How To Start A Husqvarna Chainsaw Quickly?

The Husqvarna Chainsaw is a top-notch chainsaw for professional use that delivers versatility and powerful performance. However, for newbies starting a chainsaw is a common problem; the potential threat of the tool doubles the doubts and challenges for the users. Surfing the internet for how to start a Husqvarna Chainsaw might not really be helpful for the most part since there are so many guides that are difficult to understand.

How to Start a Husqvarna Chainsaw

Unlike this one, of course, this article elaborates the process of starting a Husqvarna Chainsaw with easy-to-understand steps. Along with that, if you are on the brink of rendering your chainsaw damaged and unrepairable, stop there and go through this article first. You might be wrong on that one, also mentioned below are the most common problems that prevent a chainsaw from starting, along with their solutions and fixes. I have also reviewed the Husqvarna chainsaws in detail, please have a look at this article.

How to Start a Husqvarna Chainsaw

Starting Cold Engine

Step 1: Start by activating the chain brake on the chainsaw to ensure safety. Push the front handguard forward to activate the chain brake.

Starting Cold Engine of Husqvarna Chainsaw

Step 2: Pull the chock control outwards to set it in the chock position, and activate the chock.

Step 3: Press the air purge or fuel pump a few times for the fuel to start filling the bulb.

Step 4: If your chainsaw comes with a decompression valve, press it. It decreases the pressure in the cylinder so the chainsaw can start easily. Remember that the decompression valve needs to be pressed before you start the machine; it will be turned off automatically once you start it.

Step 5: Now put your right foot on the rear handle of the machine while using your left hand to hold it. Then pull the starter handle with your right hand and keep pulling the starter rope until the engine of the chainsaw starts.

Step 6: Push the choke halfway and then pull again until the chainsaw starts running.

Starting Hot Engine

The way to start the chainsaw when the engine is hot is the same as starting one with a cold engine, except for activating the choke. You don’t need to activate the choke when the engine is hot. So, follow the above steps leaving those that involve the choke. If the engine does not start, try applying half throttle, you can do that by activating the choke first but then move the control back to where it was.

Common Problems Preventing the Chainsaw From Starting

1. Check The Fuel Supply

One of the common reasons behind your chainsaw refusing to start might be regarding the fuel tank. There might not be enough fuel in the tank, in which case you will need to fill in more fuel. Or the fuel might be contaminated, which happens when you leave your chainsaw unused for longer periods of time with the tank filled with fuel. In this case, empty the tank and refill it with new clean fuel; make sure that the fuel you add is compatible with the engine.

Common Problems Preventing the Chainsaw From Starting

Another problem regarding the fuel can be blocked or clogged fuel filter, which can be solved with a fuel system cleaner. What you need to do is add the fuel system cleaner into the tank and leave for a few hours. Then start the machine so the fuel system cleaner can spread evenly inside the engine, eliminating the blockages. Also, check the fuel filter to see if it’s damaged. When it is connected to the fuel line; carefully pull out the fuel line to have a look at the filter. If you see the damage, you need to replace it with a new one.

2. Damaged Spark Plug

The spark plug of the chainsaw needs to spark for the fuel to ignite. An unresponsive spark plug is another most common reason behind a chainsaw that fails to start. You need to examine the spark plug for damage since it is common for it to corrode after some time. It is easy to do that, remove and examine the plug; if there are cracks in the porcelain insulator, you know it’s time for a replacement. Don’t worry, this issue can occur with any chainsaw even if you have bought the best chainsaw.

Damaged Spark Plug

To check for the sparks, remove the plug and bring the plug’s electrode tip in contact with some metallic surface. If you see sparks, all is good; if there aren’t any, the plug is probably corroded or damaged. Now check the plug to find out the type of damage it has. If there is corrosion, use a steel brush to clean it, or clean the plug thoroughly using a damp cloth and let it dry and then test again. The plug is also prone to wear over time; this can result in a larger gap in the plug. The spark plug is the air space between the ground and center electrode. A larger gap is difficult for the spark to bridge and calls for the replacement of the plug.

3. Clogged Carburetor

If you don’t find your chainsaw to be experiencing any of the above problems, or if it still refuses to start after you have fixed the above issues, chances are you have got a clogged carburetor. The carburetor ends up clogged when the fuel is left for an extended period in the tank. The reason it happens is that over time the light constituents of the oil evaporate, leaving behind a thicker combination.

This thicker and sticky oil clogs the carburetor keeping the machine from starting. To clean the carburetor, you can use carburetor cleaners, which are actually effective in getting rid of the residue. After cleaning the carburetor, put it back and test again; if it still doesn’t work, you might need to replace it entirely.


Here you go, your go-to guide when you are facing any problem while getting your Husqvarna chainsaw started. The procedure of starting the chainsaw is elaborated stepwise with easy-to-understand steps. Other than that, some common culprits that might be preventing your chainsaw from getting started are addressed along with the solutions. So, shun those complicated guides that the internet is loaded with that might be making the process unnecessarily difficult for you. Follow these simple steps and get your Husqvarna chainsaw revving and running.

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