How to Get Rid of Gnats in 4 Different Ways

Have you suddenly seen a sudden uprise in the insects within your home? These are often small insects that have broken into your home and they reproduce in a massive population. Figuring out the correct way how to get rid of these gnats can be more daunting and the mess caused by them can increase more chores for you.

How to Get Rid of Gnats in 4 Different Ways

These tiny insects can include fungus gnats, drain, and fruit flies (check out how to get rid off fruit flies). It is necessary to remove them from your house due to their fast reproduction pace. Moreover, removing every last one of them can only ensure that they’ve gone. In this blog, we’ll be suggesting ways to get rid of gnats.

4 Simple Ways of Getting Rid of Gnats

Getting rid of gnats involves many different steps and most important patience. There are a vast variety of methods to choose from when it comes to removing gnats, however, you can choose your desired one depending on your budget, the amount of time you can invest, materials that you can easily get, and how severe your problem is. Some of the highly recommended ways of removing gnats from your household are as follows:

1. Build a Trap

Initially, you start with building traps which again comprise different unique procedures from which you can select.

  • Vinegar Trap
    One of the widely popular methods of eliminating gnats is by setting up vinegar traps. This trap works by taking a bowl and mixing apple cider vinegar into it with an equal ratio of dish soap. After that, you also have to add sugar and stir the solution.
    You can place this bowl at the spot that has been entirely taken over by the gnats, for most people, it’s kitchen or dining areas. The sweet smell is going to attract gnats and the soap can help in drowning them.
Build a Trap
  • Red Wine Pool
    If the vinegar trap isn’t sufficient to kill these annoying insects then you can try to set up another trap. This one’s called red wine pool as you take a little leftover red wine and mix it with dish soap. Now you can just cover the bowl with plastic wrap and poke some holes into it. Place it at the places that have been heavily affected by the gnats infestation.
    You can also keep more than one bowl targeting the areas in which you’ve seen gnats moving about. The flavorful red wine will attract the gnats to get to the bowl and they end up drowning in the pool.
  • Fruit Temptation
    Another easy trap that can help in the effective removal of gnats from your house is the fruit temptation. Sometimes we have uneaten fruits left or there may be some rotten fruit lying on your dining table. Use this fruit for killing the gnats.
    Mash the rotten fruit in any container, most people prefer bananas as they’re easy to mash. Now cover it with the wrap and punch some holes in the plastic. In a few minutes, you’ll find gnats caught inside the container.
  • Candle Cage
    Finally, the last trap that we can suggest is the candle cage. This method starts with taking a candle on a candlestick and placing it on a plate filled with water. Now you have to light the candle and turn off the bulbs.
    You’ll find gnats attracted to the flames, by getting closer to it, they’ll either burn on their own or drown in the water surrounding the candle.

2. Bleach Them Out

If you want a more impactful approach to kill the insects from your house then bleaching it out can be more appropriate. There are some areas that may be the source of gnat infestation and where the gnats are hiding. These places include wall crack, middle space in between sofa, kitchen, bathroom sink, etc. Also check out how to get rid of bed bugs.

Bleach Them Out

In such cases, traps can not be fulfilling your vision. Take a cup of bleach and mix it with a gallon of water. Once this mixture has been created then pour it down the drains. You can repeat this process until you no longer see any insect moving around.

3. Spray Them Away

For such circumstances, when your home isn’t that much infested with gnats, using sprays can be a helpful option. You can either buy any renowned anti-insect spray from the market or just make yourself one at home.

You only have to combine water, vinegar, and a small quantity of dish soap into it. Pour this mixture into the spray bottle and spray it on them to remove it completely.

4. Hire A Professional

Gnats can not be gone just by implementing some methods only once. It needs to be implemented frequently to keep your household clean. So, if these gnats are coming back to your house again and again but you don’t have the time to invest in traps then choosing a professional can be perfect.

This is an expensive process taking up to $600 for one day. These pest control companies can attack the eggs of gnats residing in your home ready to reproduce. They’ll also offer customized plans for treatment to keep your home insect-free forever.

How to Prevent Gnat Infestations

After you’ve removed the infestation and productivity of the gnats, your job isn’t completely done. You should also implement ways to make sure these gnats don’t come back to irritate you again. To prevent that, just keep all your surfaces tidy, clean up after having a meal and wash the dishes readily, use a sealed or capped trash can and take the trash out on a daily basis.

Gnats are said to be attracted to moisture so you have to avoid keeping juicy fruits out and keep them refrigerated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of gnats are there?

Gnats are classified into many different types including fungus gnats, drain flies, fruit flies, etc.

What attracts gnats the most?

The gnats although seem to be like tiny black dots but they grow by feeding on rotten organic materials including fruits, vegetables, etc.

Do gnats bite humans?

Gnats can’t be easily seen being so tiny and some species actually bite humans. The part where they’ve bitten usually gets red with a tiny bump that’s itchy and irritating. However, it isn’t quite common, but it is said that these bites can result in allergic reactions to sensitive skin.

What draws gnats away instantly?

You can instantly kill gnats by making homemade killer spray with water, isopropyl alcohol, and dish soap filled in the spray bottle.


Although gnats are smaller in size, they can annoy you with their high reproductive ratio and spread germs all the way. You can implement different ways of getting rid of the gnats according to the cost, time, and effort it takes for you to kill gnats.

Moreover, it also depends on the intensity of the population that has infested and the sources from which they can break-in. Try repeating these processes after three to four months to keep your house gnat-free.

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