How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies in 6 Steps

Sometimes we leave our food unattended on the kitchen counter or children throw half-eaten fruits on the fruit basket, giving a way for fruit flies to enter your house. They keep buzzing around everywhere you see, living as an uninvited guest and presenting a dirty look. In this blog, we’ll be teaching you several ways how to get rid of fruit flies.

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

7 Steps to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Most people ignore the fruit flies flying around their food but it should be noted that these have all the hidden dangers. It is essential to ponder over it, or else would be a serious health hazard for humans. Following are some quick and easy ways of getting rid of fruit flies.

1. Track Down the Source

Initially, you must track down the source from which the fruit flies are originating. Whenever you see buzzing over any of your food items that have been sitting out then immediately throw it away.

Track Down the Source

Later, you must clean that area and disinfect the surface for preventing any spread of bacteria. Most of the time, only removing the items on which they’re flying is enough to get rid of these pests right away. Also have a look at how to get rid of Gnats easily.

2. Clean the Expected Sources & Common Spaces

Once you locate the source from which these flies are coming, you must scan your kitchen sink drains. If the drains are clogged or need deep bleaching then you have to clean them properly as fruit flies tend to populate and reside in warmer and damp places of your kitchen.

After the sink, you must look for the recycle bin inside the kitchen as they are the target of fruit flies hovering around. It is often said that these pests lay eggs in the bin, affecting your health. If you have located them around it then after taking out the trash, you should clean the bin as well with bleach or other cleaners.

Clean the Expected Sources & Common Spaces

3. Trap them Using Rotten Fruits

Even after cleaning and removing the source, you still spot flies moving about your house then it’s time to set up traps. You can set this trap using ingredients from your kitchen including rotten fruits or some unattended food.

All you need to do is when you find fruit flies hovering over fruit or food, instead of throwing it out, store it in a disposable container and cover it with plastic. After then using a fork or a toothpick, punch several small holes in them and keep it where you find these pests the most.

After a while you’ll find these fruit flies inside the trap, you can throw the container and try again till all of them are removed.

4. Vinegar Cage

Another trap that can not only be effective but also work instantly is the vinegar cage. It attracts flies and drowns them in water. You’ll have to follow the steps carefully for optimum results.

Vinegar Cage

Pour down water in a disposable container and add two tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of sugar, also add a few drops of cleaner to it and mix well. Now you can place this container near fruit flies.

The smell of this mixture can attract flies and will drown as soon as they touch the water. You can also repeat this method for complete removal. Please read, how to get rid of bed bugs.

5. Red Wine Swimming Pool

If you have some red wine left after your party then you can utilize it for getting rid of fruit flies. You only need to get a disposable container with red wine and some dish soap in it. Next, you have to cover it with plastic wrap and punch some holes into it so that flies can enter it.

The smell of the wine can attract pests and once they get trapped in the swimming pool, they can’t get out. You can also try again if you never want to see fruit flies in your house.

6. Traps from Store

If you don’t have the time to try out these home remedies for removing fruit flies from your house then you can always try picking up some traps from the store. Just go to your nearest hardware store and get a sticky fly trap.

Traps from Store

It works the best on all types of flies, attracting them with a smell and getting them stuck into the panel. You can easily keep it in the area where your house is the most affected and throw it when it is full. You can use these traps after a few intervals for a fly-free clean house.

Preventing Fruit Flies from your Kitchen

Fruit flies aren’t that hard to prevent as they mostly affect open food, rotten fruits, or dirty trash cans. So, try checking the source of the origination frequently. Moreover, make sure they don’t get any chance to enter or hide, by keeping your sink unclogged and cleaning up the spills right away.

As soon as you come from groceries, wash and dry all the products whether you would refrigerate them later or not. This will get rid of all the possible eggs laying on the surface. Furthermore, take out your trash daily and clean your bin after every two or three days.

As we’ve reached the end of the blog, you may be having queries related to removing fruit flies. Some of them are listed below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does fruit fly have any impact on human health?

Yes, fruit flies can have a negative impact on your health if they aren’t removed as soon as possible. As they fly around often, they carry germs and bacteria from everywhere leaving them to your unattended food.

How can you prevent fruit flies from entering again?

The primary of preventing fruit flies is by keeping every surface in your house clean, every drain unclogged, and trash can empty. Moreover, avoid leaving your food out after opening or after biting into the fruit.

Do the ingredients need to be measured exactly for making homemade traps?

No, you don’t need to be precise with the measurements as the number of mixtures to be made depends on how infested your house is with fruit flies.

What other store-bought products can be used to remove fruit flies?

There are a huge amount of products available in the market for this purpose including sticking traps, baits, sprays, insecticides, etc.


Fruit flies can be the cause of many health issues so it is essential for you to get rid of them. You may be having children or elders within your home and any virus or infection can spread readily among them. Try keeping them out by using our mentioned traps or just by buying removal products.

However, once you get rid of it, try implementing ways of preventing them so that they can never enter your house.

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