How To Coil A Bandsaw Blade? Easy to Store

Are you a perfectionist Sawyer? Do you seek perfection in all your cuttings? If yes, then I bet you have a wide range of bandsaw blades for Resawing. Varying from the thickest to the thinnest. After all, who doesn’t love a perfectly carved wooden or metallic decorative ornament? I certainly do. But managing and storing these blades is a really tough job.

It can be the most annoying task in the entire world. You can easily become frustrated when your stubborn blade doesn’t act like a good boy and do your bidding. As a result, you become impatient, frustrated and try to wind it up hastily, and in doing so you hurt yourself unintentionally but terribly.

How To Coil A Bandsaw Blade

But hey there fella! Don’t get offended with your blades so easily, after all, they do help you achieve the level of perfection that you desire in your cuttings. All you need is tons and tons of patience and a simple yet perfect technique on how to coil a bandsaw blade; because that is the only way you can safely put away those blades and expect them to be as good as new the next time you need them. In all honesty, it’s not rocket science. You just have to follow a few tips to master the trick of coiling a bandsaw blade.

There are many ways to coil a bandsaw blade but you need to decide for yourself which is the easiest and most suitable way for you. Once you pick the technique that works best for you, stick to it. Keep practicing until you reach the level of perfection. It will take some time initially but then you will get used to doing it eventually. After that, coiling a bandsaw blade will feel like a child’s play to you. Also read, how to fold a bandsaw blade without hurting yourself.

How To Coil A Bandsaw Blade

Precautionary Measures

How To Coil A Bandsaw Blade

Bandsaw blades can cause you some severe injuries if they are not handled properly. They can scratch your skin or even worse, inflict some deep wounds. So, it is better to consider a few precautionary measures while handling your bandsaw blades. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry. And believe me, I’m speaking that from personal experience. Bandsaw blades can be brutal; they are manhandled. So, I have a few precautionary tips for you before you get started on coiling your bandsaw blades. They are as follows:

  1. Wear thick safety hand gloves before handling your razor-sharp blades.
  2. Don’t wear a long-sleeved thick shirt.
  3. Cover your legs with long thick full-length pants.
  4. Wear full shoes preferably galoshes.
  5. Don’t forget the eye protection goggles.
  6. Pay attention!!

The sixth element is the most important one because if you lose your focus, your clutch becomes loose, and if your grip loosens the whole blade will uncoil. Now you can imagine what that will do to you. So please pay attention and don’t lose your focus. Here is how to sharpen your bandsaw blade easily.


Now cutting to the chase I will tell you about the proper and the easiest way to safely coil your bandsaw blade. Read the steps carefully and follow them through to get the desired result.


Step 1: Follow all the precautionary measures aforementioned.
Step 2: Gently take the blade in your gloved hands with the toothed side pointing away from you and your palm facing outwards.
Step 3: Place your right foot slightly forward and step on one end of the bandsaw blade.
Step 4: Keep your body in position and your arms rigid while keeping a strong grip on your blade.
Step 5: Now rotate the end of the coil in your hands around 180 degrees.
Step 6: Repeat the motion one more time.
Step 7: Now slowly bend forwards, bringing the end of the coil in your hands towards the ground.
Step 8: You will notice the coils formings already.
Step 9: Now take all the coils in one hand and gently but firmly bounce the coils against the floor to even them out.
Step 10: Tie the coils together with a rope or masking tape so they won’t spring back to their original loop form.
Step 11: Now safely put them away until the next time you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fold a bandsaw blade into a circle?

Hold one end of the bandsaw blade in the right hand and the lower end in the left hand. Now rotate both ends in the opposite direction. Fold them towards each other.

How do you uncoil a bandsaw blade?

Hold the coils in your hand with the toothed side facing away from you. Now swing the blade in the air away from you. The bandsaw blade will uncoil in the air and fall on the ground with a sharp thud. But make sure that you swing the blade horizontally not vertically because if you throw it horizontally it will fall back on you.

How do you fold a band saw blade into 3 loops?

Hold the opposite ends of the bandsaw blade in each hand and twist them in the opposite direction 3 times. Now bring the ends together. They will automatically form 3 loops.

How do you coil a bandsaw blade into 4 loops?

Take each end of the blade in both hands and twist them in the opposite direction 4 times. Bring both sides of the loop towards each other and hold them in one hand. Even out the coils by bouncing them against the floor to get the perfect 4 coils with even diameter.


Coiling and uncoiling bandsaw blades can be a tricky business but everything good comes with a price. So instead of beating our backs about what shouldn’t be happening, we should instead focus on what we can do to fix the problem i.e., learn the proper way to coil the bandsaw blade.

But always remember that practice makes a man perfect. So if you follow all the steps perfectly and still don’t get the desired result, don’t get frustrated just yet. Be patient, take a break and then try again. You will eventually learn to do it. But if you get frustrated and impatient and try to do it hastily then believe me you will get hurt terribly.

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