How To Cut Concrete? (DIY Guide)

We have a love and hate relationship with the concrete. We love it when we want to build a thick hard slab or a sidewalk area for ourselves. We hate concrete when we want to remove it. Removing or cutting concrete looks complicated and challenging, but it is not always the case. With the proper equipment and proper precautions, you can easily cut concrete.

How To Cut Concrete

With the help of a diamond blade, you can easily remove concrete from anywhere you want. Concrete cutting needs the following steps, which I will discuss in this article. In this review, you will learn about how to cut concrete with proper tools and preventive measures.

How To Cut Concrete

Choose Accurate Equipment

To cut concrete properly, choose the type of blade you want to use for cutting. You have two options depending on your work. You can either choose a dry-cutting diamond blade or a wet-cutting diamond blade. A dry-cutting diamond blade needs no water and comes with a circular blade, or handheld cut saw. As the name suggests, a wet-cutting diamond blade needs constant water for the job and works perfectly with walk behind concrete cutting saw.

I prefer using a wet-cutting diamond blade if you are allergic to dust because, in a dry-cutting diamond blade, the dust might flies when you cut concrete. I found a wet-cutting diamond blade more accurate than a dry-cutting diamond blade. It has a more excellent capability to make a deep cut of about 4-5 /8 inches. The dry-cutting diamond blade will allow you to cut a 2 – ¼ inches cut, and you will need an additional tool to remove the remaining concrete.

How To Cut Concrete

Prepare A Place

A natural workplace environment adds ease to the cutting process. If you are working in the basement or garage, use a drop cloth to the door to keep the dust from entering your home. If you are working outside your home, make sure to close the windows of your house so the dust cannot enter while you cut concrete.

Mark The Concrete

Use a marker or chalk to mark the area where you want to cut concrete. It is essential to draw a thick and straight line over the concrete. It will help you cut concrete more neatly and cleanly. The line will also help you see the mark despite the dust or water drops. You must sprinkle the water before cutting concrete to minimize the dust.

Use Precautions

Take proper precautions before cutting concrete. You will need to wear heavy clothes, shin guards, knee pads, steel boots. Additionally, wear protective glasses or eye shields. You will need a filtration mask to keep your face safe. If you are using an electric saw than a gas saw, make sure to use a protection cord to keep yourself safe from shocks, overloads, or any physical injury.

Choose A Starting Point For Guided Cut

Once you are ready to cut concrete, use a guide board along with the cutting line you have marked with the chalk or marker earlier. Choose a starting point for yourself. Start with the end that is easiest for you. It would be better if you start from the point that is in your reach.

Use a depth lever or a knob to fix the saw blade’s depth. It will allow you to cut the concrete deeply. Make sure the electric/gas saw is entirely off before setting the blade. A walk-behind saw gives you complete control over the tool. For electric/gas-powered saw, set the blade for shallow cuts. Let the saw cool off and use it again for more deep scratches. Use a saw power at the lowest and increase the RPM setting over time.

When your saw is at low RPM, mark the cut with the saw blade along with the guide board. Your grip should be firm during cutting. Use both hands to have a firmer hold. Let the saw work itself, just guide the direction. Do not push the saw blade toward the concrete deeply because it can hurt your hands. At this point, we only need a ¼ inch cut. This cut will guide us for more cutting procedures. You need cutting for at least 30 to 45 seconds with the saw.

Choose A Starting Point For Guided Cut

Remove The Saw

After using a saw for 30 to 45 seconds, remove it and let it spin to take out all the dust accumulated during the cut. Cool down the saw blade and repeat the same procedure for further cutting of concrete. Use saw for 30 to 45 seconds and let it spin freely after each time you cut.

Make A Deep Cut

After the guided cut, remove the guide board. Start the saw and cut the concrete more deeply between ¼ inches to ½ inches. Cut the concrete for about 30 to 45 seconds. You will notice a deep 2 inches cut in the concrete. Take breaks between the cutting process to remove the dust that has collected during the whole process.

Make A Deep Cut

Remove the saw and shut it off. Now select a ½ inches cutting blade for a deeper cut. Use a depth lever or knob to change the dimension. Repeat the cutting procedure as above. You will get a nice and clean concrete cut. If you are not using a walk-behind saw, then use a sledgehammer after cutting. You are done with cutting concrete if you are using a walk-behind saw. Dispose of the left behind concrete in your workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to cut concrete?

The best way to cut concrete is by using a diamond blade. You have two options to choose from depending on the type of concrete you want to cut. You can use a dry-cutting diamond blade or a wet-cutting diamond blade. Dry-cutting diamond blade comes with a circular, and a handheld saw whereas, the wet-cutting diamond blade comes with a walk-behind concrete saw.

Can I use a circular saw to cut concrete?

Yes, you can use a circular saw. You will need to place a diamond blade over the saw. Choose the correct blade depth with the help of a depth lever or knob. This saw will allow you to cut concrete quickly and efficiently. You can choose to cut concrete upto 2 inches deep with the help of a circular saw.

What precautions should we use to cut concrete?

You need to take proper precautions while cutting a block of concrete. Use heavy cloths, shin guards, steel-toed boots, protective glasses, filtration masks, and gloves. These preventive measures will allow you to keep your face, eyes, ears, and hands safe from any physical injury during the cutting process. You can use a power cord if you use an electric saw to avoid overloads and electric shocks.


Removing a piece of concrete looks challenging task, but it isn’t. You can easily and quickly cut the concrete if you choose the right tools and procedures. This detailed review will guide you about how to cut concrete, the appropriate tool, and the step-wise process. Preventive measures are important in keeping yourself safe and making a clean and straight cut.

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