7 Best Gas Pole Saw Review 2022

A gas pole saw is an essential tool if you have a huge garden with large trees. The branches of the trees need trimming and cutting over time for healthy growth. There are many options out there through which you can cut these large branches. Using a ladder to reach up to the limbs of trees can be risky, but thanks to farm tool developers, who introduced pole saws for people’s ease.

Best Gas Pole Saw

The specialist recommends Gas-powered pole saws because of their powerful engine capacity. It allows you to cut or shape trees efficiently. Gas pole saws can have multiple features, and buying one that suits your garden needs can be overwhelming. This review will tell you about the 7 best Gas pole saws along with their features so you can find one that is exactly according to your needs.

7 Best Gas Pole Saw

DesignPole SawRetailer
1. MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw-Best Gas Pole Saw For The Money
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2. Poulan Pro PR28PS Gas Pole Saw-Top Rated Gas Pole Saw
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3. BLUE MAX Gas Pole Saw
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4. Remington Maverick Gas Saw
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5. PROYAMA Gas Pole Saw
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6. Sun Seeker’s Gas Pole Saw
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7. TrimmerPlus Gas Pole Saw
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1. MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw – Best Gas Pole Saw For The Money

MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw


  • Quick-release connector
  • High power engine
  • Sharp Trimmer blades
  • Humanization Design

Maxtra is one of the known brands that have a wide variety of farm tools. Their tools are built from heavy material and are known for durability. Maxtra Gas pole saw is one of their farm tools that allows you to cut and trim the large branches of the trees. It houses a 2-cycle 42.7 CC engine that efficiently cuts the thicker and harder branches like palm and oak trees. With its high engine power, you will be able to get your job done in a short amount of time. For engine protection, the Maxtra Gas pole saw offers you Air filters. It also has a 2-position choke system that allows you to choose between cold to hot, allowing you to start the Maxtra gas polesaw quickly.

This Gas pole saw is better for huge gardens and landscaping businesses. Maxtra Gas polesaw has an adjustable pole extension that allows you to adjust between 8 to 11 ft and reach 16 ft large trees. With its sharp blade, you can cut upto 10-inch diameter thick and hard branches. I found it easy to operate without any fussy starting procedure. The attached hedge trimmer allows you to cut the trees at a correct angle with its 18 inches length. You can adjust the trimmer according to your ease and right angle.

It allows you to cut or trim ornamental trees in different shapes and sizes with its additional tools. Due to its powerful engine, this Gas pole saw is heavy, but it comes with a shoulder strap that allows you to hold this tool effortlessly. With its handle, you can carry this farm tool with ease without the issue of slipping. It produces less noise and vibration that keep your hands and arms from fatigue. It comes with a 1-year warranty and has excellent 24 hrs customer care service.

Maxtra Gas pole saw comes with four additional tools in the package. The tools include a hedge trimmer, string trimmer, a brush cutter, and a storage bag. This Gas pole saw not only allows you to trim the branches of the trees but also, with different head cutters, you can chop the long grass of your garden by changing the head attachment. It is essential to clean the tool after every use to ensure the longevity and durability of Gas polesaw.


  • 7 CC engine power
  • 16 ft pole length
  • 1-year warranty


  • No clear instructions

Maxtra Gas pole saw is a 4 in 1 farm tool that not only has a sharp blade to cut or trim the branches of trees in your garden but also has changeable cutters that allow you to trim the grass of the lawn. It gives you excellent results and works efficiently with its powerful engine. If you want a trimmer that is easy to operate and has less noise, the Maxtra Gas pole saw is your go-to option.

2. Poulan Pro PR28PS Gas Pole Saw – Top Rated Gas Pole Saw

Poulan Pro PR28PS Gas


  • Automatic ON/OFF
  • SureFire Fuel delivery system
  • Air purge
  • Spring Assist Technology

A Gas-powered pole saw that works very efficiently and is best for trimming, blowing, tilling, edging, shaping, and tree pruning. It is small in size but works as a heavily built gas pole saw. Poulan pro gas polesaw comes with a spring assist pull cord that allows you to start this tool quickly. Usually, Gas powered engines have power issues, and they take time to create. But this is not the case with the Poulan Gas polesaw. With a few cord pulls, you can start this pole saw which saves your time and energy.

It comes with an Air purge that allows the air to circulate through its carburetor and removes the excess air. It will enable your gas pole saw engine to use fresh fuel every time you start this tool to trim the trees’ branches. I found the Poulan Pro Gas pole easy and fast to operate. I have not faced any power issues since I bought it. It comes with a dual cycle 28cc engine that allows efficient and effortless trimming of the tree branches for long hours. The auto-return switch allows this pole saw ready to use every time you switch off the machine. The machine goes back to its initial state, allowing you to start without the power issue quickly.

It operates through the Tap N Go mechanism that allows the machine to start automatically without manual operation. This mechanism helps in reloading the spool very quickly and takes no time to start again. It does not need any additional tools. You just have to switch on the Poulan Pro gas polesaw, and you are good to go. It has a 12-inch long pole that makes it easy for you to reach the higher limbs of trees and trim them effortlessly. I found a Poulan pro Gas pole saw that is lightweight and easy to hold. Moreover, to distribute the weight of the machine, it comes with a shoulder strap.

It can attach six extra trimmers that make it easy for you to trim, cut, edge, and prune the trees. The tools include a pole saw, trimmer, edger, blower, cutter, and cultivator. Poulan Pro comes with a 39.75 x 10.25 x 10 inches dimension and has 14 pounds weight. The USA-made Gas polesaw operates with one lithium-ion battery. It is easy to use and doesn’t require much effort, and comes with an anti-vibration handle that keeps your hands from fatigue.


  • 28cc power engine
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-vibration handle


  • Oil leakage problem

Poulan Pro Gas polesaw is very easy to handle. It comes with extra five attachments that are easy to change and fix. The changing of tools does not require professional assistance and takes only a minute. If you are looking for a gas-powered pole saw for trimming and pruning trees, consider buying a Poulan Pro pole saw that is lightweight and works efficiently.

3. BLUE MAX Gas Pole Saw

BLUE MAX Gas Pole Saw


  • Anti-vibration system
  • Automatic safety clutch
  • Air purge mechanism
  • 4500 clutch speed

Blue Max Gas pole saw allows you to trim your trees without the help of heavy ladders. It keeps your backyard clean and enables you to cut trees’ stiff and thick limbs with its 10 inches long chain bar. You can reach trees up to 10 ft with its long pole length. This gas-powered pole saw comes with 32CC engine power that helps you finish your work in a short period. I found Blue Max, a high-speed gas polesaw that generates 2700 – 3400 RPM speed when idle. With this high speed, you can cut or trim the tree limbs very efficiently. Moreover, it comes with a clutch engagement speed of 4500 RPM.

The automatic clutch system allows you to start the Gas-powered pole saw quickly without pulling the cord again and again. A high-power engine and speed keep your pole saw from power issues and saves your time and energy. It comes with an Air purge mechanism that allows the air to run through the carburetor and removes the excess air. So every time you start your Gas polesaw, it uses fresh fuel and will enable you to start the engine of the pole saw quickly.

Blue Max has an anti-vibration mechanism that keeps this gas pole saw from vibrating and hence protects your hands and shoulder from fatigue and pain. It also has a grip handle that makes it more convenient to hold the gas pole saw. It provides you with a more tight and firm grip and keeps you from the risk of accidental slipping. This handle also provides you with balance as it distributes the weight of the gas polesaw. It does not produce much noise making it easy and comfortable for you to use it. It comes with an easy starting procedure and does not take much time.

Blue Max Gas pole saw comes with a built-in air filter that keeps you from spending a lot of money on fuel change and maintenance. The air filter is easy to clean and can be fixed quickly again. The package comes with a 43 x 12 x 13 inches dimension and has 21.9 pounds weight. The manufacturer of Blue Max provides you with a user manual to operate it efficiently without any professional assistance. This farm tool is easy to clean. All you have to do is clean it after every use to ensure its durability and reliability.


  • 32cc engine power
  • Soft handle grip
  • 10 inches long chain and bar


  • Heavy

Blue Max gas pole saw is a great farm tool that allows easy cutting and tree pruning. With its powerful engine speed, it will enable you to work efficiently within a short time. It has a built-in air filter that allows air circulation and needs less maintenance. Blue Max gas pole saw is user-friendly and affordable. Its better fuel performance allows you to cut or trim your garden trees more efficiently.

4. Remington Maverick Gas Saw

Remington Maverick Gas Saw


  • 2-cycle engine power
  • Automatic lubricating system
  • Quick start technology
  • Compact design

Remington Maverick Gas pole saw is known for lengthy and challenging jobs of cutting and trimming trees. It comes with a two-cycle 25cc engine that generates enough power to perform trimming and pruning trees efficiently. Although it has an efficient, powerful engine, it is lightweight and easy to carry for long hours. Because of its weight, the user does not feel any fatigue and pain in his arms for holding this gas polesaw for lengthy periods.

It comes with a 7-inches extensive pole size and 8 inches chain and bar length. It allows you to reach up to 12 ft high and cut the limbs of trees without any hurdle. I found the Remington Maverick gas polesaw an efficient tool to easily reach difficult spots without the ladder’s help. It comes with a detachable chain head, and with the additional attachments, you can turn this pole saw into a trimmer, edger, blower, and brush cutter. This tool gives you the freedom to perform multiple jobs with only one tool.

It is an efficient tool and can be used for trimming the trees, chopping off the lawn grass, and other garden-related tasks. It is also used to cut ornamental trees into different shapes and sizes. I found this gas pole saw easy and quick to start. Remington Maverick does not require much time to start and saves your time and energy with its quick start technology. Furthermore, you do not have to pull the cord several times, and it only takes one or two pulls to turn on.

It comes with automatic oil lubrication that keeps the bar and chain of the pole saw lubricated to ensure its better performance and durability. It comes with a user-friendly guide that has all the instructions which you can follow easily. It does not have a fussy starting procedure. It is essential to clean it properly after every use and lose the saw chain when not in use to ensure the durability of the pole saw. Moreover, Remington Maverick has 13.9 pounds weight and comes in a 38 x 10.8 x 12 inches dimension.


  • 25cc engine power
  • 8-inch chain/bar length
  • 7-inch extended pole


  • No Air filter

Remington Maverick is a compact-design gas-powered pole saw that is light in weight and comes at affordable prices. Manufacturers provide you with a 2-years of warranty and excellent customer care service. If you need a pole saw that efficiently works for long hours, you must consider buying a Remington Maverick pole saw.

5. PROYAMA Gas Pole Saw

PROYAMA Gas Pole Saw


  • Powerful engine
  • EPA certified
  • Ergonomic soft handle
  • Anti-vibration technology

Technology has good and bad effects on the environment, and the same is the case with gas-powered engines. The gas-powered engine produces fumes that can adversely affect the environment and human health. Proyama Gas-powered pole saw has overcome this issue with its EPA-certified engine. The engine produces fewer fumes which are not harmful to the environment and human beings. It comes with a 2-cycle powerful 42.7cc engine that allows you to perform the cutting job efficiently. The engine also has an air filter that circulates the airflow through the carburetor and will enable you to work efficiently and uninterruptedly.

For deeper cuts and efficient working performance, it comes with a long blade of 12-inches. The 11 ft long pole length allows you to reach the thick and hard limbs of the trees. With its extendable long pole length, you can cut or trim the tree branches at the correct angle. Proyama Gas polesaw comes with a 5 in 1 trimming tool kit with all the necessary tools you need while trimming, edging, cutting, shaping, and safety tools like face shield, ear defenders, and gloves. These additional tools save your money as you do not have to purchase another tool with this gas pole saw.

Proyama Gas polesaw comes with a rotational hedge trimmer that allows you to trim the leaves and branches correctly. It also enables you to adjust the hedge according to your need. With its multi-dimensional rotation, you can easily use it in any direction you want. You can cut, shape, or trim any type of plant with its dual capacity of 3 / 4 inches depth. The additional tool includes a grass cutter that allows you to chop off the grass and keeps your garden neat and clean. It comes with a 17 inches line cutting swath and 10 inches blade cutting swath.

I found it less noisy and had few vibrations. The Proyama pole saw comes with a shoulder strap and a soft handle. The shoulder strap distributes the weight of the pole saw and does not burden you with its weight. Moreover, the soft handle allows you to hold the machine firmly and tightly. It provides you with a 1-year warranty and has a 24hrs customer care service. It is easy to operate and is not pricey.


  • 5 in 1 tool kit
  • 11ft pole length
  • 12-inches long blade


  • No user-friendly manual

The 5 in 1 tool kit that gives you an excellent cutting performance with safety is the must-have farm tool. It allows you to perform the different tasks with a single-pole saw. The Proyama gas pole saw has a powerful engine that enables you to efficiently achieve your task without interruption. The best part of this gas-powered pole saw has an EPA certification making it safe for the individual and environment.

6. Sun Seeker’s Gas Pole Saw

Sun Seeker’s Gas Pole Saw


  • Quick start mechanism
  • Crankshaft powerhead,
  • Higher fuel efficiency
  • Aluminum Engine transmission

Sunseekers gas pole saw is a wonderful addition to the farm tools that make the cutting and trimming job easy for you. It comes with a 4 in 1 set that includes a pole saw and three cutting accessories. The additional tools are a hedge trimmer, brush cutter, and string trimmer. These tools allow you to work quickly and more efficiently. It is always a wise decision to buy a set with a pole saw because it saves your time, energy, and money in searching for additional tools that fit entirely your gas polesaw.

The 4 in 1 kit comes with Hedge trimmers to help you to trim the hard and thick branches with its sharp blades. It works efficiently with a fast speed hence saves your time. The brush cutter or brush saw allows you to reach the places where it is difficult to work efficiently. It enables you to trim weeds and small trees. It also helps you chop off the grass and provides you with a clean garden. At the same time, the string trimmer allows you to reach the grass spots where lawn mowers are unable to reach. It will enable you to get a clean and neat garden look.

These additional heads are easy to change and do not require much effort. You can convert your pole saw into a hedge trimmer, and brush cutter in no time. Sun seekers’ gas polesaw comes with a 26cc power engine made with a crankshaft design. This design ensures the durability and reliability of the pole saw and provides better fuel efficiency. I found this gas-powered pole saw easy to operate, and it starts without any power issue.

It comes with an aluminum support engine that reduces vibrations and keeps your hand and shoulder from fatigue. It is less noisy and affordable and comes with a 1-year warranty and fantastic customer care service. The starting procedure is rapid. You have to follow five easy steps to start this pole saw. It offers you a user-friendly manual that has all the instructions. It comes with a shoulder strap and a soft handle that provides you with an easy grip.


  • 26cc engine capacity
  • Quick starting procedure
  • 4 in 1 kit


  • Heavy with 28.8pounds weight

Sunseeker gas pole saw gives you an efficient working experience with its crankshaft-designed pole saw. You can get all three additional cutters with an easy replacement method at affordable prices. With its maneuverable machine, you can trim or cut the stiff limbs of trees with ease and at a higher speed. If you want to have a kit with so many unique features and is cheap too, consider buying a sunseeker’s gas pole saw.

7. TrimmerPlus Gas Pole Saw

TrimmerPlus Gas Pole Saw


  • Eco-friendly technology
  • Self Lubricating mechanism
  • Two extension sections
  • lightweight

Trimmer plus gas pole saw is a lightweight tool that is easy to carry and performs the task very smoothly and allows you to hold it for long hours without being fatigued. It has an 8-inch bar and chain that will enable you to reach the high branches. It comes with two height options. Depending on the operator’s height, it allows you to reach upto 11ft and 12 ft with a pole length of 7 ft pole length.

With these two height options, you can easily select one better suited for you according to your height. The sharp blades of this farm tool allow you to cut the limbs of the trees at a correct angle. It comes with an efficient engine power that enables you to perform your cutting and trimming job effortlessly. It allows you to cut branches upto 16 inches in diameter. The easy-to-start technology allows you to start this gas-powered pole saw quickly without power issues.

Gas-powered engines are usually known for producing high fumes. These fumes are harmful to the environment and human beings. But Trimmer plus comes with an EPA-certified engine that produces minimum fumes and has minimal effect on the environment. I found it a reliable and durable farm tool that works for longer hours without jamming and interruption.

It comes with a self-lubricating mechanism. This auto-oiling method keeps your pole saw lubricated, so it works for a longer time. It saves your time and effort as manual oiling takes a lot of extra time. It comes with a 5.5 x 35.75 x 4.25 inches dimension and has a 3.3 pounds weight ideal for a gas polesaw, ensuring easy lifting and holding. It produces less sound and has few vibrations. This gas-powered pole saw comes with an ergonomic soft handle and a shoulder strap. The manufacturer of Trimmersplus offers you a 2-years warranty and comes with a user-friendly guide.


  • 8-inch bar and chain
  • EPA certified
  • 3 pounds weight


  • Not suitable for deeper cuts

It is an Eco-friendly farm tool that you can convert into a trimmer quickly to get your cutting and trimming job done efficiently. It supports the easy attachment of trimmers from brands like Troy-Bilt, Remington, and Craftsman. It is suitable for high branches as it comes with an extended broom and offers you two height options. I found the TrimmerPlus gas pole saw affordable and lightweight than other heavy-built pole saws.

Buying Guide – How to Choose Gas Pole Saw

Manufacturers offer Gas pole saw with many features that can confuse you while burying one for your garden. The essential features of Gas pole saw which you should consider while buying a Gas pole saw for your garden are the power of the chainsaw, length of the pole, weight, and balance, noise, performance, and maneuverability.

Best Gas Pole Saw
Infographic: Best Gas Pole Saw

Power Of The Chainsaw

The gas engine used in Gas pole saw shows the efficiency of the tool. This tool usually has an internal combustion engine. The more the power of the engine, the better performance of the Gas pole saw will be. The engine’s power is measured in cc. Manufacturers offer 25cc to 43cc engine power of Gas polesaw. While purchasing a gas pole saw, you must consider a tool that has higher strength.

The normal range that you should consider buying is 25cc because a less than 25cc power engine might not work efficiently. More power rating means excellent performance, higher speed, and outstanding results. In case your garden has medium-size trees, then a 25cc power engine will also work effectively. But if your garden has higher trees with thick branches, then a more power-efficient Gas polesaw will be needed to trim the tree branches perfectly. Furthermore, the higher engine power of Gas pole saw will guarantee the long-lasting life of the engine.

Length Of The Pole

The length of the Gas pole saw is a significant feature. You need a long pole to reach the top branches of the trees that are usually out of your reach. Usually, pole length shows how long you can go with this tool. It also depends upon your garden needs. If you have small trees in your garden, you can go with a regular pole saw length. But for high tress, you will need a Gas pole saw that is 10 feet from your height.

While purchasing a Gas pole saw, it is essential to note that your tool must fit according to your garden’s needs. Look around your garden; if it has large trees, consider buying a gas pole saw with a pole length between 8 to 10fts. Moreover, you should also keep in mind that the larger the size of the pole, the heavier the gas polesaw will be. So consider purchasing a pole saw that you can handle easily. Telescope Gas polesaws are more in demand because you can adjust their length according to your need.

Bar Length Of The Chainsaw

Bar length tells you about the efficiency of the gas pole saw. The larger the bar length, the more efficient the gas pole saw will be. It helps you to trim or cut the thick branches of the trees. The common types of trees can be trimmed with the Gas pole saw having a bar length of 8 inches. The bar length of the chainsaw usually comes from 8 to 10 inches. While purchasing a Gas pole saw, choose the higher bar length of the chainsaw for an excellent cutting experience.


Weight is an essential factor that you should consider while purchasing a Gas pole saw. The heavy gas pole saw will keep you from holding it for longer durations. The lightweight and comfortable Gas pole saw will allow you to hold the tool until your job is done. It also does not cause fatigue and pain to your hands while holding the Gas pole saw for long hours.

While buying a Gas pole saw, consider a tool that is well balanced and lightweight. The balanced Gas pole saw will allow you to trim the branches of the trees efficiently. Also, note the muscular ability of the person who will use the Gas pole saw. If the person has a heavy build and can hold the Gas pole saw, then the weight will not be a problem.


It is evident that the Gas pole saw will make noise while you cut or trim the trees. Some pole saws produce a louder noise than others which can be annoying. The noise usually came from two parts—one from the chain and the other from the engine. Gas pole saws produce louder noise than electric pole saws because of a more powerful engine. So while purchasing a Gas pole saw, consider a tool that has a noise reduction feature that will keep you and your neighbors from noise pollution and fatigue.


The heavily built Gas pole saw has mighty engine power. Some heavier pole saws are poorly designed and make it difficult to hold them for long hours. While you cut the tree branch, you will need a perfect angle. The more slim design Gas pole saw, the more it will be maneuverable.

Manufacturers offer gas pole saws that are light in weight and are maneuverable. Some added extra accessories to overcome the weight issue of the gas pole saw. The most useful accessory is the shoulder strap. The gas pole saw that comes with a shoulder strap divides the weight of the pole saw. It also reduces the vibration of the pole saw and provides better handling. It protects your hand from pain and fatigue.

Another accessory essential for providing maneuverability is a saw handle. A handle helps a user to hold the tool for extended hours without the risk of accidental slipping. The gas pole saw handle helps provide you with a tighter grip for more efficient cutting and trimming. While you buy a Gas pole saw, consider buying one that is more maneuverable and comes with a shoulder strap and handles.

Price and Performance

It is not always crucial that a high-priced Gas pole saw will always work efficiently. Sometimes a budget-friendly pole saw works more efficiently than a high-priced tool. While purchasing a Gas polesaw, look for one that completely fits your garden needs. If you have a garden with small trees, you should not buy a heavier build pole saw with a long pole length. The performance of the Gas polesaw depends upon the power of the engine. The powerful engine of the Gas polesaw will allow you to trim the trees’ branches sharply and take less time.

EPA Certified

Pole saws usually use fuel to work effectively, which is a mixture of oil and gasoline. The engine’s fumes are hazardous for the individual’s health and the environment; therefore, Gas polesaws are now available with EPA certification so that they do not affect the environment negatively and the health of individuals. As a responsible citizen, purchase a Gas pole saw that is EPA certified and environment-friendly.


Proper management of the garden is needed to ensure its neat and clean look. Farm tools can help you maintain your lawn with more convenience. A gas pole saw is the tool you can use to give your trees a neat look by cutting and pruning the extra-large limbs. Cutting and trimming your garden trees can help in healthy growth as well. Here are the top three recommendations.

Finding a perfect gas pole saw for your garden is not an easy job. So, here is a review of the seven best gas polesaw along with the buying guide that will help you find a perfect farm tool for cutting and trimming tree branches. These gas-powered pole saws with additional tools will enable you to maintain the overall look of your lawn.

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