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Cutting plastic neatly is a challenging job that needs proper attention. The right tool for cutting purposes is essential for a sleek cut. You can use several options to cut plastic properly, but these options can go wrong one way or another. These standard tools include a hot knife, power tools, kitchen knives, and traditional knives.

How To Cut Plastic

In my experience, these tools can give you severe burns and are ineffective in cutting plastic neatly. In this review, you will learn how to cut plastic neatly without breaking it and effective tools for plastic cutting. If you can cut plastic neatly, you can perform the best DIY projects in the long run.

How to Cut Plastic

How To Cut A Hard Plastic

Hard Plastics are thicker in size and tough to cut. The cutting process of a plastic depends upon the size and type of cut you want on hard plastic. I have used tools like a string, a hot knife, and a saw. All these tools were adequate. Now I will discuss the method of cutting plastic with these tools in detail.

With A String

A String can be an ideal option for cutting irregular and hard plastics like PVC and toys. Use a cotton thread as a saw-like blade. First of all, use masking tape or clamps to hold the piece of plastic tightly. Take a needle and plier pice, heat the needle and make holes in the plastic where you intend to cut. Put cotton thread from one end of the hole and hold the other loose end in your hand. Now hold the cotton thread just like you use a saw for cutting. Pull the string in back and forth motion to cut the plastic properly.

With A Saw

With A Saw

You can cut plastic with the help of a saw. If you want to have a flat cut on a complex piece of plastic, a saw will be an ideal option for you, in my opinion. You can use different types of saws that include a hack saw, fine-tooth saw, jigsaw, or circular saw. Whatever saw you choose between these options is entirely up to you. I have used a jigsaw, and it worked perfectly for me. It is essential to note that avoid using a saw with large teeth because it will break your plastic while cutting and form rough edges.

The roughly cut plastic will be of no use for you if you want to complete a project timely. A plastic cutting blade along with a saw will give you the finest results. A hack saw works effectively but takes a longer time than usual. A circular saw is a powerful tool for accurate cutting. In contrast, the jigsaw or circular saw is the most effective and effortless way of cutting plastic as these saws have thin fine teeth/blades that allow the user to cut plastic more precisely.

Jigsaw work wonders while cutting plexiglass. It comes with a variety of blade options that you can choose while completing a task. Use eye protection glasses to keep yourself safe while cutting plastic. Also, use clamps to keep the plastic in one place while cutting procedure. Without clamps, the plastic will start wobbling, which may result in breaking. Mark a line and cut the plastic slowly to avoid melting the plastic.

With A Hot Knife

Using a hot knife is somewhat effective, but it needs more attention and care. Let me tell you a great way to make a hot knife.

With A Hot Knife

Use a soldering iron, flat it with a hammer, and use its tip like a knife. The soldering iron will work like a hot knife. A hot knife can be a great option to cut the plastic without breaking or making curved cuts. Avoid using this method if you do not have a soldering iron.

With A Drill

You can cut the plastic with the help of a drill machine. This method is used to make holes along the cut line on hard plastic. Drill the holes while using a corded drill at a slower speed. Once you have drilled the holes, use a utility knife or a saw to make straight cuts on plastic. Use clamps to stick the plastic in one place for a clean cut. This method effectively allows you to give precise and neat cuts on hard plastic.

How To Cut A Soft / Thin Plastic

Soft plastics are easy to cut but need great care as the cutting can go wrong with the wrong tool. Use a utility knife to cut a plastic that is ¼ inches or less thin. Using a utility knife on a soft or thin plastic will allow you a firm grip and complete control over the cutting process. Make a scratch on the thin plastic.

How To Cut A Soft Thin Plastic

You can either break the plastic which you have cut or can cut it entirely with the knife. Safety is an essential concern while using knives. Great attention and care are required when holding a knife because it can give you cuts and burns. You can use gloves for additional safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use to cut hard plastic?

The efficient way to cut hard plastic is by using a hand saw. You can choose between a jigsaw, a table saw, and a circular saw. These blades come with a variety of blades. For cutting hard plastic, select a blade that has more teeth for a neat and straight cut.

How do you cut plastic without breaking it?

Cutting plastic without breaking requires appropriate tools. You can cut plastic with a saw, a hot knife, and a string. Among these tools, the hand saw will give you the desired result efficiently. A hand saw requires more labor, but it will allow you to cut plastic without breaking, cracking, or melting.

How do you cut plastic neatly?

For cutting plastic neatly and cleanly, you will need clamps to hold the plastic tight. It will keep the plastic from wobbling, and you will get a straight and neat cut. You can also make holes along with the cutline with the help of a corded drill. A string method is also effective in cutting plastic neatly.


Cutting the plastic neatly depends upon the type and size of plastic. Plastic can be hard/thick or soft/thin. Depending on the type of plastic, you can choose several methods to cut plastic efficiently. This review will help you find the appropriate process to cut plastic and perform your project quickly and neatly.

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