Track Saw Vs Table Saw | Comparison & Uses Explained

The track saw vs table saw comparison can be a bit tricky. This is because one tool will always prevail over the other in specific circumstances. In simple words, you will have to choose the tool according to certain factors such as the material type, cut type, spacing between each cut, the delicacy you need as the outcome, the scope of your project, and whether or not you have a helping hand. You can’t just simply google the comparison and get a straightforward answer telling you that one tool is superior to the other in all projects you want to get done.

Track Saw Vs Table Saw

So, before you decide which tool you should use to get your work done, you have to understand them thoroughly. You need to know the pros and cons of using each tool so that you can weigh them out and decide their suitability. Hence, today we will be discussing the track saw and table saw comparison in detail so that by the end of this article you will know exactly what each tool has to offer in various circumstances. But, in order to be one hundred percent sure, I would recommend you pay close attention to each detail. So, let’s get started!

Difference Between Track Saw Vs Table Saw

There are a plethora of differences between a table saw and a track saw however, I am about to discuss some of the most prominent ones. The first and major difference between a table saw and a track saw is that a track saw is highly portable whereas a table saw is fixed in its place.

Difference Between Track Saw Vs Table Saw

Secondly, track saws are much safer and easier to work with as compared to table saws. This is because table saws are much bigger and stationary so you will have to ask for somebody’s help to move the object you are working on. Thirdly, table saws pack more horsepower than track saws.

Pros Of A Table Saw

Amongst many other benefits of using a table saw, versatility is one of the most important ones. It means that if used correctly and equipped with all the necessary equipment, a table saw will give you any kind of cut you want. Apart from that, it is super easy to use as it cuts in a single direction unless you manually move the object in another direction. Besides, it is guaranteed to give you a very precise cut with greater accuracy since the entire structure of the table saw is fixed on the spot. Plus, most of the newer models come equipped with a built-in dust collection system. Check out the best table saws available in the market.

Pros And Cons Of A Table Saw

Cons Of A Table Saw

The biggest drawback to using a table saw is that it is huge and stationary. So, it means that you can not tag it along just anywhere you want. You will have to stay put in one place to get all your work done. Moreover, it is super hard to control the direction of the object once the blade starts running because it draws the object toward itself. And God forbid, if your hand ever gets in contact with the exposed blade of this machine, it will chop it off like a carrot! So, it is definitely not a suitable tool for a beginner because it is simply too hard to be handled by a novice. If you’re not interested in the table saw, here are the alternatives of table saw that can get your job done.

Pros Of A Track Saw

Talking about the benefits of using a track saw, it is a highly portable device. It is much smaller and compact which allows you to carry it along inside your bag to wherever you want. It is super easy to manage since it is smaller and lighter. You can also work alone with it. Plus, it comes with an efficient dust collection system to keep your workspace clean and hazard-free. And the best part is that you can adjust the depth of your cut while using a track saw. Have a look at the best track saws I have reviewed.

Pros And Cons Of A Track Saw

Cons Of A Track Saw

Since a track saw is much smaller than a table saw, it means that it takes longer to get the same amount of work done. Moreover, the motor of a track saw does not have enough power to cut efficiently and smoothly through a thick surface such as hardwood. Besides, you can only get a handful of different cuts using this tool. It means that you can not get creative using a track saw.


Why is a track saw better than a table saw?

The reason why a track saw is considered better than a table saw is that it is much easier to handle due to its lightweight and compact size. It is highly portable, which means that you can easily carry it around with you. Apart from that, it is safer as the blade is not exposed unlike that of the table saw. Hence, it is a beginner-friendly tool. And the best part is that it has an efficient dust collection system to keep your workspace clean and hazard-free.

Final Thoughts

Summing it all up it is safe to conclude that both the track saw and the table saw are unique in their forms and should be used for projects that require them. You must be very conscious while making this decision because using the wrong tool for a project might do more harm than good. So, before you select one, you should consider all its pros and cons against the requirements of the project at hand. In any case, if you found this article helpful, make sure that you share it with your colleagues as well so that they can benefit from all this knowledge as well.

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