teeth are arranged in a 2-degree negative hook angle which ensures you provide extremely smooth and highly professionals final cuts. The kerf of a product is highly thin.

It has a 12 inches blade size which makes it more suitable for big pieces of wood planks. The perfect use of the Amana Tool – MS12800-5/8 Carbide Tipped Miter Saw Blade is in the cutting of the plywood and softwood because the teeth are arranged in an amalgam of 4 points and flat to avoid any kind of shattering. This makes it a perfect and outstanding choice for plywood and other softwood cuttings.

  • 80 Teeth
  • Hook angle 2
  • Ultra-thin kerf
  • Costly
This product consists of 80 teeth having carbide edged which makes it more efficient in functioning. This product is renowned for having an amazing arrangement of teeth which makes it perfect to avoid unnecessary shattering. It is highly recommended for plywood and softwood cuttings.

5. Freud LU85R010 Ultimate Cut Off Blade, 80 Teeth Saw Blade

Freud LU85R010 Ultimate Cut Off Blade, 80 Teeth Saw Blade


  • 80 Sharp teeth
  • Perfect for plywood
  • Thin Kerf
  • Accuracy Is Guaranteed

This product is specifically made for the cutting procedures of plywood. Plywood cutting is made convenient and fasts with this Freud LU85R010 Ultimate Cut Off Blade, 80 Teeth Saw Blade.

This blade consists of 80 sharp teeth that are responsible for cutting plywood sheets evenly and perfectly. The kerf of the blade is ultra-thin in its manufacturing which helps in enhancing perfection, neatness, and accuracy of the final finish of the wood.

The blade is covered with a non-stick coating which makes it produce less friction and heat and hence increasing the life of the blade and reducing its drag. This also consists of an anti-vibration built feature which makes it easy to handle and work by giving the perfect finish to the product without any unnecessary movement during cutting.

  • Less vibration
  • Reduced Drag
  • Durable
  • Can cause wood to burn
This product is designed for the cutting of plywood sheets, which makes it perfect for getting precise and accurate cuts. It has 80 sharp teeth which enhance the look of the final finish of the subject. The thin kerf makes it more perfect and accurate for your use. The blade produces very low to zero ratios of vibration which is effective in producing finer cuts.

6. Hitachi 115435 10″ 60T Fine Finish VPR Miter Saw Blade

Hitachi 115435 10″ 60T Fine Finish VPR Miter Saw Blade


  • 10 inches size
  • Tri-Metal Shock feature
  • Durable
  • Carbide tipped edges

This is a heavy-duty blade that has a size of 10 inches that makes it perfect for cutting normal to the average size of wood planks. The product is made with a durable material which makes it long-lasting and durable so that it can be used again and again without any maintenance.

It contains carbide-tipped edges in the blade that are highly accurate or precise, more sharp, and fine cuts. It can be joined with different types of miter saws easily. It also has a metal shock feature in it which ensures the reduction in heat that may cause disruption in cutting and can also be harmful.

This product is associated with laser features which means it has noise reduction ability and works in silence. It also consists of laser functioning in reducing vibration which may lead to unnecessary movement in the blade and hence, wrongly directed cuts.

  • Less vibration and noise
  • Carbide tipped edges
  • Tri-metal shock feature
  • Rustiness on blade

This product is 10 inches in size and consists of carbide-tipped edges. It does have laser functioning which helps in the reduction of unnecessary noise and frequent vibration that can affect the smoothness and perfection of the cuttings you made. It also has a tri-metal shock feature in it.

7. Bosch Edge DCB1072 Daredevil 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade for Laminate Flooring

Bosch Edge DCB1072 Daredevil 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade for Laminate Flooring


  • Specifically made for laminate flooring
  • 72 carbide-tipped teeth
  • 10 inches width size
  • Gives excellent finish

This is specifically designed for cutting the laminate flooring. And is highly appreciated for this functioning. This is an overall versatile miter saw blade that not only allows you to cut laminate but also favors melamine, plywood, and hardwood. So it would be highly recommended to buy this for enhancing the ability of your tool collection.

This blade consists of 72, C4 carbide tipped teeth which makes it super strong and powerful to cut perfectly fine and smooth measurements of the wood. Because of the harshness of laminate flooring this Bosch Edge DCB1072 Daredevil 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade has triple ground teeth and a negative hook angle for enhancing the quality and sharpness of the blade. It gives highly smooth and fine cuts.

The blades are constructed in a way that makes them less fractionated and causes less vibration when cutting. They consist of a non-stick coating to ensure the cutting is smooth and not rough because of the hard subject you are cutting. It enhances the quality of the result positively and gives you fine, smoother, and beautiful cuts.

  • Durable
  • Excellent finishing of cuts
  • Versatile enough to cut multiple types of wood
  • Costly

This is a product that consists of C4 carbide tipped teeth with 72 counts of the blade which consists of triple ground teeth and negative hook angle to give you sharper and more perfect finely made wood cuttings. It overall makes your blade super strong and highly reliable.

8. Forrest WW10407100 Woodworker II 40-Tooth Saw Blade

Forrest WW10407100 Woodworker II 40-Tooth Saw Blade


  • Blade edges are set at a 15-degree angle
  • 10 inches size
  • Less garbage collection
  • Durable

This blade is made in a 10-inch size width which makes it convenient for cutting normal wood. This product is made in a way that can make the cutting of 2×4 material convenient. It consists of carbide-tipped teeth which makes it efficient and durable for us to use again and again.

The edges of the teeth are set at an angle of 15 degrees. This productive characteristic of the Forrest WW10407100 Woodworker II 40-Tooth Saw Blade makes it perfect for cleanliness and reduces the shattering of the wood pieces from top and bottom. This results in less garbage collection of sawdust and minor wood pieces.

The kerf of the proud is made in a thin style which makes it more efficient and productive. It decreases the garbage collection in a form of sawdust and dirt and as a result, it reduces the garbage formation which is a positive aspect of the blade and makes it more demandable.

  • Less sawdust and dirt
  • Thin kerf
  • Reduce shattering of wood pieces
  • Expensive
The product is made with a high-quality material which is perfect for trimming practices. This product has a blade of 10 inches in size and carbide-tipped edges that are set at 15 degrees of angle. This helps in less garbage collection and sawdust.

9. DeWALT 10-Inch General-Purpose Miter Saw Blade Set

DeWALT 10-Inch General-Purpose Miter Saw Blade Set


  • Set of 2 blades
  • 10 Inch size
  • Versatile cutting functions
  • Computerised setting

This is the only blade in the list that comes with a set of two. Both of them are different in characteristics and teeth count. One contains 60 teeth fixed in it and the other contains 32 teeth fixed in it. The 60 teeth blade is made specifically for cross cuttings and the 32 teeth blade is made for all-purpose general cutting. The size of both the blades is 10 inches.

These blade teeth are made of carbide tipped components, this in return makes it highly heat resistant and durable. The second blade which consists of 32 teeth is made for general purpose cutting functions. It helps in your various cutting materials including metal, plastic, wood, and plywood.

These blades are computerized in working. They are made in a way to decrease unnecessary irritating noises, the vibration that affects the cutting, and enhances the efficacy and accuracy of the cutting to make sure you have a perfectly fine and smooth finish. They are made with a thin kerf to give absolute precision cuts. Another additional positive feature is it can also be fitted in a sliding miter saw.

  • Noise reduction
  • Also, be fitted in sliding miter saw
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Lower-quality material is used
This product can easily be used for various cutting subjects such as plywood, plastic, and others. It has a dual blade which comes in a set. One is a 32 tooth blade and the other is a 60 tooth blade. 32 teeth blade works best for cross-cutting where 60 teeth are used for all-purpose general cutting. They come in a size of 10 inches in width.

10. IRWIN Tools Classic Series Steel 180 Tooth Saw Blade

IRWIN Tools Classic Series Steel 180 Tooth Saw Blade


  • 180 strong teeth
  • 10 inches size
  • Ultra-thin kerf
  • High carbon steel material

IRWIN Tools Classic Series Steel 180 Tooth Saw Blade is composed of the topmost strongest component that is a steel alloy which is high carbon steel. They are highly renowned for their durable nature and long, consistent efficiency and productivity.

This product is 10 inches in size which means it can cut deep cuts of width 10 inches. You can conveniently use it for your regular and professional woodwork. This product consists of an outstanding 180 teeth that are a highly impressive count of teeth which makes excellent precise and accurate cuts as per your requirement.

The product has a thin kerf design on the blade which makes it more perfect for smooth and perfect cuts. This ultra-thin kerf makes the motor work conveniently and smoothly without adding any extra effort and power. This blade is highly versatile in functioning and is renowned for cutting not only wood but also plywood, steel, and plastic materials too.

  • Ultra-thin kerf
  • 180 strong teeth
  • Efficient and durable
  • Doesn’t consists of laser-cut slots
This product is highly versatile and efficient. It works for wood, plywood, steel, and plastic materials. This product consists of sharp 180 strong teeth to make your cuts precise and accurate. It has ultra-thin kerf which results in smoothly edged and excellent final cuts you want on your wood.

Guide To Pick The Best Miter Saw Blade

Here are all the details and descriptions you need to focus on and learn before making any purchase regarding the miter saw blade. Keep in mind all the below-mentioned explanations to get the best product that is worth your money and gives you outstanding results.

1. Count Of Teeth

The number of teeth is very important in predicting the efficiency and neatness of the cut. The higher the number of teeth on the blade, the higher efficiency, and productivity of the cuts we make. Choose a blade that has more teeth if you want to have a fine cut mark. You should select a blade that has at least 80 teeth or more. In addition to the number of teeth, also focus on the material used in the teeth, aluminum teeth and carbide component teeth are highly recommended for getting the finer, clearer, and more perfect cuts. With more than 80 teeth, aluminum or carbide-tipped blade, and 1/8 inch size of each blade, excellently smoother cuts are guaranteed. Ensure to check and clearly focus on the number of teeth as they depict the efficiency of the results.

2. Size Of Blade

The size of the blade matters a lot. Size depicts the depth of cutting your blade would reach. Before selecting the final blade for purchasing, always go for a search on which blade size is ideal for which subjective wood you are cutting. For thin planks of wood or thin pieces, you should select the blade which has a minimal site that is of 8inches or 10 inches. In this way, the blade would exert all of its energy on the thin plank and wouldn’t make rough cuts. Similarly for cutting thick pieces go with bigger size blades that would result in perfection and fine final cuts. Selecting the accurate and perfectly matching blade size will let you get the best results out of your efforts. Perfect blade size would be an add-on to the smoothness and perfection of your cuts.

3. Material Of The Blade

Keep in mind the material of the blade you are going to buy. The material rial of the blade will determine the blade’s sharpness and its durability. This means better quality blade material will last longer and will give you finer results than the one with cheap materials. There are various materials used in the manufacturing of the blade such as carbide and steel. These two are the most common ones, the other also includes an industrial diamond finish. The steel blade is an expensive one but it will lose its sharpness very soon whereas the carbide-tipped blade will last long and is of almost the same rate as of steel blade. Ensure to make proper research before finalizing the blade. As the material would also determine how long your blade would last and how often you can use it.

4. Kerf

Kerf means the width of the blade, it refers to the width of the cut. Kerf is usually thin. There are two measurements of kerf available in the blades. Full kerf is 0.125 inches in measurement. And a thin kerf is 0.094 inches. I would recommend you buy a full kerf blade because these kerfs are more long-lasting and efficient for hard, harsh materials. A larger, stronger motor is more favorable for these kinds of full kerf blades. Whereas thin kerfs are suitable for those who want to create less sawdust.

5. Type Of Saw

Type of saw is another factor to keep in mind while purchasing the best miter saw blades. There exist multiple types of brands that are manufacturing different types of saws. Each saw works best with its specific type of blade. Keep in mind all the types of blades and their specifications to make sure the one you are going to purchase is the most suitable for your saw. Always make sure that you know which type of saw you are using. In this way, you would be able to get the perfect specific blade that will give you fine and accurate cuts as per your demand.


1. Can a mitre saw cut plywood?
Yes, it can but it is not the most suitable one to cut plywood. Miter saw is a harsh saw, it is made up of a hard blade, it is a go-to tool for the smaller cuts. Whereas if you want to cut plywood sheet stock, you can select the circular saw.

2. What does the number of teeth on a saw blade mean?
Several teeth on the saw mean the count of the teeth on a blade. These numbers predict the cutting ability and efficiency of the saw. Greater count of the teeth on the blades means smoother and more perfect cuts whereas less number of teeth means difficult cuts.

3. How long do miter saw blades last?
With continuous usage, the blade sharpness lasts somewhere between 12 to 120 hours. This time period of the blade’s sharpness depends upon the quality of the blade and the material which you are cutting with that blade.

4. Can you have too many teeth on a saw blade?
You can put so many teeth on a saw blade but always keep in mind that there should be some space between the teeth for the gullet for the collection of sawdust. This sawdust is, later on, dumped out. Still, you can go with selecting too many teeth on the miter saw blade because more teeth mean finer cut, and finer cuts mean more accurate and precise final finishing of the wood you are cutting.

5. Are more teeth on a saw blade better?
It is better to have more teeth on a saw blade, in a sense that it would give finer cuts to you but if you have laser teeth on your blade, this would increase the speed of cutting as compared to a blade with more teeth. But more teeth are always recommendable as they give you perfection in your cuttings.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to read and understand all the details mentioned above thoroughly. These products are selected and explained after making proper research and analysis. You can select which suits your needs the most. Make sure to read and understand every selected blade and the description written above. Keep in mind all the factors and characteristics that are mentioned in the buying guide before making any final purchase regarding the mitre saw blade. The buying guide has told you about every necessary feature you need to keep in mind before selecting any final product.

According to my research and analysis, I would recommend you to buy:

  • Makita A-9368110-Inch Miter Saw Blade because this product is highly affordable, and consists of a micro polish layer that helps in covering the blade.
  • Freud D12100X100 ToothUltra Fine Saw Blade, as it has 100 carbide teeth for efficient functioning and finer cuts and has Perma ShieldNon-Sticky Coating.
  • Bosch Edge DCB1072 Daredevil 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade for Laminate Flooring, this product gives an excellent finish with precise and accurate cuts and can be used for various cutting materials.

All the necessary descriptions and required details are given above. Recommendations are also made, but make sure to decide what you think is perfect for you. Make sure to make thorough research and analysis on what you are going to purchase. The choice is yours. All the important and required information and explanation is given above. Ensure to focus and keep everything in mind before finally purchasing. Keep in mind the phenomenon to think twice before finalizing, it would save you from many risks

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