How To Cut A 60 Degree Angle On Table Saw?

Angles are more important in woodworking than any other skill, as it can make or break the project. To make various kinds of cuts, or joining two pieces together, the angle of cut is all that matters. Beginners and seasoned masons understand the importance of angles in woodworking. If you are in the middle of a new project, you might find it essential to know how to cut a 60-degree angle on table saw. This skill will help you in various ways!

How To Cut A 60 Degree Angle On Table Saw

While you learn this basic cut, be prepared to use it in every other project involving woodwork. Once you learn the 60-degree cut on a table saw, you will be learning a lot more about using the table saw to complete all kinds of woodwork.

Table Saw is the Best Beveling Tool

There are many beveling tools that are used for basic woodwork and a table saw is one of the best options out there. With a table saw, you will need to follow a limit for angle cuts and a 60-degree angle is considered more challenging than other beveling works.

The usual angle cuts are 90 degrees or 45 degrees. Imagine it this way: When you have to make a rectangular frame, each corner is cut at 45 degrees to make it a perfect frame. Similarly, if you are joining two perpendicular wood strips or panels, the 90-degree cut is essential. When you make a cut other than a 90-degree angle cut, it is called a bevel cut. 

Table saw is the best beveling tool

Bevel cuts are necessary for various kinds of woodwork as you can use them for fit moldings, an is the first step of many woodwork projects. 

How Can You Cut a 60-degree Angle on Table Saw?

Table saw is an easy equipment for cutting angles. Before you start, learn the process so that you get your woodwork done properly! Once you know this process well, the execution becomes easy. Whatever measurements are available, a table saw usually cuts up to 45 degrees only, and for a 60-degree angle cut you will need to make some adjustments. Follow the steps explained below and read them time and again. Once you know the process, following it will be easy.

Identify the right angle

First step is to identify the right angle. To do this, you can subtract 45 from the target angle. So since we are aiming to cut a 60-degree angle, the formula will be to minus 45 from the target of 60. The resultant angle is 15 degrees. 

Adjust the angle

Every table saw has a knob or lever to adjust the target angle. Since you need a result of 60 degree cut, the angle to adjust will be 15 degrees. 

Placing the wood

When it is time to set the wood on the table saw, you must always put it on the saw vertically. Use a wasted piece of wood, also called scrap wood to place adjacent to the wood piece that requires cutting. Always ensure that the position of the scrap piece is opposite with the blade.

Guide to Cut a 60-degree Angle on Table Saw
Guide to Cut a 60-degree Angle on Table Saw

Raise the blade

Bring the blade to a high position and raise the blade height. You will allow the wood to cut at a larger angle. The height of the blade is easily adjustable by using the spinning handle or knob. If you are new to working on a table saw, this handle is on the front panel of the saw and can be easily adjusted. 

Cut the angle

Now it is time to make the angle. Switch on the table saw and push the wood piece forward. Be sure to keep your push steady and slow so that the finish is not uneven and rough. If you can use clamps, the result will be even and if you don’t have clamps, make sure you push the wood with both hands and remain steady. 

Uneven bevels can be a problem

Irregular bevel cuts are common as the blade vibration and holding the wood steadily is more challenging than it sounds. Mostly usage of thin wood panels also creates issues with neat beveling. You can correct this problem with the use of a trimming plane that is tiny, and rubs the surface evenly to reduce irregular bevels. Use the tip of the trimming blade to removes any notches. Once you learn using this tool, feel free to use more blade on a larger wood surface to reduce time. 

Some safety tips

When you are using a table saw to cut the wood at 60 degree angle, be sure to apply the following safety measures to save yourself from injuries:

  • Wear cut resistant and safe rubber gloves.
  • Wear goggles to avoid any wood chips to fly into your eyes. 
  • Take it slow! Every step must be gradual and smooth.
  • Keep the sleeves high or wear fitted clothing to avoid any sticky situation. 

Related Questions

Which other tool can be used to make 60 degree cuts?

You can use a hand saw or a circle saw for cutting 60 degree angles on wood. The miter saw is an excellent option for this cutting. However, the best option is a table saw and you can use both your hands on the wood panel to make it a neater and smoother cut. 

Why is an angle of more than 45 degrees complicated to cut on table saw?

The usual wood cuts are at 9 degrees or 45 degrees and most saws have adjustments according to these two angles. However, if needed, you can use a table saw to cut bevel angles (more than 45 degrees). Make sure you know how to make the adjustments, and then you will be set to cut wood at your desired angles easily! 


Many masonry enthusiasts want to learn how to cut a 60 degree angle on table saw. The process is not too hard but it is technical. If you follow the steps shared here, you will get closer to finishing your woodwork project. 

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