How To Use A Pole Saw? Tips & Safety

Are you a nature lover? Does nature have the same soothing effect on you as it does on me? If yes then you must have a garden at home where you spend your weekends either sitting in the shades of those big mahogany trees, or maybe getting your hands muddy, planting new flowers and trees, or arranging family picnics in the evenings. There’s just so much mother nature can offer. You can try pole saw to make the trees design. Here’s the guide on How To Use A Pole Saw.

How To Use A Pole Saw

A tree is like a child that needs our love, support, and attention to thrive. Good pruning is what a tree needs to grow stronger and healthier. It removes any weaker tree limbs allowing the trees to grow newer healthier branches. It also reduces the risk of weaker tree limbs falling on someone sitting underneath its shade. It is also essential to give the tree branches a sense of direction towards where they are supposed to grow. This direction comes in the form of pruning.

Now that we have established how important it is to prune a tree. Let’s focus on the ways you can prune a tree. The simplest way is to chop off those extra branches with a pruning saw. But if you can’t reach the branches by hand then you may use a ladder to reach those branches or you can simply use a pole saw. Using a pole saw is relatively easier than using a ladder to reach those branches to prune them by hand. Also check out the best pole saws available in the market.

How To Use A Pole Saw

Procedure and Methodology

There are several steps that you must follow very carefully while using a pole saw. Read them very carefully and follow them through one by one.

How To Use A Pole Saw

Step 1: Always ensure that the area you are about to work on is clear and empty because if a branch falls on somebody it can cause some serious injuries.

Step 2: Don’t just start right away. Take your time to examine the tree you are about to prune. Make a mental map of how you want to shape it before you begin.

Step 3: Make your work easier by getting rid of the lower limbs of the tree first. You will notice that removing the lower branches first will make it easier for you to reach and prune the higher branches.

step 3

Step 4: Don’t stand right below the branch you are working on. Always stand sideways as it will reduce the risk of a branch falling on your head.

Step 5: Hold the pole saw at an angle right beside your chest area.

Step 6: Adjust the height of your pole saw so that it can reach the branches you are about to prune.

Step 7: Use both your hands to gain balance of your pole saw and to adjust your body equilibrium to its weight. Now slowly, and carefully move inch forwards towards the tree limbs.

Step 7

Step 8: Start with feather-light strokes. Remember, if you try to cut off the branches with one swift move it will not work, the pole saw will slip sideways. So take your time and be patient with your cuttings

Step 9: If your pole saw slips sideways, stop cutting right away. Adjust the position of your pole and then start again.

Step 10: Once your cut gets deeper, you can now increase the speed of your strokes because the chances of the pole saw slipping sideways is minimal.

Step 11: Be vigilant and make sure that you have plenty of space to move around so that you can step sideways when the tree limb falls.

Step 11

Step 12: Always remember to remove the branches from the ground as they fall. Otherwise, you run the risk of stumbling upon them as you work around on other branches.

Step 13: Keep repeating this process until you have completed all your work.

Safety Precautions

As it is said, “Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.” Therefore it is always a good idea to take all the precautionary measures before you work with any sort of equipment. Some of the measures that I consider an absolute necessity are as follows.

  • Wear protective gear for example hand gloves, helmet, eye protection goggles, etc
  • Work in the broad daylight
  • Work patiently, cutting one branch at a time
  • Remove any obstacles or branches from the ground before resuming your work
  • If you have cordless pole saw, make sure the battery is fully charged.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pole saw used for?

Pole saws are used for cutting off overgrown tree branches. It is the safest most efficient way of pruning a tree as you no longer have to climb on a ladder and shop off those unnecessary branches.

How do you cut tree branches with a pole saw?

The best and safest way to cut branches with a pole saw is to hold it at an angle almost at your chest level and stand away from the tree. If you stand too close to the tree you will run the risk of pruned tree branches falling on you.

Can you use a pole saw sideways?

Pruning tree branches with a pole saw can be a tricky business, as the blade may slip sideways while you are cutting. So make sure that you go slowly at first while you cut. If the saw slips sideways, which it will often, take your time to reposition it gently before continuing.

Is it hard to use a pole saw?

Learning to use a pole saw can take a little bit of time because you will have to adjust to balancing it, despite its weight, but it isn’t hard. A little bit of practice is all that you need to get used to using a pole saw.

Can you use a pole saw underwater?

You can use a pole saw in rainy weather but you can not use it directly underwater to cut water plants and branches.


Using a pole saw is not a very tough job. It is quite simpler than many other available f. You will just need a little bit of practice and a lot of patience to get the hang of it. Once you get used to using a pole saw, you will realize how easy and cost-effective it is. Moreover, it is the best option to prune a tree yourself at home. You no longer have to pay an extra fee to a professional. But just make sure that you take care of all the precautionary measures before getting started and keep your pole saw away from children.

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