6 Different Types of Table Saws Explained & Their Uses

Owning the right type of table saw can accommodate you with fast, quick, effective, and efficient working, hence, it is equally important that a quality tool matches your individual project requirements and helps you in achieving desired outcomes. Across the market, there are a variety of Types of Table Saw with distinct functionality, and construction.

Types of Table Saw

Thereby, having drawbacks and benefits for each type, different types are attributed to facilitating you with a variety of tasks ranging from portability to versatility, professional efficiency or commercial designs, and so on. Therefore, this article offers an insight into different types of table saws based on functionality, cutting capacity, construction, and cutting effectiveness.

6 Types of Table Saws

1. Benchtop Table Saw

If you are a hobbyist who wants quality equipment for miniature projects, small-scale home renovations, or cutting projects, we suggest you go for these Benchtop Table saws. These are popular among users with great durability, improved functionality, and a lightweight design that facilitates you throughout small-scale innovative projects.

Benchtop Table Saw

Thereby, with these devices at hand, you can ideally cut plastic, metal, or softwood with absolute precision and accuracy. However, these can be a little heavier than their counterpart’s compact table saws or Jobsite saws.

Moreover, these devices come with an electric motor attached to a dust collector that helps you in a convenient and comfortable process. Overall, users find it highly reliable in terms of cutting straight that contributes to precise and accurate functions. Also, these devices come with relatively a reasonable price range, however, at the expense of limited cutting capacity.

So, if you want a piece of equipment to facilitate the process of cutting small and soft pieces ideally then it’s the best saw to go for.


  • These are economical options
  • Offers great power for minimal projects
  • Offers great stability and control over the outcome
  • Includes easy assembly and convenient usage
  • Lightweight and ultra-portable


  • Small rip capacity
  • Not recommended for large-scale projects

In the end, the benchtop table saw is one of the most famous and commonly used devices with high functionality, professional efficiency, and absolute control over the outcome. These devices are best known for their functional, durable, and lightweight designs that facilitate you in an easy and convenient process. Overall, these are cost-effective devices with decent functionality, however at the expense of a limited rip capacity.

2. Jobsite Table Saw

Likewise, these Jobsite table saws are another quality type of table saw, best known for their working efficiency for professional projects with lightweight and ultra-portable design. Hence, with these devices, you can ideally carry it around with absolute convenience as it offers you an easy handling facility. Additionally, these devices offer great versatility with their ability to help you with temporary building sites and home renovation projects. In simple words, it is a compact power package.

Jobsite Table Saw

Furthermore, these devices are a little larger than their counterparts’ benchtop table saws. These devices, moreover, are highly regarded among professional carpenters and woodworkers. However, these types of table saw don’t necessarily involve updated technology and only serve you with standard working efficiency. These also include a dust collector that is attached to the blade and helps you in a comfortable experience.


  • Offers a durable construction quality
  • Provides great versatility
  • Offers great power and stability
  • These aids you in a professional setting
  • Characterized by lightweight and portability


  • Expensive than usual

Finally, these devices are an ideal option for professional working efficiency with great power, stability, and control. These devices are characterized by a lightweight, durable design with high versatility and functionality that makes these devices famous among users. Additionally, it is a great option for large-scale professional projects.

3. Compact Table Saw

Here comes another quality table saw with absolute functionality and working efficiency. Having a lightweight and portable design, these devices are often compared to their counterparts’ benchtop table saws, yet a few differences remain a factor in choosing the ideal one for your individual requirements.

Compact Table Saw

In comparison to Benchtop, these compact table saws offer great power and relatively better stability during the whole operation. Additionally, these are more likely to last longer with stainless steel’s durable and sturdier construction that contributes to its long lifespan.

Similarly, these are only known as miniature packs of cabinet table saws with a similar design, functionality, and working efficiency that can help you in small-scale projects for home renovations. However, similar to cabinet-style saws, these devices would require a decent financial commitment.

Yet, the effective design, large-scale working efficiency, and sturdy construction justify the price range for woodcutters or carpenters alike. So, if you want power and stability in a compact size, these devices are a great choice for you.


  • Offers great power and stability
  • These come with a large rip capacity
  • Last longer than other counterparts
  • Includes a pre-installed motor
  • Offers great working efficiency


  • Demands financial commitments
  • Not recommended for large-scale projects

Finally, these Compact table saw devices are a well-suited option for small-scale carpenters or woodworkers with relatively better rip capacity, better functionality, great control, and stability. These are highly regarded by users with their compact size, long lifespan, and absolute working efficiency. However, with these devices, you would have to commit to significant financial investment.

4. Cabinet Table Saw

It is the most likable and dreamt table saw in the market with an accommodation design that offers a perfect ratio of aesthetics and accuracy. Its precise control with a large working space remains the most effective and preferred option among users.

Cabinet Table Saw

Additionally, it facilitates you with absolute power, huge capacity to rip, and the professional work efficiency that is the reason for it being more expensive than usual. Additionally, these tables come in a variety of sizes and can be used in larger-than-life construction products, yet are not the best thing you would go for in terms of portability.

These tables are most commonly made up of stainless steel, aluminum, or high-quality metal with ultimate durability that contributes to the long lifespan of these devices. An average cabinet table saw would have the capacity to cut within the range of 500 pounds with stability, control, and precision that is something you would require in complicated, commercial projects. Have a look at the top-rated cabinet table saws available in the market.

Although these table saws work on any hard or soft surface, most professionals prefer their usage on dense hazelwood and timber. The slight issue with these devices is that you would have to give a lot of time and investment in these models.


  • Offers absolute power
  • Provides the largest capacity
  • Offers great precision and accuracy
  • Suitable for professional commercial projects
  • Offers great durability


  • Lack portability
  • Expensive than usual

Therefore, if you are someone invested in complicated commercial tasks that demand decent equipment that can help you throughout, we suggest you go for Cabinet table saws. These are highly regarded among users with absolute power, great control, stability, and specifically the working efficiency. Additionally, these products aid you in completing almost every cutting project that is one of the priorities while buying the best table saw.

5. Contract Table Saw

Being similar in operation and functions to cabinet-style table saws, these are specifically designed to provide you a manageable size that refrains from overwhelming you in handling. These devices are highly regarded among professional workers as the contract table saws that offer you great stability, control, and power which are the foremost requirements of a complicated project. Apart from this, despite having the capacity to help you in professional settings, these types of table saws still manage to accommodate hobbyists with high power and easy handling.

Contract Table Saw

Another feature that makes it remarkable is its reasonable price range in comparison to the cabinet-style saws that offer you a complete professional package. Furthermore, having an average rip capacity of 52-inches, these are a reliable alternative for commercial and complex tasks. Many contemporary models also come with a dust collector that is directly attached to the blad making it convenient and comfortable overall to use. These table saws also include motor belts that help you in achieving functionality in relatively less time.


  • Offers professional cutting efficiency
  • Works well for hobbyists projects
  • Offers great control and stability
  • Offers decent portability
  • Can be used for large home renovations


  • Relatively less powerful
  • Not for extremely complex tasks

In the end, these Contract table saws are a great addition to your cutting equipment if you are a professional or a hobbyist who likes to innovate in commercial projects. These table saws with high functionality and greater rip capacity help you with a decently portable design and less expensive price range. Overall, it is a great alternative for commercial projects as an effective cutting facility.

6. Hybrid Table Saw

If you’re still confused about what to choose between a Contract and Cabinet Table Saw, we recommend you consider Hybrid Table Saws. These types of saws generally represent innovative and updated technological advancements in contract saws and the power of the cabinet devices. Having been liked among users with their unique construction and absolute functionality, these devices offer low vibration and reliable cutting process throughout, yet at the expense of rip capacity.

Henceforth, these are a great choice for anyone who likes to create furniture in a decent professional setting or takes on large commercial renovation projects. Also, it ensures stability and control with the belt motor drivers that help you throughout a convenient process.

Apart from this, these devices come in two different forms i.e., hybrid tune-ups and cabinet-mounted tune-ups with distinct functionality and construction from which you can choose ideally based on your preference. However, despite fulfilling all the necessities of projects, these are a little expensive considering their compromised rip capacity.


  • Offers high accuracy and precision
  • Provides commercial efficiency
  • These can be used for large furniture making
  • Includes low vibration belt motor drivers
  • Offers great power


  • Expensive than usual
  • Compromised rip capaci

In essence, if you are a hobbyist who likes to invent new furniture or a professional looking for quality equipment to invest in, these hybrid table saws are a great choice. These devices are a combination of cabinet and contract table saws with absolute power, intelligent design, updated technology, and great stability. Yet, with these devices, you will have to commit to financial investment. Overall, these are a great portable and functional alternative to either cabinet or contract table saws.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of table saw for a professional?

A cabinet table saw is a great choice for anyone looking for a piece of quality equipment that can facilitate them with absolute power, stability, and control. These devices are known for their efficiency in high-end complicated professional tasks that require a low vibration motor and high rip capacity. Having these features, these devices offer effective cutting of almost every type of wood, specifically timber and hardwood. However, in this case, you will have to significantly invest financially in this apparatus.

What is the best type of table saw for beginners?

Jobsite Table saw is another quality product for you if your work demands something that can facilitate you with stability, functionality, and a convenient process. It is specifically designed for hobbyist woodworkers with a lightweight, durable, and functional design. Further, these devices offer easy handling with a reasonable price range, yet at the expense of a limited rip capacity.

Final Thoughts

Finally, having the right piece of equipment for wood cutting is as important as the process itself. However, having the luxury to choose between different types can confuse a user that calls for thorough research and a sound awareness of each type. Here, each type is designed to meet distinct requirements with unique construction and designs, yet for the same purpose.

If you are invested in the process of choosing the right type of table saw, it is important to do your research. In the end, it totally depends on your individual needs and the project’s demands that can help you in choosing the right and effective product. The above mentioned is a complete description of each type with pros and cons that will help you in choosing wisely and rationally.

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