8 Best 12 Inches Miter Saws Review

Best 12 Inches Miter Saws

Haven’t you found the Best 12 Inches Miter Saws yet? Now you will as you have come to the right page. This article would definitely end your search for a 12-inch miter saw. They are the most common and most important part of your workshop, where you are required to make larger cuts on different materials, especially wood. They are simpler and easier to use for making other angled cuts to help you with your project. This ultimately gives us finely made, sharp-edged, and accurate cuts.

Different types of saws are responsible for various cutting designs. Select the one which suits you best according to your needs. This article would be the end of your research as it contains all the details of 8 Best 12 inches Miter Saw, their Pros and cons, and above all, the characteristics you need to focus on while buying the perfect miter saw.

8 Best 12 Inches Miter Saws

Here, this article contains every essential description about the top 12 inches Miter Saw that you need to read before buying.

1. Bosch GCM12SD 9.5
2. Makita XSL07PT 9.6
3. Hitachi C12RSH29.3
4. SKILSAW 3821-019.4
5. Metabo HPT 12”8.8
6. DEWALT DWS7798.6
7. DeWalt DWS7169.4
8. Makita LS1219L9.2

1. Bosch GCM12SD Axial Glide Miter Saw – Best Rated Miter Saw


  • Compact design
  • Strongly hold the materials
  • Durable
  • Square lock

This is made in a smaller and compact design to save your space. This product is renowned for its smoother cuts as it makes the perfect smooth cuts without any roughness. This compact design provides more vital control over the material, which helps in making precise cuts. It is made up of stainless steel material which makes the product durable and strong enough to be used again and again with the same efficiency.

There is a one-touch lock and unlocked Square lock, which organizes the fence at precisely 90 degrees that help control the material intact in place. The total weight of the product is 3.2 ounces which makes it light in weight and portable. This Bosch GCM12SD Axial Glide Miter Saw is electrically operated and uses lithium-ion batteries to make it more efficient and functional.

This tool is made with outstandingly adjustable miter and bevel angles with easy-to-read meter scales mentioned on the product. This product overall makes the functioning of the miter saw very efficient and convenient to manage. The handles are made in a comfortable way to make sure you get convenient handling of the product. The base is made strong and more significant to help manage your saw.

  • Smaller size
  • Convenient bevel and miter angle adjustments
  • Stable material
  • Costly
That product is made in an easy to carry and lightweight design to make it highly portable and convenient to manage. This product works efficiently and productively with both miter and bevel angles with angles mentioned there. This product has a stable base with a flat bottom to make it easier to manage.

2. Makita XSL07PT Cordless Miter Saw – Best Miter Saw For The Money


  • Carbide tipped blade
  • Cordless battery operated
  • Reduced unnecessary vibrations
  • Dust bag

This is a 12 cordless miter saw which operates on dual batteries with 18V of power each. This is a sliding miter saw which cuts move smoothly and perfectly. The saw makes accurate and exact cuts every time because the blade doesn’t make any unnecessary vibratory motions. This makes it work on providing highly professional and precise cuts.

The saw can make cuts of measurement 5-1 / 4 inches at 45 degrees in any direction. The batteries are made highly long-lasting and efficient and can work throughout the day without getting the battery low. The battery lasts longer as compared to others. The Makita XSL07PT Cordless Miter Saw is also unique in its rail design which makes it easily mountable to the wall.

It also consists of a dust bag to make sure you collect all the dirt and dust of the wood cuttings you are making inside the bag. This helps in maintaining the cleanliness and neatness of the work environment. Another good feature of the product is the vertical clamps which hold the cutting material tightened at its place to make sure the cut you are making is exact and accurate. It can provide up to 175 cuts per charge.

  • Dust port
  • Cordless
  • Smooth cutting
  • Extremely heavy
This product is made with highly durable material, which makes it super strong to operate. This Makita XSL07PT Cordless Miter Saw is a cordless battery-operated tool that makes the cuts highly smooth and efficient. The batteries are made in a way that effectively can make 175 cuts per single charge.

3. Hitachi C12RSH2 – Best Compound Mitre Saw


  • Light Weight
  • Made Specifically for beginners
  • Simplest adjustment system
  • Comfortable handling

This Hitachi C12RSH2 is a sliding compound miter saw that comes in 12 inches of blade. It has a total weight of 59.5 lbs which is not very heavy. This makes it convenient to move from one place to another. It is specifically designed for beginners to ensure their safety and easy usage. It is renowned for its larger cutting capacity.

It comes with the most straightforward adjustment systems, which simply consist of knobs and levers. This helps in adjusting miter and bevel gauges quickly and efficiently. It also consists of the laser marker attached with the blade to make the cut more aligned and accurate with perfect fine measurements. It has clamps attached to it for holding and securing the cutting material in its place.

The saw’s handle makes the user hold it vertically, which ultimately makes the user feel comfortable and use the saw for longer hours without getting tired. It has a high cutting capacity which makes the cuttings of longer woods more reliable and perfect. The tool comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee and five years warranty which makes it demanded in the market.

  • Comfortable handles
  • Warranty
  • Large cutting capacity
  • Not very smooth
This product is highly reliable in terms of cut capacity. It comes with an extended warranty of 5 years which makes it reliable too. This tool has a comfortable handle to hold the saw vertically, which helps work for long hours without getting tired.

4. SKILSAW 3821-01 Compound 12 Inches Miter Saw – Top Rated Compound Miter Saw


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Strong Motor
  • High Speed

It is a compound miter saw which can make both bevel cuts and miter cuts efficiently. It comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee with a five-year-long warranty. This feature attracts the users as you can take the manufacturer’s help if your saw is not working correctly or got damaged and broken. It weighs 42.5 lbs which are considered light and easy to carry from one place to another as you need.

It consists of a strong motor that throws the power of 4500 RPM. This results in accurately made fine and perfectly sharp cuts. Ensure to handle the saw very carefully because this much power and this lightness of weight may cause the saw to jump while operating. This product also has a laser line guide which helps in making perfectly aligned and required cuts.

This product consists of a very long powered cable to make electrical connections. This feature helps in the easy adjustment of the miter saw anywhere. It is designed in a smaller compact style to ensure you can keep it anywhere conveniently after use. There are clamps present to hold the cutting material in its place. The speed of this miter saw is extremely fast, which results in smoothly made cuts.

  • Smooth Cuts
  • Highly affordable
  • Laser line guide
  • Saw often jumps off
This product is highly efficient in functions and operations, especially when you need a miter for your home woodworks or DIYers. The saw is highly reliable and affordable in its price. It has a laser-cut guide to help you in making the perfect cuts as per your requirements.

5. Metabo HPT 12” Compound Miter Saw


  • Dustbag
  • Lightweight
  • Strong Motor
  • Minimum Vibration

It is made for cutting almost every type of wood conveniently without any problems. This product comes with a 15 AMP motor that provides 4300 RPM, which is considered solid and efficient for the blade to ensure you can make perfect and fine cuts. This motor backup makes the blade cut highly efficient and precise cuts within no time.

This tool is 47.4 pounds In total, which is not very heavy to make it portable. This also consists of a dust bag that makes sure the area you are working in stays healthy. It helps in the collection of all the dust and dirt which comes with a cutting of wood. This dust bag is responsible for keeping your work environment clean. It has a laser mark line that guides the user in making accurate and fine cuts.

This company always makes the base of the saws broader and larger to ensure support and provide a firm surface for the cutting materials to stay on. This product also minimizes the blade’s vibration, with the help of which we can make accurate and fine cuts without any movement disturbance. This elastomer feature also helps in avoiding slippage.

  • Dustbag
  • Less Vibration
  • Avoid slippage
  • Bad packaging
This is a trustworthy project which helps the user in making fine cuts. These cuts are accurately measured with the help of different techniques used. It has a dust bag and elastomer feature built-in. The dust bag helps in keeping the environment dust-free, and the elastomer helps in minimizing the vibration and avoiding slipping of the material.

6. DEWALT DWS779 Sliding Compound Miter Saw


  • Can cut Various wood types
  • Strong motor
  • Larger cutting capacity
  • Dual rails

It is made with a strong and highly efficient 15 AMP motor which provides 3800 RPM. This efficiency and power of the motor drive the final cuttings positively flawless and smooth-edged. It helps in making accurate cuts in most types of wood, including hardwood, softwood, and other plywoods. It can also cut plastic and other metallic metals. I would recommend this product if you are looking forward to the all-in-one miter saw as this product gives you all you want.

The most important of the product is its comparatively larger and wider cutting capacity which is 2×16 at 90 degrees and 2×12 at 45 degrees. It also consists of a built-in blade line system which helps in making more accurate and perfectly aligned cuts. There are ball bearings present on dual rails made of steel components.

It weighs 56 lbs which are neither very heavy nor very light. It comes with 32 teeth blades. These teeth on the blade are highly sharp and finely edged to give accurate finishing in the final cuts. It also consists of a dustbag fixed in it which helps make the environment neat and clean. It works by collecting all the dirt and dust which is created during the cutting of the wood.

  • Perfectly aligned cuts
  • Sharp teeth blade
  • Dustbag
  • Rough packaging
This product comes with a larger cutting capacity with its 12 inches blade. It cuts perfectly aligned with the presence of the blade line system. It consists of sharp teeth that are responsible for excellent and smooth finishing. This product also has a dust bag fixed in it to ensure the work environment remains clean.

7. DeWalt DWS716 Miter Saw


  • 15 AMP motor
  • 44 lbs of weight
  • Holding handle
  • Warranty

This miter saw works on 15 AMP of motor, which provides high power backup to operate the blade. This results in perfectly accurate cuts. This 15 AMP delivers 3600 RPM that gives a durable and efficient power system. This DeWalt DW716 miter saw is made up of stainless steel material responsible for providing a stable and robust product.

It is lightweight and has 44 lbs of total weight. This 12 inches miter saw is made in a portable style to increase ease in carrying it from one place to another. This is possible because of the presence of a holding handle on the saw. It has a dust bag fixed in it for making the environment neat and clean without any dirt and dust because the dust and dirt is collected in this bag during the cutting.

It consists of a carbide blade which makes the cut sharp and refined with perfect finishings. This product comes with a warranty of 3 years which makes it easy to use the product because if there is any problem, one can directly contact the company to make the product right. The bevel is made with a double capability which helps in turning the head of the saw instead of moving the material. These in turn help to make longer cuts more conveniently.

  • Comes with warranty
  • Portable
  • Light in weight
  • No clamps are present
This product is made in a lightweight design and highly portable style. It comes with a warranty of 3 years to ensure that any disturbance in functioning can be corrected, and it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility. This tool makes efficient and exact cuts.

8. Makita LS1219L Miter Saw


  • Speed adjustment
  • Efficient power
  • Dust bag
  • Warranty

This product is operated by a 15 AMP motor which essentially provides 3200 RPM. It’s a perfect cutting speed for perfect cuts. This product comes with an electronic speed control system. With the help of this system, you can adjust the speed as per your requirement. It is made with an increased cutting capacity which also helps in making cross cuts.

This product has soft initiation without any strenuous efforts. You can conveniently turn on the miter saw, and it would not cause you any strenuous activity. There is a large base present at the bottom of the miter saw to help you in cutting. It also has a laser guideline that helps make more aligned and accurately measured cuts with the help of laser light which guides your blade to cut the material.

It also contains a dust bag fixed in it which helps in maintaining the cleanliness of your work environment. It ultimately cleans the dirt and makes your workplace healthy for you. The total weight of the product is 65 lbs which is relatively heavier when compared to others. This tool comes with a complete one-year warranty.

  • Warranty
  • High power
  • Dust bag
  • Huge cord
This product makes perfectly aligned cuts with the help of a laser guide light that shows the blade its path. It has a dust bag fixed in it and comes with a one-year’s warranty. This product is renowned for its soft start and its speed adjustment technology.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Best Miter Saws

Here is the list of all the descriptions of the characteristics you should keep in mind before buying the 12 inches miter saw. Make sure to read and understand every part carefully to get the best product for best efficiency results.


Focus on the durability of the tool before finally purchasing it. The device works efficiently when durable components are used. Check for the details and material used in the manufacturing of your selected miter saw’s blade and body. Make sure to get the best material. I would recommend buying a metallic body miter saw, and these features help in the durability of the tool. It is the essential quality that should be paid high focus on while selecting your miter saw.

Speed and Power

Make sure to check for the high-speed and muscular power backup for your miter saw. In this way, you would be able to know about the efficiency of your tool. Increased speed means higher efficiency, and high power means a super-strong motor. These both, when combined enhance the functionality of the blade. This ultimately results in highly efficient final results. Keep in mind to research for the best power and speed miter saw.

Dust port

The dust port is of high importance while purchasing a miter saw. Make sure to look for the saw with the dust port. In this way, you would be able to get efficient results in a neat and clean environment. The dust bag collects all the dirt and dust that has been created while cutting woods. This sawdust not only makes your environment dirty but also can cause various types of health problems. To avoid these flaws, make sure to get the miter saw consisting of a dustbag fixed in it. You would feel psychologically at peace when your work environment remains dust-free.

Safety Features

Look for the miter saw that has safety features in it. This way, you would be able to keep yourself secure from any dangerous hazards. Safety features are made in a tool significantly to help beginners who are not so professional. I would highly recommend you to buy the miter that consists of Maximum safety features. The more secure and safe you are, the more confident you will work. Make sure to search and select the best safety features in your miter saw.

Corded or Cordless

Check for the corded or cordless miter saw and prefer the one which suits you the most. Cordless one is favorable for those who travel from one place to another for the work whereas corded is suitable for those who work only on their workshop. Make sure to keep in mind your use and the one which suits you the most.

Blade’s Size and Teeth

Check for the size of the blade in your miter saw. This predicts your easiness of cutting materials. The larger the size of the blade, the more efficient and convenient cutting you can make. Larger wood can conveniently be cut with a larger blade. Similarly, check and focus on the teeth of the blades. The more count on the teeth, the sharper the edges of the cuttings would be. The high number of teeth are responsible for providing fine and highly sharpened edges.


This feature should be kept in mind while purchasing the miter saw. The quality of the tool is responsible for its durability and longevity. When you are spending money, make sure to pay for perfect equipment. Check and research for the quality which should work efficiently in every use. Do not select the cheap product as they would be affordable but will cause you damage in later times. Make sure to get the perfect quality tool for your workshop to get maximum output.

Select According To Your Need

Before making the purchase, always keep in mind the use you will make with the miter saw. There are different types of saws used for various purposes. Always keep in mind and make sure to purchase the one which suits your needs. The one which is fulfilling your need is the one you want. Make thorough research from whatever resources you have and buy the best, highly suitable product for your use.


What size wood can a 12-inch miter saw cut?
The cut size depends upon the size of the blade. The bigger the edge is, the larger and broader the cut would be. As the question is about a 12-inch miter saw, we will let you know that the 12-inch miter can easily cut 2×6 at 45 degrees and 2×8 inches cut at 90 degrees. These measurements tell us that a 12-inch miter saw can conveniently cut larger pieces of wood.

What is the difference between a miter saw and a chop saw?
Miter saw, and chop saw both are different from each other. They both have their characteristics. The main and the topmost difference is the miter saw can cut angled cuts, whereas the chop saw only makes cuts with a straight line which is 90 degrees. Miter saw it is smaller when compared to the chop saw and is less powerful.

Can you cut aluminum with a miter saw wood blade?
Yes, it’s possible to cut aluminum with a miter saw, but you have to use the non-ferrous metal cutting blade. If you are looking forward to cutting aluminum with your miter saw, make sure to get the blades designed to cut wood and non-ferrous materials.

Is it worth getting a sliding miter saw?
Neither it’s a yes, nor it’s a no because it depends on your use. It depends on you. If you are using a sliding miter, see thoroughly, and it gives you efficient results. It is worth buying because these sliding miter saws are comparatively expensive than the regular miter saws.

What size is perfect for a miter saw?
Miter saw size depends upon your need. Suppose you are a woodworker who works with more significant and broader pieces of wood. It would help if you had a larger blade. Similarly, if you want a miter saw to help you with home wood cuttings or simple DIYers, you can select the smaller blade size.


This article consists of the essential details for you being a woodworker, that you should know about miter saws. Miter saws have become the priority tool for making various cuts on your materials. Ensure you read the description mentioned above with full attention and consideration to ensure you are getting every necessary information.

This article is written to let you know about the topmost, best, and highly efficient 12 inch miter saws that suits you and your work demands the most. The miter saws that we have chosen to write on are highly recommended and positively reviewed by the users. They are available on Amazon too. Ensure to learn about all the necessary characteristics and specifications you should pay attention to before buying your miter saw.

After reading so much information and research data on miter saws, I would recommend you buying,

  • Bosch GCM12SD Axial Glide Miter Saw table, portable and contains the bevel and miter angle convenient to adjust.
  • DeWalt DW716 Miter Saw is highly portable and can be transferable to any work when needed. It also comes with a three years long warranty.
  • SKILSAW 3821-01 Compound 12 Inches Miter Saw is lightweight and highly affordable with a large cutting capacity.
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